Tue Blog: Our So-Called Libertarian Governor Loves Special Interest Grift

JARED POLIS HAS FAILED TO KEEP A BIG CAMPAIGN PROMISE Our Godfather like Governor campaigned in the last election cycle on a platform that included cutting out tax breaks for special interests, also called "tax expenditures" as they cost the government revenue that would otherwise have been paid in taxes. I hate that phrase because it implies that the government owns all of our money unless they let us keep it, but it's the phrase that is used. Ben Murrey from the Independence Institute wrote a really long paper where he analyzed EVERY bill signed into law by Governor Jared Polis and lo and behold, the tax expenditures not only went UP, they went up by a LOT. Read about his report here. I'll have Ben on at 1pm to discuss. Here is a link to the full report.

LET'S SPEND SOME TIME AROUND THE CONSERVATIVE CAMPFIRE And I'm talking about Campfire Colorado, a relatively new site that focuses on the news of the day from the political right. Matt Connelly joins me at 2 to share marshmallows and graham crackers and snappy writing about things in Colorado. Find CampfireColorado.com here!

A DRUNK ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT WITH A FAKE ID KILLS A WELD COUNTY DEPUTY It was an off-duty accident where this dude hit the officer on her motorcycle. She died, he ran and has now been caught. He's in the country illegally, was drunk and had a fake id. But I'm sure the 50 immigrants in Martha's Vineyard is a much more important story.

A "SAFE" CAMPING SITE WENT UP IN FLAMES LAST NIGHT Fire ripped through the closely parked tents outside Denver Health and now the people who have been squatting there have been displaced. It's likely the site will not be rebuilt as Denver Health has declined to renew the lease for the space. Why not? Well neighbors say that the crime, knife fights and other issues have them afraid in their own neighborhood so that might be why. This is a stupid and untenable solution. Until they put one right across the street from every City Council members homes I will continue to believe this is stupid and untenable.

THE USELESS MICHAEL BENNET WILL ONLY DEBATE IN HIS SAFE SPACE Where he knows partisan hack Kyle Clark will have his back as he tries to explain his record against a formidable candidate in Joe O'Dea. Bennet has blown off the traditional debates so far, choosing to accept the one where he knows he is among friends at Channel 9. Dick Wadhams writes about it here.

NO, JARED POLIS IS NOT A MODERATE And this editorial in the Denver Gazette clearly explains why.

ONE REPUBLICAN IS SPENDING HIS OWN FORTUNE TO STOP POLIS And this is really interesting because unlike when outside the state rich guys try to meddle in our elections (paging Tom Steyer) this guy not only lives here, he's a native who's been ranching his entire life. He's spending 11 MILLION dollars of his own money to get Polis defeated.

THIS SPEECH BY DESANTIS IS FIRE And not ONLY because he references Eisenhower's warning about the scientific industrial complex (which you guys know I love) but because he clearly lays out the case for Republican governance vs. Democratic governance clearly and concisely. This should be a manual of how to give a speech imo. He is clearly running for President and he's got quite the track record to run on, which he lays out in this speech. FIRE.

WANT THE BIGGEST BENEFIT FROM YOUR DAILY WALKS? SPEED UP. I have been waiting for studies on fitness trackers to become more common, as they are a great way to get a relatively accurate picture of someone's activity during the day versus self reporting, which is notoriously inaccurate. Now we now that people who walk briskly for 30 minutes a day reduce their odds of getting heart disease, cancer and dementia by a pretty large margin. So strap on those shoes and get moving! By the way, the 30 minutes of brisk walking could be spread throughout the day and not in one fell swoop but why not get it out of the way?

IT'S CASH FOR THEYS IN DENVER There is a new universal basic income experiment in Denver and it's going to help women, families and nongender conforming or binary people only. I'm always interested in what the metric of success is in these cases. If it is just "they are happier" that is not a good enough reason to support it. Read more here.

BIDEN WAS GIVEN A WARM WELCOME IN THE UK It's either F Joe Biden or Let's Go Brandon, I can't quite make it out. Either way it's nice that our friends across the pond gave him such a nice greeting. This as the President was LATE to the funeral because of London traffic. I'm sure no one could have guessed traffic would be horrible that day.

DOUGCO IS BACK WITH THE STUPID RWR PROJECT And it's time for me to get George Teal on the show to discuss why he is hellbent on moving forward with a water plan that no water providers want, many, many people are staunchly against, that will surely be litigated to high heaven and back, and is currently unneeded. Read more about this here.

A FASHION TREND HAS A MEASURABLE ORIGIN if you don't have a kid you may not be hip to the "slap bracelet" trend. They are little strips that wrap around your wrist when you smack them onto your arm. Now we know what's inside to make them this way. Click here if it doesn't load.

THERE IS A LOT GOING ON IN THIS PLAZA And I have to say the possibility of a glitch in the matrix seems more real now. Click here if it doesn't load.

ELON MUSK'S EX GRIMES MAY HAVE GOTTEN ELF EARS I don't understand wackadoodle body modifications but this one makes sense for this person. Grimes, the artist with whom Elon Musk shares two children may have gotten plastic surgery to have her ears made into "elf" ears. Why? Who knows, she named her baby after a plane.

JOE BIDEN TRYING TO CONVINCE US HE'S FINE DOESN'T GO WELL And the internet responded with this. Click here if it doesn't load.

CNN'S DON LEMON COULD NOT LOOK DUMBER IF HE TRIED IN THIS CLIP Just watch his face when she gets done. Magic. This explains why he got demoted.

WHAT DID THE PACKERS DO TO THIS GIRL? Click here if it doesn't load.

THE TRUE INSANITY OF THE MODERN LEFT This Substack from Beri Weiss shares an amazing tale of a group of progressive Brooklyners who decided to try to "take back the park" from crazy homeless people who killed a dog. It reads like a parody but I'm pretty sure this is how it actually happened. This is paywalled but worth every penny.

YES, REPUBLICANS CARE ABOUT BABIES AFTER THEY ARE BORN And I have to say, I did not know just how much legislation to support families and children the Republican party has been working to get passed. Read this to see some of the many ways the GOP is trying to help families without creating huge new entitlements we simply can't pay for.

OVERTHINKING COULD BE A PREDICTOR OF DEPRESSION This is a nerdy article but it's very interesting because it covers a study which found a connection between people who tend to overthink things and more particularly, think negatively about past events, are more prone to serious depression. There are ways to work on this and they are in the article.


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