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YOU'VE GOT QUESTIONS, WE MAY HAVE ANSWERS Today is a day where you can ask anything and we will do our best to answer it. Don't be a dillhole about it.

WANT TO WATCH A SUNDANCE FILM? SIGN THIS LOYALTY PLEDGE Our pal Christian Toto has written about the "loyalty pledge" being required for anyone to buy even VIRTUAL tickets to the Sundance Festival and you should read it here. Totalitarianism lives in the hearts of progressives.

ELIJAH MCCLAIN'S CASE WILL BE HEARD IN THREE COURTROOMS As a judge ruled that there will be three separate trials for the officers and paramedics who were involved in the terrible death of a young autistic man three years ago. Read more here. This story breaks my heart because a mother is grieving her child and has lost her sense of faith in our justice system, and the officers may have been poorly trained about a drug that killed McClain. This is a horrible story for every member involved.

ABOUT THAT MAN WHO SAYS HE WAS POISONED BY TACO BELL You may have heard the story a few days ago about a man claiming he was poisoned with rat poison by a Taco Bell meal he bought. Well there's more. Apparently this guy LOVES to file lawsuits and was involved in some kind of altercation about a drink machine at that same store earlier in the day. This is why we wait for a full investigation before we all hate on Taco Bell.

THEY SHOULD JUST LEARN TO CODE Google is laying off 12,000 people and the only reason I'm talking about it is to make that snide comment. That's it, that's the post.

RIP DAVID CROSBY BUT.... I'm genuinely shocked that people are shocked he died. I'm shocked the former addict who needed a liver transplant made it to 81. I have no ill will and hope his memories bring peace to his family and fans, but shocked I am not. Apparently he may have died with covid but he had other comorbidities.

TODAY IS THE MARCH FOR LIFE BUT DON'T EXPECT THE NEWS TO COVER IT Every year on January 20th thousands and thousands of pro-life people descend on Washington DC to peacefully march to save babies from extermination. They don't riot, they don't break into the Capitol, they just quietly march and pray that babies will given a chance to live. It's powerful and moving and the media steadfastly refused to cover it. Why? Because the visual of all those people may let people know it's okay to put limits on abortion. Read more here.

ANOTHER RESTAURANT TO TRY IN THE SPRINGS I stumbled across this story about the Peppertree in the Springs and now it's on my list to try!

CAN WE BE DONE WITH THE STUPIDITY OF RECYCLING YET? This is an article that is pretty much a transcript of the John Stossel video I shared yesterday but some people would rather read so here you go!

A LOCAL MAN IS ON SHARK TANK TONIGHT And he's hoping he'll get a deal to take his Latin American inspired sodas to the next level. Watch the story here and cheer him on tonight!

TRUMP WANTS TO CRAP ALL OVER THE FIRST AMENDMENT NOW First off, it's RIDICULOUS that they can't find who leaked the Dobbs decision at the Supreme Court. They should put everyone on notice that since they can't figure out WHO did it they are cleaning house and firing everyone in a fit of caution. See if that shakes some information loose. But Trump wants to go further by JAILING the reporter who got he leak until they give up the goods. That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

A NEW STRAIN OF GONORRHEA IS DRUG RESISTANT This is bad news for those sexually promiscuous folks in the Northeast, as a new strain of the STD is showing great resistance to common treatments. Gonorrhea can lead to infertility and constant pain so it is no joke. If you're out there catting around you need to be tested regularly for STDs. Just do it.

NOW THE TALIBAN ARE BANNING WOMEN FROM CHARITY WORK Funny how the Biden Admin doesn't have any words of condemnation for the people they let take over Afghanistan and armed after we left. The Taliban has now banned women from working in Afghanistan and are now demanding that the charity organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) only employ men and it looks like the UN is going to do it. From the article:

Sources in local and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) told Foreign Policy that the WFP plans to comply with an order by the Taliban, issued last month, banning it and other NGOs from employing women—even though Taliban leaders have said the edict does not apply to U.N. agencies. The potential unilateral move has caused dismay and anger among charity representatives, who say it would force other charities to either comply with the Taliban ruling or suspend their operations in Afghanistan on principle. The U.N. does not deliver aid itself but funnels it through other NGOs as implementing partners. 

We should shift all of our charity efforts at smuggling every woman and girl out of this godforsaken hellhole. Nothing more, nothing less.

THE CEO OF UNITED SAYS MORE DISRUPTIONS ARE COMING And though he didn't name names, he said that airlines are trying to fly too many routes with too few staff and pilots and disruptions are bound to occur. If you know a young college graduate working at coffee shop, urge them to apply to be a flight attendant. Low pay, but great job for someone wanting adventure. I'm so glad I did it.



DISASTROUS CALIFORNIA ENERGY POLICY IS OUR ENERGY POLICY Remember, in his parting shot as Governor, John Hickenlooper tied our state to the California Energy standards so we are letting California bureaucrats dictate our energy policy. So how has that worked out for California? From City Journal:

But the state’s energy policies have accomplished something concrete: damaging California’s economy and immiserating millions of its residents. Not for nothing does the state have the highest average electricity price in the 48 contiguous states and the highest average prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. Residents and businesses are unsurprisingly fleeing. And the state’s agricultural and manufacturing sectors have been devastated.

It's time to stop creating energy policy based on hope and create one based on hard data and evidence. But that doesn't get irrational green votes. Much like in Germany, which has the highest electricity rates IN THE WORLD because of their failed green energy policies, it's time to take a step back and figure out what realistically will work instead of what some enviro whacko says will.

I'M SORRY, BUT IF I SEE THIS PERSON IN A WOMEN'S LOCKER ROOM I AM NOT OKAY Is this person a "woman"? Only if you torture the definition into some version of idiocy and nonsense.

HAVE WE GOTTEN TOO CASUAL? I saw this tweet today:

And I think he's right. Not saying I want to go back to the days when women were expected to suffer through wearing panty hose and men had to be strangled with ties, but let's get some dignity back in our wardrobe and appearance, people. It can't hurt. I am just super sick of people looking dirty and wearing freaking pajama pants to the store.

WHY READING MATTERS A LOT I feel for this guy but damn.

THE SLAPPING CONTESTS ARE NUTS We talked about the Russian slap fights but now we've apparently got a league in the US. This looks like brain damage to me.

OREO ROULETTE LOOKS FUN THOUGH Click here if it doesn't load.

WATCH A MOOSE SHAKE OFF HIS ANTLERS! DUDE. This is AMAZING. Click here if it doesn't load.

WHEN YOU KIDNAP A PEOPLE PLEASER This cracked me up this morning. Click here if it doesn't load.

THIS IS THE COOLEST CARDIAC WITCHCRAFT I'VE EVER SEEN There is a field of study called acoustic bioengineering and this is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. Two Big Brains from Stanford figured out how to use acoustic waves to get a cardiac cell to form in a certain pattern just by changing the acoustic waves. From the Stanford Medical Journal:

Wu and Demirci can then shepherd the heart cells into nearly any pattern they want. “You can make triangles, hexagonal shapes, circles, lines — you can even make a little human shape,” Demirci says.
“And,” Wu adds, “if you don’t like the pattern, for whatever reason, you can change it, literally, within five or six seconds. You change the frequency and amplitude, and the cells move into a new spot right in front of your eyes.”
Unlike other tissue engineering tactics, acoustics position the heart cells in a tight configuration that closely resembles natural cardiac tissue, turning the resulting, beating blob into something valuable for medicine.

This video shows how they can change the shape of the cell by changing the acoustic waves!

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