Thu Blog: Dave The Intrepid is Back for a Visit!

WHAT HAS DAVE THE INTREPID BEEN UP TO? We'll find out today at 2 because he's back for a visit!

THE PUC JUST GOT ANOTHER GREEN FRIENDLY BOARD MEMBER And Amy Oliver Cooke writes about the newest "unaffiliated" Boulder greenie who is getting a seat on the three person board (the other two are Democrats) that allows Xcel to continue raising rates to pay for Polis's green dream plans. Read it here.

FINALLY SOMETHING ABOUT GEORGE SANTOS THAT IS TRUE AND INTERESTING I've not talked much about Rep. George Santos who apparently is incapable of telling the truth about anything in his history and is now facing a shadow campaign to replace him in the House of Representatives. So far, he's lied about his mom dying in the WTC on 9/11, working for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, graduating from college, his mother being Jewish and family escaping from Nazis, and God knows what else. Now we know something true, and that is that he was a drag queen in Brazil for a time. He's obviously completely untrustworthy and incapable of telling the truth in any way shape or form, so it seems to me he's chosen the perfect job. The issue is that other liars don't like being associated with a liar this prolific, lest we also recognize how much they lie too. Adam Schiff, I'm looking at you. Read question though, how is this different, other than scale, than what Joe Biden does on a regular basis. Here he is on MLK day, lying about being a part of the civil rights movement AGAIN. Here's a fun look at all the lies Biden has told about himself from CNN no less. This isn't whataboutism because I think Santos SHOULD be bounced out of the House of Representatives though it appears it will have to be the voters who do it because he's not leaving. I just think we should be consistent when calling out liars who lie in politics. The really odd thing about Santos is that I think if he were honest the drag queen thing may have helped him get elected.

A PRIEST SAYS HE WENT TO HELL AND IT'S JUST WHAT YOU MIGHT THINK I can't tell for sure, but I think this experience made this man BECOME a priest, because his near death experience happened in 2016 and the article says he's been a priest for seven years. His descriptions are vivid and make a lot of sense and he says he went to Hell because he didn't forgive those who wronged him. An interesting take on why someone would go to Hell. I've always wondered why more people who have NDE's don't come back talking about Hell.

OH HEY LOOK, THE CDC WORKED WITH FACEBOOK TO CENSOR STUFF And this comes from emails obtained during the State of Missouri's case against Dr. Fauci and the CDC. has all the details here, but the long and short of it is, the CDC sent email after email to Facebook telling them what to censor about Covid.

WHY NORMAL ADULTS SHOULD NOT BE ON ROOFS Leave your roof work to the pros is the message from this story about a Congressman from Florida who fell off his roof while doing some "routine maintenance" on his home. I'm guessing he was cleaning the gutters which he would never have to do if he had Gutter Helmet. Just saying. If you don't work in the trades and aren't used to being on a ladder or a roof, let someone else handle things, please.

LET'S TALK ABOUT PLASTICS FOR A HOT MINUTE I heard Chris DeArmitt on Ross's show and I'm stealing him because what he has to say about plastic and recycling is really fascinating. He runs a group called Phantom Plastics that debunks all sorts of lies about plastics and the myth of recycling or bag bans. Find out more here. He wrote a great article about the myth of plastic pollution here and you should read it. John Stossel tells the dirty truth about plastics recycling here.

ANOTHER LOCAL LIBRARY CLOSES BECAUSE OF METH CONTAMINATION But I'm sure Littleton will pay a ton to get this cleaned up lickety split so more homeless drug addicts can pollute the bathrooms again. Read more here.

WHY DOES THE COLORADO SUN PUBLISH NONSENSE ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE? Joshua Sharf writes about their latest column amplifying a dodgy government statistic designed to show climate change is making natural disasters worse. Read about the Sun's egregious errors here.

THE GOVERNOR IGNORES HOW HIS PARTY HAS MADE HOUSING MORE EXPENSIVE In his State of the State speech Jared Polis spent a lot of time talking about ways to make housing more affordable, as long as those houses adhere to what he deems acceptable. The Denver Gazette has a great editorial reminding the Governor of how his party makes housing MORE expensive in Colorado instead.

