Thu Blog: I'm At the Sportsmans Expo Today!

COME SEE ME AT THE SPORTSMANS EXPO! Doors open at noon and when you enter the hall we are up against the wall to your left. Stop by and see me, and find out more about the show and all the cool stuff you can see and learn there here!

OUR FIRST INTERVIEW WITH A DENVER MAYORAL CANDIDATE IS TODAY Andy Rougeot wants to be Denver's mayor and he's on today to talk about why and how he thinks he can get elected in this race. Find out more about Andy by visiting here.

WHAT IF THERE WERE A NEW WAY FORWARD POLITICALLY? There is a new party in town and it's the Forward Party, created by frustrated Democrats and Republicans who are tired of the gridlock and want something different. I had a long conversation off the air with David Gold who is working on the party here in Colorado, and today he and Andrew Yang, former Dem candidate for President will join me to talk about the new party and what they are trying to accomplish. Find out more about the party by clicking here.

ANOTHER LIBRARY CLOSES BECAUSE OF METH CONTAMINATION This one in Englewood where "unacceptable" levels of meth residue were found after the library brought in a testing company after the Boulder Library had to close after finding the same thing. No word on when the library or some other restrooms will re open. Thanks, homeless junkies!

THERE ARE ALREADY A BUNCH OF EDUCATION BILLS BEING FILED And none of them are bad, though one does do an end around parents that I'm not super happy with. They range from mental health services for students to helping teachers pay back student loans, neither of which I'm opposed to, although I think teachers spend too much time getting useless higher level degrees to be eligible for higher pay even though research shows that having a teacher with a masters or higher doesn't translate to higher student achievement. Read the list of all the bills filed so far here.

ONE FENTANYL DEALER GETS LIFE IN PRISON It's a start, but this mass murderer is just one of many. Read the story here.

ANOTHER ATHLETE HAS DIED And this one in his sleep. Colorado College tennis player Jack Madison died in his sleep January 2nd. This was before the death of a 21 year old airman at the Air Force Academy. Cause of death hasn't been released for either student. This is so tragic and the nightmare of every parent. My heart goes out to their families.

THIS EDITORIAL ASK COLORADO TO PUT THE BITE BACK INTO CRIME PREVENTION And this will remind you of all the ways our Democratic overlords have made it easy to commit...and recommit...and recommit crimes in our state with little to no penalty. Law enforcement is asking for help but I'm not sure they are going to get it in this session as the only bills I've seen are designed to make it easier on criminals than it already is.

NATIVE AMERICANS GOT SCREWED IN SPORTS BETTING I sure hope the legislature does the right thing and amends the sports betting rules to allow Indian casinos to offer online gambling like all the big players are able to do. Of course when this was all legalized they didn't talk to the tribes. Tribes across the country have gotten really good at running gambling operations and many of them have used that revenue to pull the tribes out of poverty. Read more here.


BIDEN'S SECOND BATCH OF CLASSIFIED DOCS ARE CREATING A HUGE PROBLEM Mostly because he criticized former President Trump as "totally irresponsible" while apparently leaving classified documents at TWO locations that we know of so far. As much as Democrats want to say this isn't the same as what Trump did, they are right. Trump WAS President and in theory has the power to decide what is classified and what is not. Of course he didn't follow the basic paperwork procedure of doing that, but still Biden was just VP and NEVER had the ability to do such a thing. Remember when Sandy Berger stuffed classified documents into his socks and Dems just said he was taking notes? He eventually pleaded guilty to stuffing documents into his socks. As long as it's a Democrat, there is ALWAYS a good reason, amiright? There is a LOT of speculation on the internet that this is beginning of the end for Biden, as Dems want to run a younger, less addled candidate in 2024.

JOY REID SUDDENLY UNHAPPY ABOUT DEMOCRATIC POLICIES This exchange with Rep Byron Donaldson is fantastic. He handles her like a boss.

BUT HOW DID IT GET DAMAGED? The FAA is still saying they were not the victim of a cyberattack and now have said that they traced the collapse of their computer system to a "damaged database". But how did it get damaged? Computer folks,any ideas? Being skeptical of everything the government says or does is exhausting, by the way.

