Fri Blog: There Are Questions About The Libertarian in CD-8.

SO WHO PROPPED UP RICHARD WARD? Last night I got a call from a good friend who was trying to send an email thanking the Libertarian candidate (sarcastically) in the 8th Congressional race for helping get a screaming lefty elected in that race. What she found was very, very odd. No candidate website, no social presence, no campaign office, no evidence of running a campaign AT ALL. Weird for someone running for office, right? So she did some digging and was able to find out that a Richard Ward changed his party affiliation from Green party to Libertarian last year. I'm sure it's just a coincidence but how did a man with NO CAMPAIGN AT ALL perform TWICE as well as any other Libertarian in the race? He raised NO MONEY, didn't file any reports and had no visible campaign that I can find. If you voted Libertarian in the 8th Congressional District I need to talk to you. I have a feeling (as of now unconfirmed, just suspected) that the Dems (Rocky Mountain Gun Owners) pushed this guy so he could play the role of spoiler in this race, as they propped up bad candidates during the primary. The Libertarian party let itself be the useful idiot this year and I hope they know that. I will chat about how the Democrats in this state are playing 4d chess while the Republicans are playing checkers with Krista Kafer at 2pm today. She is NOT the source for this, by the way, I'm just dragging her into it. It would be nice if local media looked into this, but they won't because I talked about it first. UPDATE: I added the RMGO thing after several texts from Weld County residents saying they heard RMGO urging their people to vote Libertarian because they hate Barb Kirkmeyer more than they love gun freedom.

ERIN KANE ON THE LOSS OF 5A AND 5B IN DOUGCO And Superintendent of Schools Erin Kane is being relentlessly upbeat about this loss even though it's really bad for teachers. She joins me at 1:05.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR VETERANS! And as the mom of one and the wife of another I am very happy they made the choices they did, even as we continue to deal with the repercussions of their service. Hug a vet today! For our veterans there are a lot of deals and freebies for you and there is a great list here. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO TIP YOUR SERVERS EVEN IF YOU GET A FREE MEAL. They don't get special pay on this day even as they serve you. Here is a more comprehensive list but many of these places are not in Colorado.

TODAY I SHARED A TWEET THAT SHOWED A MAN RECEIVING A SEXUAL FAVOR ON THE STREET IN BROAD DAYLIGHT IN DENVER I can't share it here because I would get fired, but I shared it on Twitter and immediately someone piped in that I shouldn't be "shaming" people like this. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Someone engaged in a blatant sex act on the side of a Denver street in broad daylight and I'm the one being called out for sharing it? It has me very determined to share EVERY photo or video of whatever of the garbage and disgusting behavior of these drug addicts that are being coddled by the homeless industry here. Shame is a powerful tool and we should not be afraid to use it.


This special was reviewed with gems like this by Nathan Rabin "I'm not convinced the special wasn't ultimately written and directed by a sentient bag of cocaine." but here we are again. There is going to be a Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and you can watch it on Disney+ starting on Black Friday. If you must.

A FEDERAL JUDGE STRUCK DOWN BIDEN'S STUDENT FORGIVENESS PLAN And he's right because the Executive branch does not have the authority to do this. The judge said it was not his place to decide the rightness of the policy, only to decide the legality. From the ruling:

 "No one can plausibly deny that it is either one of the largest delegations of legislative power to the executive branch, or one of the largest exercises of legislative power without congressional authority in the history of the United States,"

He is 100% right. I'm guessing this will eventually make its way to the Supreme Court at some point.

THE DEMS ON THE BOARD OF EDUCATION DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT CONCERNED PARENTS And decided yesterday to reinsert mentions of LGBTQness into Social studies at all grade levels. This follows MONTHS of public input from parents who just don't want sex mentioned AT ALL in lower grades. Standards were changed to simply take out references to orientation for little kids, but the Gay Mafia got them shoved back in. This is what it's like to live in Colorado now. If you are a right leaner, you simply don't matter. If you don't want your five year olds told they can pick their gender based on feelings, you don't matter. Private schools are going to see a real boom here.

