Fri Blog: The New Interim Aurora Chief Is On Today

DOUGCO COUNTY COMMISSIONER ABE LAYDON IS ON TODAY AT 1 We're talking about why he and fellow Commissioner have decided to dismiss their fellow Commissioner Lora Thomas from being able to lead the commission, throwing precedent into the trash.

AURORA PD INTERIM CHIEF ACEVEDO JOINS ME AT 2:35 TODAY I'm going to find out what he's doing to help the department with morale and standing in the community.

BROOMFIELD IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS They passed a raft of probably unconstitutional gun measures this week, proving to themselves that they care so very much. Most of these have already been found to be unconstitutional somewhere, and I fully expect a lawsuit that will force a stay on these restrictions until they, too are found unconstitutional. Here is what passed:

  • Banning the sale and possession of rapid-fire trigger activators passed 8-1 with Anderson the only no. It passed first reading unanimously in November. (Literally just found unconstitutional in New York of all places)
  • Regulating the possession of unserialized firearms, usually kit guns put together by hobbyists passed 7-2 with Anderson and Shaff voting no. It passed first reading unanimously in November.
  • Requiring all firearm dealers in Broomfield to post signs and provide an educational notification where a firearm sale/transfer occurs passed unanimously. It passed first reading unanimously in November.
  • Prohibiting the open carry of firearms in public places located in Broomfield passed unanimously. It passed first reading unanimously in November.
  • Prohibiting the concealed carry of firearms in city and county owned and operated places passed 7-2 with Cohen and Henkel the no votes. It passed 8-2 — James Marsh-Holschen and Todd Cohen voting no on first reading in November.

It's another attack on the 2nd Amendment but they don't care about the Constitution. If you want to fight this, you want to join Rocky Mountain Gun Owners who have been leading the way on these lawsuits.

DENVER MAYORAL CANDIDATE PROMISES TO END HOMELESSNESS IN ONE TERM And I wish he could do it but his four point plan doesn't say anything about how to FORCE people into his tiny house communities or rehabbed hotels. He also seems to want MORE of the homeless industry by placing "wraparound" services at EACH location. I give him a lot of credit for trying, but unless and until you are willing to force people into these places or into jail, it won't work. We have too many willful homeless people who would simply make these new communities into open air drug markets and worse. Just ask San Francisco how these things have gone. I'll try to get Mike on the show to discuss. I still think Aurora is on the right path.

WHY DOESN'T THE COLORADO LEGISLATURE INCENTIVE COMPETITION IN THE DRUG MARKET INSTEAD? I appreciate the Colorado Democrats are trying to wrangle the cost of some life saving drugs under control. By trying to cap insulin prices and now epi-pen prices they think they are helping but it doesn't work like that. Any costs not paid by the patient will simply be shifted onto someone else via their insurance or cash pay. Why not do something incredibly bold, like incentivizing a pharmaceutical company to set up a factory IN COLORADO to make these drugs at the cheapest possible price? If you want to give tax breaks for a few decades and maybe throw in an old government building to boot for a company willing to do this for insulin and epi pens I'd be down with that. Show how competition can bring these prices down.

LISA MARIE PRESLEY HAS DIED She apparently had a heart attack and did not recover. She was 54. Both her famous father and his mother died very young. RIP Lisa Marie, tell your dad we said hi. Read her obit here.

DENVER IS COMING FOR YOUR GAS FURNACE And though this new rule that requires gas furnaces to be replaced with electric ones is only for commercial and multi family residences NOW they will come for yours soon enough. They hate freedom in Denver. They just hate it.

THE BIDEN ADMIN HID THE FACT HE HAD CLASSIFIED DOCS as they were discovered at this "think tank" BEFORE the mid-term elections but we didn't hear about that until AFTER the mid-terms. Hmmm, I wonder why. It's a mystery to be sure. Let's not forget that the Penn Biden Center was financed by millions of dollars in CHINESE donations. Of course the donations were given to the university, which says THEY funded the Center, but the university was conveniently rolling in dough from Chinese donors right AFTER the center was announced. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

PRESIDENT BIDEN JUST PUT DEI BEFORE IMMIGRATION WITH MEXICO AND CANADA You have to read this declaration from the White House, but before you do, duct tape your head. It's gonna explode. Our POTUS met with the President of Mexico and PM of Canada Justin Trudeau. Then the White House published this bit of claptrap announcing the "Declaration of North America" and wait until you see what is numero uno on this list of priorities. If you guessed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, you guessed right. Immigration is way down at number four, and not one mention of secure borders is made. Read this bit of garbage:

