03/16/23 Blog: Let's Talk About the 9News Debate For a Minute

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THE MAYOR'S DEBATE IS WORTH WATCHING IF YOU'VE A DENVER VOTER And in it, you can see Kyle Clark at his most biased in the way he spoke to aggressively went after the lone Republican in the race Andy Rougeot. Other than the shameful way Andy Rougeot was It was actually a really good chance to get a feel for what these candidates are about and the questions were very good ones. Watch the whole thing here.

Kyle was openly aggressive with Andy after letting Leslie Herod completely off the hook for the claims from her staff that she is an awful boss. It really was stunningly biased. I wonder if he ever watches this stuff after the fact to see why people think he's a screaming lefty. Hahaha, no, it's obvious he doesn't because he just keeps getting worse. This is another reason that Republicans are in the wilderness in Colorado and he absolutely knows it. At this point, any Republican who sits down with Kyle should be openly aggressive back and needs to call out his bias to his face every time. It's the only hope. Any candidate who says they won't enforce the camping ban to force people into treatment should be immediately excluded from consideration in my opinion. They are putting image ahead of safety and sanity.

LISTEN TO THE CANDIDATES BE TREATED FAIRLY BY OUR NEWS TEAM We've created a great shortcut to find all the candidate interviews done by our news team here at KOA in one place. Click here to listen to them all!

CREDIT SUISSE IS GETTING A BAILOUT BY SWITZERLAND As they seemed to teetering on a liquidity ledge that could have crashed the whole bank, the Swiss are bailing them out with a line of credit in the billions to keep the bank from going under. I have a question about all these banking issues. I thought the creation of the Federal Reserve was going to prevent stuff like this? And that more banking regulations were going to fix this, right? So who is actually to blame? It seems to me that government incompetence at writing regulations and creating huge new bureaucracies are at the heart of this and need to be held accountable but they won't be. As a consumer who is admittedly not savvy about the inner workings of a bank, I don't even know how to protect myself by putting my money in a well run bank with good liquidity. Not sure how to hedge these bets.

WANT TO SUE GUN MANUFACTURERS OUT OF EXISTENCE? NEXT DO ABORTION! Jon Caldara writes a GREAT column here about what he calls the "lawsuit game" that we are playing now as Democrats try to bankrupt gun manufacturers by suing them for everything. This is part of a larger national movement by Democrats who can't do away with the 2nd Amendment so they are trying to eliminate your ability to ACQUIRE a gun. Why do you think they are obsessed with "ghost guns"? Because it's part of their long term strategy to make sure you can't ever own a gun. Once they put gun manufacturers out of business you won't be able to make your own. Read the column here, it makes a great analogy with abortion that conservatives should adopt immediately if for no other reason that to show them they can play that game too.

THIS COULD HAVE COME OUT OF THE SOVIET UNION You have to read this story about how the State of California dealt with a church that followed God instead of Covid restrictions over the last three years. From this article from The Free Press:

First, in August 2020, another church next door gave the state permission to let enforcement officers spy on Calvary’s faithful through a chain-link fence on its property, according to a recent article by science journalist David Zweig.
Through that fence, for at least three months, agents surveilled the church. They then docked the church for everything from parking lot attendants’ failures to wear face masks outdoors to churchgoers’ refusal to socially distance—by hugging. Officials also counted cars in Calvary’s parking lot each day to estimate how many members were inside.
One county report stated:
“We personally observed approximately 150 cars in the rear parking lot, and 90 cars in an adjacent lot, for a total of 240 cars associated with the service. . . . None of these traffic directors or greeters wore face coverings, and both Enforcement Officer and I witnessed some greeters hug congregants, who were also not wearing face coverings.”

You really have the read the rest, as the church is currently looking at $2.8 million dollars in fines from the State of California. No word on if the French Laundry, where Governor Gavin Newsome famously dined with friends during Covid, is facing similar fines. JK, we know they aren't.

COLORADO IS PACKED...WITH SNOW This is great news after we've been in a very heavy drought for years now. Read about how much snowpack we have statewide here.