CRAVING A BURGER? HEAD TO MY BROTHER'S BAR This is another great article in the Craving Colorado series in the Denver Gazette, this one about longtime fave for burgers My Brother's Bar. Read it here.

JEFFCO IS CLOSING SIXTEEN SCHOOLS After lagging enrollment has put these schools under the 250 student line for staying open. Parents are not happy, but the district says they have to "put out the fire" and then try to figure out how they got here. Read more here.

ANOTHER PROMISE TO CLEAN UP DOWNTOWN The Mayor of Denver, the Police Chief and some other players had a press conference yesterday to tell us (again) that they are going to clean up downtown and make it safe again. I hope they are right. This time.

IF YOU STILL SUPPORT TRUMP, YOU NEED TO READ HIS LATEST MELTDOWN And then help me understand how otherwise rational and intelligent people would support a guy who puts out a statement that reads like a middle school slam book entry. He has the nerve to call Ron DeSantis disloyal which is super rich from a guy who trashes everyone once he's done with them. Read it in this post and I'm going to read it on the air and then ask Trump supporters to explain this to me at this point. I got it back when, but now he's nothing but a petulant narcissist who elevated horrible candidates the Dems knew they could and did beat.

GUESS WHAT? FAKE MEAT IS A FAILURE Even with a bunch of billionaire investors behind it. Seems we don't want to actually buy it, no matter how often our overlords tell us too. Now Beyond Meat is tanking. Check this out.

HOW ARE THINGS GOING FOR WOMEN IN AFGHANISTAN? Considering that it would have taken a small force of permanent advisers to keep this from happening, I have to say Joe Biden owns this What does he own? He owns women being banned from schools, work, and now leisure activities by the Taliban who stormed to power during our cowardly withdrawal from there. Well done, Joe! I feel your concern for women's rights shining through! Oh, they also can't get abortions, which you would think would have Joe hoppin' mad.

A BIG CHUNK OF THE CHALLENGER SPACE SHUTTLE WAS JUST FOUND IN THE ATLANTIC This story is kind of crazy and makes you understand how much of the shuttle is unaccounted for still thirty years later.

TWITTER IS NO SECURITY RISK, BUT TIKTOK SURE IS And this column does a great job in explaining the how and why TikTok has become the opiate of the masses in very short order thanks to the Chinese Communist government. Here's the kicker:

We know the risks. We know that TikTok was used to monitor the locations of American citizens. We know there have been numerous inquiries into how TikTok processes children’s data. We know that, despite being stored remotely, all data can be accessed from China. Yet we are caught in this ‘privacy paradox’: aware of the need to protect our data online, yet willing to haphazardly agree to any term or condition as long as we can consume our content. This apathy and indifference is insidiously selective. As a teacher my students, for example, will all have private Instagram accounts, but would not think twice about how much they give away from every pause, flick and double tap on a TikTok video.
The danger of TikTok comes down to this: users are shown content from accounts they do not follow, and therefore are constantly exposed to videos they did not ask forMeta is following suit — by the end of 2023, it will more than double the proportion of material on Facebook and Instagram recommended by AI — but TikTok’s ubiquitous use of video is more concerning because video is technically much, much harder to moderate. AI has to sift through the thousands of static images that make up a video to recognise potentially harmful content (for example a gun), determine its context (is it being shown in a violent or suggestive way), while also monitoring audio (gun shots that may happen off screen) and inferring other layers of meaning.

But Biden thinks investigating Elon Musk is a swell idea.



BAKER MAYFIELD GIVES HEAD BUTTS TO EVERYONE And they were wearing helmets and he wasn't.

THIS NEW VR HEADSET IS KILLING THE COMPETITION And its users. This is just an idiotic proposal but I'm talking about it so it's great marketing. A tech dude says he's creating a new headset that would actually kill its users when they lose while playing a game. I'm sure this will sell like hotcakes.

RIP GALLAGHER The comedian famous for his Sledge-o-matic gags has passed away at the age of 76. No word on if sledgehammers were involved. Read more here.

GRILLED RICE HOT DOG ANYONE? I'm not going to lie, I'm intrigued.


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