Since June, Mexico, the United States and Canada have collectively welcomed record numbers of migrants and refugees from the Western Hemisphere under new and expanded labor and humanitarian programs. Today, we affirm our joint commitment to safe, orderly, and humane migration under the Los Angeles Declaration and other relevant multilateral frameworks. This includes assisting host communities and promoting migrant and refugee integration; providing protection to refugees, asylum seekers, and vulnerable migrants; strengthening asylum capacity in the region; expanding and promoting regular pathways for migration and protection; addressing the root causes and impacts of irregular migration and forced displacement; and collaborating to counter xenophobia and discrimination against migrants and refugees.

The next paragraph adds the "root causes" garbage as well. This is so bad as to be joke but it's not. This is what our leadership thinks is what Americans want.

OUR UNIVERSITIES HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY TAKEN OVER BY DEI And this column shared with my be a listener is BEYOND depressing and has me rethinking sending my kid to college and I'm not joking. Universities and colleges are putting racial, sexual and ethnic identity ahead of performance and research for hiring, advancement and even admissions. From this article:

In a short time, DEI imperatives have spawned a growing bureaucracy that holds enormous power within universities. The ranks of DEI vice presidents, deans, and officers are ever-growing—Princeton has more than 70 administrators devoted to DEI; Ohio State has 132. They now take part in dictating things like hiring, promotion, tenure, and research funding.
More significantly, the concepts of DEI have become guiding principles in higher education, valued as equal to or even more important than the basic function of the university: the rigorous pursuit of truth. Summarizing its hiring practices, for example, UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering declared that “excellence in advancing equity and inclusion must be considered on par with excellence in research and teaching.” Likewise, in an article describing their “cultural change initiative,” several deans at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine declared: “There is no priority in medical education that is more important than addressing and eliminating racism and bias.” 
DEI has also become a priority for many of the organizations that accredit universities. Last year, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, along with several other university accrediting bodies, adopted its own DEI statement, proclaiming that “the rich values of diversity, equity and inclusion are inextricably linked to quality assurance in higher education.” These accreditors, in turn, pressure universities and schools into adopting DEI measures.

It gets worse than this. Read the article here.

TED TRIMPA DIAGNOSIS THE GOP IN COLORADO I like Ted Trimpa, though I hold him responsible for what Colorado has become under complete Democratic leadership. He was part of the group who created The Blueprint,which you should read to find out what happened to Colorado. The reason I still like Ted is I suspect he is a bit horrified by what he creation has rendered. This conversation with Jon Caldara should be watched by every Republican before the leadership race coming up.

THE MEDIA IS WORKING DOUBLE TIME TO PROTECT THE BIG GUY This is a great column that shows how the media portrayed the coming investigations into Trump by newly empowered Democrats when the Dems took over versus how they are covering investigations coming by Republicans now that they are in power. You won't be surprised by the bias.

HOW TO READ A SCIENTIFIC STUDY OH BOY do I love this! This science journalist who also taught some science classes at a small university breaks down how to read a study without knowing all the fancy things like confidence intervals and things like that. It's simple and will help you decide whether or not to give a study much credence. Read it here.

DON'T HATE AUSTIN BUTLER FOR CHANGING THE WAY HE SPEAKS The man who played Elvis Presley in the eponymous movie who just won a Golden Globe says playing Elvis for three years has changed the way he speaks. As one who spent several years working with pros to get rid of a deep, deep southern accent, I have no issue with this.

WHAT'S INSIDE A SPRAY PAINT CAN? This guy needed to know. CLick here if it doesn't load.


BUT IT'S SO SOFT... The dogs aren't allowed on the new rug. Click here if it doesn't load.

JUST GET UP NEXT TIME This is ridiculous but very cool. click here if it doesn't load.


ONE BLOODHOUND WHO DOES NOT WANT TO PLAY TAG He clearly doesn't get the concept of "you're it". Click here if it doesn't load.

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST IS GETTING A SEQUEL And if you saw the original you know how that one ends so I'm interested in seeing what Mel Gibson does with this. Read more here.


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