Tue Blog: Two Very Different Accusations of Racism

WHAT IF SOMEONE SAYS YOU'RE A RACIST AND YOU'RE CLEARLY NOT? That is what happened to longtime Colorado Parks and Wildlife volunteer Dan Gates when he was swept up into a race controversy that eventually lead to the agency's head retiring and the woman who started the whole complaint being paid to leave. Dan is on today at 1 to talk about how damaging this was and how he still hasn't received an apology about being accused of something he did not do.

THE MINING EXCHANGE HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO Chuck and I recently took a quick overnight trip to Colorado Springs and stayed at the wonderful Mining Exchange downtown. The hotel was lovely, the room was great and you can't beat the location. That was OUR experience. A comedian who once starred on the sitcom Hanging with Mr. Cooper did NOT have that experience and live streamed a 27 minute experience where he was harassed by the hotel's staff and asked repeatedly if he were guest (he was). Mark Curry's video shows a man who says he needs to know if Curry is a hotel guest but you really have to see his posture to get the full effect. What's hilarious is that Curry is not a small man and the dude boxed up on him is. The man is wearing the outfit of a maintenance worker, not a suit and Curry asked HIM several times for some sort of identification which he does not provide. It is not a good look for the Mining Exchange. Curry says he's talking to a lawyer and has his fans calling Wyndam to complain. This is such an unnecessary self inflicted wound for the Mining Exchange. Just really, really bad.

LAUREN BOEBERT OFFICIALLY WINS A VERY TIGHT RACE And it's now been recounted and confirmed. We'll see if she pays attention to how close this was.

TRUMP HAS LOST THE REPUBLICAN PARTY At least that's what a new poll by USA Today shows, where he not only loses a head to head matchup with Biden, he gets his butt kicked by DeSantis. While just 47% of Republicans want Trump to run again, a whopping 63% want DeSantis to win. DeSantis also beats Biden in a head to head matchup. Things are finally moving in the right direction and I hope polls like this encourage more Republicans to abandon Trump. He needs to go.

DEMS LOVE LOCAL CONTROL AS LONG AS YOU AGREE WITH HIM I sure wish someone would ask the Governor if he supports local control when it comes to an anti-abortion measure put forth by the Pueblo City Council. After they passed it on the first reading, the state jumped up to say they would defend our Kill Until Birth abortion laws in Colorado against local control on the issue. Pueblo killed the proposal last night out of fear of State interference I'm guessing. It's rich that a Democrat is quoted in this story pointing out that the voters have rejected efforts to curtail abortion when Democrats regularly ignore what we vote down and then pass it anyway. Rich.

INFLATION IS STILL HIGH BUT MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION November inflation was 7.1% which is still high, but things are trending in the right direction since our high of over 9% this past summer. Read more here.

FORMER CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES WORKER PLEADS NOT GUILTY Robin Niceta, the former romantic partner of former Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson, has pleaded not guilty to a felony charge she retaliated against an Aurora City Council member by filing a false report of child abuse. Danielle Jurinsky was the board member allegedly targeted by Niceta after she said the former police chief was "trash" on a radio show and subsequently supported her ouster. It is alleged that Niceta then filed a false report accusing Jurinsky of abusing her toddler age son. Jurinsky and 25 other parents have filed a $50 million lawsuit alleging that was part of a pattern of behavior by Niceta and others that sometimes lead to children being removed erroneously from homes.

ASPEN WANTS TO PROTECT HOME VALUES OF MEGA MANSIONS By not allowing more of them to be built. The Pitkin County Commission is thinking of limiting the size of new homes in UNINCORPORATED Pitkin County to just 5,750 square feet, a whole lost smaller than the 15,000 foot limit now. They say it's to protect their valuable resources, but I say it's to increase the property costs of those already built by creating a fake shortage of huge homes. Just saying. And why not do this in incorporated Pitkin county? Just a thought.


THE REFUSAL TO COVER THE TWITTER FILES IS THE LAST NAIL IN THE MEDIA COFFIN And this column lays out the many, many failures of the legacy press on this story. I honestly wonder how NONE of the journalists at any major newspapers aren't REMOTELY interested in this story. Not ONE. The only story I could find at the Washington Post was a glowing report on Democratic lawmaker Ro Kanna, who was part of the initial release. The New York Times has one lousy column about it. The Wall Street Journal has decent coverage of the ongoing reports, but other than that, every single outlet is a massive fail. We must ask ourselves if this would be different if this were about the Trump administration and we all know the answer to that. The Washington Post went so far as to call Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss "conservative" before the internet unleashed on them and they quietly removed the word from the story.