BEFORE YOU BUY A KIA OR A HYUNDAI IN COLORADO You need to check with your insurance company to find out if they are still insuring those models. After a hack made its way onto the internet showing an easy way to break into these cars they have become the most stolen cars in the state with the most stolen cars. That has led some major insurers to simply say they won't insure certain models anymore. This is a REALLY big deal and frankly I'm shocked that Kia and Hyundai haven't offered a fix for owners of these cars. It's too bad really, these are great cars at a good price point. Unless someone steals it and you don't have insurance.

STUDENTS ARE DITCHING COLLEGE DEBT FOR APPRENTICESHIPS INSTEAD And if this continues I think the "college degree required" notes in job postings may start to fade. These apprenticeships are not in the historical trades, which still have robust enrollment, but in services like insurance, banking, and finance. I think this is a great idea, but I do worry about these folks not being able to leave the places they are getting experience because of the notion that they must have a college degree anyway. Considering that they can do school online now, this is a great option.



AS THE DOJ WENT AFTER TRUMP IT ACTIVELY PROTECTED THE BIDENS This should be a scandal, but just as the DOJ worked to protect the Bidens, so is the mainstream news media working to protect their guy in the White House so it won't get the play it should. This column lays out how while the DOJ used wiretaps and emails between a Chinese national accused of spying and Hunter and James Biden to convict that man, they redacted those names and did NO investigation into the Bidens and their relationship with the man they convicted. Read it here.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT AFTER ABORTION SUFFERING FOR A MINUTE? And lest you think this is going to be a pro-life screed, it is not. The purpose of this column is to talk about the reality of post abortion depression and upset and the lack of resources for people who are suffering. The subject is so politicized that people are afraid to get care, lest their pro-life or pro-choice friends get wind of it. From the column:

Regardless of the symptoms, just 18% of women and men knew how to access after-abortion healing. Sixty-three percent of women and 80% of men said they looked for or could have used after-abortion support, including 55% of women who identified as pro-choice. While most after-abortion healing is based in in-person group settings and uses religious approaches, almost all women and 40% of men say they prefer secular approaches, and nearly three-quarters of both groups prefer anonymity in seeking abortion healing.
These findings illustrate that our culture needs a new approach to healing. We can’t just tell women to “shout their abortion” and dismiss men from the conversation by telling them their opinions don’t matter. We can’t just say the solution lies in God, either. People in after-abortion pain need personalized options that meet them where they are – such as anonymous or individualized healing for those who prefer that approach over in-person or group Bible studies – or counseling which only validates the abortion experience.


TIKTOK DISMISSES CALLS FOR THE CHI COMS TO SELL Which may move them one step closer to being banned in the US. They say it wouldn't do anything to protect national security, and they are right because the program is already built and the spy capabilities are already a feature, not a bug. Read more here.

THE CEO OF TIK TOK DOESN'T ALLOW HIS KIDS ON TIK TOK His kids are 6 and 8 and he knows exactly how his company works and he won't let them use it. Just food for thought.

FORTNITE FLEECED KIDS AND NOW THE PARENT COMPANY IS PAYING UP I know someone whose 6 year old racked up $900 in Fortnite charges before his parents caught the billing. Honestly this is on the parents in my view, but the FTC says Epic Games, the parent of Fortnite, is to blame more. Now Epic will have to reimburse some users and will also pay a big fine for violating the privacy of little children who play the game. I expect nothing to change in that respect, but they will hide it better. If you're playing a free game, you're the product.

I DO NOT LIKE DESKTOPS LIKE THIS ONE Although my desktop is not the mess it once was, this person is just showing off. Watch below or click here.

CHEERLEADERS TO THE RESCUE! Sometimes it takes a tiny woman to do a man's job.

YES, SHE PLAYED DADDY Watch below or click here.

LABRADOR RETRIEVERS HAVE LOST THEIR CROWN As the most popular dog in the country. They've been replaced by French bulldogs, which are very cute but not as good in my opinion. However here in Denver, the golden retriever is still king. We do love our dogs though, as we are willing to shell out big bucks to keep them healthy.

YOU DO THIS TO ME I WILL FULLY CALL YOU OUT I will tolerate a lot of nonsense, but cutting in line is NOT something I will tolerate. I find a firm "NO CUTSY, NO BUTSY" usually does the trick.

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