Thu Blog: Radio for Veterans, and Heidi Has a Plan to Fix Our Roads!

OUR PAL ROB IS BACK TO TALK INTERNET RADIO If you're new to the show you may not remember the guy who just started showing up every day to do Of the Day with us. Rob Williams was at the end of a long military career and had the time, but now he's got an actual job as a civilian so he doesn't have time for us, so he's created a new internet radio station. It's content by veterans and you should listen. Join their Facebook page here, and Rob joins me at 1 with his co-host of his show Up From the Ashes One Shot Seth. They are a 501(c)3 charity so donate to them here and take the tax deduction!

HEIDI GANAHL IS THE CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR WITH A PLAN TO FIX OUR ROADS And she's unveiling it today. Our current Governor wants to make our roads so horrible to drive on that everyone will want to ride the train or bus, but Heidi wants to keep people moving all over the state. She's on at 1:35 and you can read her plan here!

IT'S TIME FOR PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT With our man Charles Harrington Elster. Find him and his wonderful books by clicking here.

WHY ARE WE STILL UNDER A COVID HEALTH EMERGENCY? The Covid Disaster Emergency order has been extended AGAIN, leaving Colorado as only one of ten states to still have some sort of order in place. Why? They say it's so we can continue tapping into Medicaid dollars but why aren't other states doing this clever thing too?

JON CALDARA IS MISSING SOME INFO And normally Jon and I are in lock step on most issues, but on this column about funding for charter schools he's missing some key information. It's really about the Douglas County Mill Levy Override and the fact that Ascent Classical Academy will NOT share in the money if it is passed. Why? Because they are authorized by the Charter School Institute rather than the district. They broke from the district under the old, charter-unfriendly board over arming teachers, which is fine. The law says that any mill levy overrides will be shared ONLY with "District" schools though. It is my understanding that the current Board would welcome Ascent back into the district so they can share the money, but that would require Ascent to pay into a fund ALL charters contribute to that funds education for students with special learning needs. It would also put them potentially at odds with FUTURE boards, like all the charters in the district. So far they have declined and want to have their cake (mill levy money) and eat it too (without paying into the fund for special needs kids). Additionally Ascent also has schools in OTHER districts, and there is no accountability on where the funds will be used and if they will even be used IN Douglas County. I am a huge fan of what they do at Ascent, but if THIS school board violated the intent of the law to give money to a charter they are not supposed to share money with the teachers unions would seize on this and use it to "prove" the board is trying to privatize education. I am firmly against breaking a rule to give ammo to the union, no matter how much I admire the school.

COLORADO DEMS NEED TO STOP THE WAR ON HEATING OUR HOMES The push to "electrify" our homes is on in full force and you need to be aware of just how bad an idea this is. This is a great column that covers all the downsides of this dumb, dumb idea.

ARE YOU READY FOR LEGAL MAGIC MUSHROOMS? I've always considered myself a libertarian but pot legalization is testing that. Not because I thought there should be a prohibition on adults smoking weed, but because the promises made before the passage of Amendment 64 have been proven to be a lie. It didn't "free up police" to fight more dangerous crimes, it didn't put safeguards in place to keep it away from kids, it hasn't disrupted the black market for weed and it's brought a whole slew of other issues with it. It was a huge part of a bunch of homeless losers showing up on our state to smoke weed all day. So when I have a chance to vote on the legalization of magic mushrooms that is a hard pass. And I'm not alone, there is a group which has sprung up to fight it. Read about it here. I'm not in a mood to commercialize tripping just yet.

KEVIN PRIOLA HATES CORA AND TRANSPARENCY And we have a perfect example in this story about party switcher Kevin Priola and the Democratic Senate President he conspired with via text message to avoid CORA requests (except text messages are part of CORA). Whatcha trying to hide, Kevin?

JUST IN TIME FOR A RECESSION, COLORADO RAISES MINIMUM WAGE AGAIN! I can't wait for my favorite small business to shut their doors forever said no one ever, but could we be seeing more closures in the near future? The minimum wage, which is a joke in Colorado because no one will work for minimum wage and no one is paying minimum wage, is going up again. Fresh off Polis ordered pandemic shutdowns, rent increases and more, now business owners have to figure out how to pay people more. Well done, Democrats!

NOW CALLING FOOD JUNK FOOD IS RACIST This article is so insane I'm just going to put it here and you need to read it as it involves one of the largest school districts in the country.

DO WE NEED TO PUT AGE LIMITS ON OFFICE HOLDERS? This column says we shouldn't practice ageism (as the columnist is obviously a Biden supporter) we should just care about if they can do the job and share our values. Wrong. They should have to live for YEARS under the policies they are passing, not die in office and screw the rest of us. The best way to avoid having old people run things is to vote for young people. It's really that simple.

NOW AI IS MAKING THE FLINTSTONES REAL PEOPLE and it's not nearly as creepy as the Simpsons one. Click here if it doesn't load.

NOT ALL TIK TOK HACKS ARE A GOOD IDEA Because if you put a full of water ice tray on the door of a freezer and someone comes right behind you and opens it, it would be a huge mess. But here you go.

THE CLEVELAND BROWNS HAVE A NEW/OLD FIELD LOGO And it's an elf, because when your name is the Browns, but your helmets are orange, an elf makes perfect sense. Between this and the Guardians name I think we need to check on Cleveland.

A VICTIM OF BABY SHARK TORTURE IS DEAD This story is bananas. A prisoner who won a lawsuit against two correctional officers and the county because the former officers tortured him by making him listen to Baby Shark on end is dead. Not because of Baby Shark, probably because of a drug overdose. He died in jail after being arrested for drug trafficking. Seems like a nice guy.



IHEARTLAND IS LIVE IN ROBLOX! And if you or your kids play Roblox, you should check this out.

WE HAVE A TENTATIVE DEAL TO AVERT A RAILROAD STRIKE And this was going to happen because no one can afford a railroad strike. Read the details here, but the union has to approve it.

PRINCE ANDREW IS TAKING THE CORGIS And I was legit worried about those little dogs Queen Elizabeth loved so much. They are going to live with Prince Andrew and his former wife who both still live in a royal property.


A LOST BET MEANS WE SEE RYAN REYNOLDS BUTT But don't get excited, we're seeing the INSIDE of his bottom as part of his colonoscopy. He lost a bet to a buddy and had to film his colonoscopy in payment. This is actually a really cool idea to encourage people to do the test.

RON DESANTIS JUST SENT TWO PLANELOADS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS TO MARTHA'S VINEYARD And I'm here for it. This strategy of forcing the North Eastern elites to actually deal with the problems created by the policies THEY SUPPORT is working. Florida says they are just helping these illegal immigrants get to the states and cities which have declared themselves "sanctuary" places. From FoxNewscom:

"States like Massachusetts, New York and California will better facilitate the care of these individuals who they have invited into our country by incentivizing illegal immigration through their designation as ‘sanctuary states’ and support for the Biden administration’s open border policies," she said.

How compassionate of Florida and Texas! How helpful! This is Nobel Peace Prize worth imo.

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