NONE OF THIS JUSTIFIES THREATS OF VIOLENCE AGAINST ANYONE AT TWITTER One of the biggest censorship leaders at Twitter was a dude named Yael Roth, who has since been exited from Twitter. He plays a starring role in the Twitter files, joking about meeting with the FBI and DHS and always pushing the censorship angle within Slack conversations at Twitter. He's now had to leave his home because of threats, and this is not okay. I'm betting he's the sort of guy who cheered when Brett Kavanaugh had to leave his home, but he still doesn't deserve this. Once quick correction for CNN. From the article:

Roth has since been the subject of criticism and threats following the release of the Twitter Files. However, things took a dark turn over the weekend when Musk appeared to endorse a tweet that baselessly accused Roth of being sympathetic to pedophilia — a common trope used by conspiracy theorists to attack people online.

"Baselessly" is not quite accurate, as Roth in the past has tweeted things like this:

While also writing a doctoral dissertation on why gay kids should be allowed on Grindr, the gay hookup site. They shouldn't be so quick to label those accusations "baseless". Just saying.

SAM BANKMAN FRIED HAS BEEN ARRESTED IN THE BAHAMAS And I'm guessing the extradition paperwork is already done so expect the man who caused billions of dollars to disappear to face some sort of justice. Perhaps then the legacy media will stop buying into his "aw shucks, I was just incompetent" schtick he's been selling from his lavish estate in the Bahamas. We'll see if the man who donated a ton of money to Democrats gets the Bernie Madoff treatment he deserves or if his high powered friends bail him out. I fully expect him to disappear when he's let out by Bahamian officials after his court hearing today. We'll see if I'm right. He's been hit with an eight count indictment.

ONE OF THE MOST ENTERTAINING COACHES IN FOOTBALL HAS DIED And I'm talking about Mike Leach, who was the coach of Mississippi State until his death yesterday from a cardiac event. He was only 61. This is one of the interviews that made me love him.

His family donated his organs to help others, something I wish you would consider signing up to do.

THIS PROVES THE NEW YORK TIMES HAS BECOME PARODY The just published their "Most Stylish People" list and John Fetterman is on it. I'm not kidding. He made this list.

BODIE CRUSHED IT ON THE VOICE LAST NIGHT And I mean CRUSHED IT. I know his mom Jill is over the moon. What a talent this kid is. This is just the most amazing version of the song "Gratitude" by Brandon Lake. I think it was better than the original. I cried, not gonna lie so you've been warned.

COULD GAVIN NEWSOME'S AFFAIRS BE AN ISSUE ON THE NATIONAL STAGE? As much as I'd like to think it would that ship sailed a long, long time ago. This article lays out all the California Governor's dirty laundry and I'm sure our Governor is taking notes.

I NEED THIS BUT IT'S SOLD OUT Click here if it doesn't load, but it's already sold out so don't get too excited.

TWITTER TO ALLOW 4,000 CHARACTERS? SAY IT ISN'T SO Elon Musk has teased that the character limit on tweets may go up to 4,000 and I'm a firm no on this. It fundamentally alters what Twitter is. Maybe take it to 300, but no on 4,000.

I'M PRETTY SURE THIS IS CHILD ABUSE Not because the guy is trying to pass children in deep powder, but because he keeps laughing when they fall. It is funny though.


THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS This is another fascinating story by John Stossel. This one on why we're happy or sad and what we can do with what we're born with.


HE PICKED THE WRONG STORE TO ROB Because there was a Marine in this one.

DESIGNER BABIES GROWN IN A LAB ARE ALMOST HERE And though I'm sure that this will be a godsend to couples with medical issues preventing them from successfully having a child the old fashioned way, it's super creepy to me. How can raising a baby in a plastic womb completely mimic being grown in a mother's belly with all that entails? I don't feel like this is going to get the same effect but here's hoping I'm wrong.

THE LATEST ON OBESITY DRUGS This is a great article with explanations of how the new classes of obesity and diabetes drugs work. Some of them have shown remarkable efficacy in helping people lose weight, but he cautions that without significant lifestyle changes you will likely regain the weight you lost while taking these very, very expensive drugs. Read it here.

A FAMOUS TRANS NAVY SEAL IS DETRANSITIONING AND WARNING OTHERS Chris Beck became a star when he went on CNN and announced that as a retired member of Seal Team Six he was then becoming a woman. He was celebrated and made a bit of a poster girl for the trans movement and now he says he destroyed his life and was used as a pawn. Read more here.

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