ARE WE HEADED FOR A CAR LOAN CRISIS? I do not buy new cars and I drive a 2015 Mercedes-Benz that I will drive until the wheels fall off and this story has me more convinced than ever to do just that. New car prices are now insane, and with rising interest rates people are paying a TON of money each month for their cars. Some people can do this no problem, but if you're on a fixed income this is a huge issue. The story talks about how we got here and what we can expect in the near term.

FEELING DEPRESSED? DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE ELSE This study confirms that the story on happiness I shared earlier this week, and that is that human connections are key to happiness. How do we make stronger connections? This story says do something nice for someone else. It was shown to be just as effective as other interventions for people suffering with depression.

THEY FOUND POSEIDON'S TEMPLE! Archeologists in Greece believe they have unearthed the ancient temple for the god Poseidon. It is an area prone to tsunamis and earthquakes which would be appropriate. It's also where ancient scholar Strabo described it to be over 2,000 years ago. When we were in Greece we were told that almost every major construction project unearths some ancient building. How cool is that?

TIME TO GET OFF YOUR BEHIND We all have heard that prolonged sitting all day isn't good for us, but finally a study was done to figure out just how much we need to do to mitigate that and now we know. It doesn't take much. Just get up and take a little walk every half hour and you're good. You don't even have to walk fast. Walk down the hall and back and BAM, you're good. Read more here. Our bodies were made to move, that's really how simple it is.

INFLATION IS DOWN BUT PRICES ARE STILL HIGH December inflation ran at about 6.5% which is a good trend in the right direction but we are still dealing with really high prices. This won't stop the Fed from raising rates again, but it is progress!

DEMOCRATS MELT DOWN OVER KEEPING BABIES ALIVE A bill that requires a baby which survives an abortion must be rendered care. The arguments made by Democrats are absolutely absurd. Click here to hear just a taste of what they said, and remember these are babies who survived an abortion where the mother was trying to exterminate their lives. All Democrats voted against rendering aid to a baby who survives an abortion, preferring to leave the baby in dark room until it dies. This is beyond ghoulish.

ASTRONAUTS ARE STUCK ON THE SPACE STATION At least until another Russian spacecraft can pick them up. The craft that was supposed to bring three astronauts home was hit by a "microasteroid" which punched a hole in a coolant line,making the cabin too hot and humid to make the return home in. They astronauts were supposed to come home in March but will be there until probably September now. This must have made one heck of a "honey I'm gonna be home late from work" call.

YOU'VE GOT TO TALK TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT PORN Because they are seeing it and they are seeing it young. For young women, you need to tell your girls that women in porn are often portrayed as willing participants in rough sex even though many, many women do NOT care for such aggression, and that bodies come in all shapes and sizes so they shouldn't be comparing their own body parts to the enhanced versions they see in porn. For boys, please tell them that porn depicts sex from a MALE perspective MOST of the time and is NOT how most women want to be treated and cared for sexually. My sister said it best when she told my nephew that porn is to sex like wrestling is to the WWE. They are connected, but just barely.

HEY MILITARY FOLKS, SAVE BIG AT THEME PARKS! This is great information about which parks, including Disney, Universal and Busch Gardens, offer great discounts to active duty and retired military members.

THE TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY This is a great column on how our politicians seem to hyperserve the minority opinions in their party while ignoring the opinions of the vast majority instead. Read it here.

BILL MAHER LETS FLY ABOUT THE PANDEMIC RESPONSE This is from Dave Rubin's show but I started it with Maher's comments. He does drop the f word, but it's Bill Maher.

IF AIRLINES WERE PEOPLE I laughed at this today.

A TWO YEAR OLD'S SOLUTION TO THE TROLLEY PROBLEM The trolley problem is an ethical dilemma that flummoxes many adults. Not this kid. Although this did not end the way I thought it would.


THE BEST OF MIC'ED UP FOR THE 2022 NFL SEASON This really makes you realize why guys want to keep doing this for a long time

AND NOW SOME PSYCHOLOGICAL TIPS FROM PEAKY BLINDERS This is actually really cool and pretty accurate.


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