COAL FIRED POWER PLANTS COULD BE CONVERTED TO NUCLEAR FACILITIES At least according to a new study by the Department of Energy. They say that the coal burning units could easily be replaced by small modular nuclear technology, saving money by repurposing existing plants instead of building new ones. Of course the greenies who want us all to walk and freeze say this is a bad idea. Read more here.

THE RISE OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT, PART 2 If you missed part one it's linked in this story and part three is right here. It's a very interesting dissection of how the climate movement piggybacked off the panic-based strategies of the original environmental movement.

WANT TO TAKE CLASSES IN POT? And I said In pot, not ON pot. At the University of Denver they are now adding classes on things like Compliance and other areas that are important to the weed biz. I know several of my classmates from 1987 would tell you they majored in weed but it wasn't official.

A HOCKEY PLAYER CHOOSE PRINCIPLE AND THE SPORTS MEDIA COMES UNGLUED The Philadelphia Flyers had a PRIDE Night to welcome gay folks to the sport. In warm ups the players wore rainbow jerseys and used rainbow sticks. Yay. One player who is Russian Orthodox said no thank you to wearing the stripes and sat out warmups. In a statement, Defenseman Ivan Provorov said this about his choice to not participate:

“I respect everybody’s choices,” Provorov said after the game. “My choice is to stay true to myself and my religion. That’s all I’m going to say.”

Of course you know what happened next. Watch this bit of idiocy from a sports show:

Got that? Want to honor your religion while honoring other people's choices you need to go back to Russia and fight Ukrainians. Tolerance! But he wasn't nearly the worst of the takes out there. Watch this garbage.

The easy way to handle this is to stop doing nights to support anything that could be controversial. One can support the human beings who are gay without celebrating gayness, just as one can support human beings who are black without celebrating BLM. It's a thing. Acceptance is one thing, celebration is another.


ALEC BALDWIN IS CHARGED WITH INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER! Along with the incompetent armorer who mismanaged all of the weapons on the set of the Baldwin produced film Rust. They both face up to 18 months in prison if convicted.

GET THE SCOOP ON YOUR POOP Our poop tells us a lot about our overall health and this article has some things to watch out for and yes, you need to look at your poop!

A GRIPPING WAY TO TEST YOUR LONGEVITY This is very interesting to me. A relatively robust bit of research shows that your grip strength can actually show how well you could weather diseases like cancer and your risk for cardiovascular disease as well. Read more here. Read this bit:

After accounting for age and lifestyles, the researchers found that a grip-strength measurement of less than 57 pounds for men, and less than 35 pounds for women correlated with a greater risk of death and placed these individuals at a higher risk for certain serious illnesses. From that starting point, every 11-pound drop in grip strength correlated to an average increased death risk of ~18%. Potentially fatal conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and serious respiratory illness all factored into the relationship.

Time to squeeze some weights!

RAISING KANES IS GOOD, BUT LET'S NOT GET CRAZY Like these 400 people waiting in line in Chicago did.

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID, YOU BETTER BE TOUGH There are no words for this one. Click here if it doesn't load.

AH, BABIES FIRST SLED RIDE Click here if it doesn't load.


HOW A BILLIONAIRE BLOWS HIS MONEY This is really funny and entirely consistent with the attitudes of the billionaires I've spoken to.

WANT TO RIDE THE DEFIANCE ROLLER COASTER IN GLENWOOD SPRINGS? This Tik Toker thought you might want to. Click here if it doesn't load.



AN EIGHTY DAY CRUISE? THAT'S A YES FOR ME Chuck and I LOVE cruises. They allow us to visit places we otherwise would not want to invest the time and energy to visit, plus we just like being pampered for days on end. This is a great article about longer cruises, some of them over 80 days and I am all in on this when I retire. I'll see you on the high seas!

THINKING ABOUT BEING EXCLUSIVE IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP? These are some GREAT questions to ask before you make the jump into monogamy. Though things have worked out well for me and Chuck, I would have liked to have some of these conversations before we committed just to clear up some misconceptions each of us held.

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