Mandy's Thu Blog: Yes, Virginia, This Is What a Recession Looks Like

WANT TO HELP SUPPORT POLICE DOGS? The RexRun 2022 for Pawsitivity is fast approaching and I've got two of the folks making it happen on today at 2. The run and festival is being put on by Back the Blue. Back the Blue K9 Force is a local 501c3 that started in March 2016 that helps provide K-9 units with anything they need. Join the run or donate some money by clicking here!

GET READY FOR HIGHER GAS PRICES IN COLORADO Because of our high summertime ozone levels and the refusal of Governor Jared Polis to apply for any sort of waiver because our geography is a huge problem for that, we are facing California fuel formulations in the near future. We already know that then-Governor John Hickenlooper tied our standards to California years ago, but now the EPA could force us to use the much higher priced gasoline in the summer months. How much more expensive? Roughly 20-20 cents MORE PER GALLON. Does this sound good to you? Me neither. This state is determined to chase me out of it. This as I got this via email from listener Steve:

Don't know if you have been discussing gas prices here in Colorado lately since I just got back driving to/from Iowa. Before I left we kept hearing from the white house that gas prices have fallen on average of 60 cents across the country, but we hadn't seen that here in Colorado Springs. During my trip thru Kansas, Nebraska, & Iowa I paid as low as $4.09-$4.17 for mid-grade unleaded (87 octane) and one time for $4.49. I would have filled up with regular unleaded (85 octane) if I could get it, but for whatever reason it isn't sold in those states, at least not at any of the stations I stopped at. So I get back here and go to my King Soopers to top the tank off before returning my rental car and I'm looking at the prices and I see that mid-grade unleaded (87 octane) is $4.89 and regular unleaded (85 octane) is $4.49. Two points to be made - 1) mid-grade unleaded reached a high of $5.05 in early June and has only dropped 16 cents; 2) why is gas so expensive in Colorado? I was buying mid-grade (87 octane) 60-90 cents cheaper in the mid-west than what we pay here for regular unleaded.

This is just the beginning of super high gas prices in Colorado.

THE FED LIFTED INTEREST RATES .75% YESTERDAY As they try to get inflation in check by making money more expensive to borrow. This as the government is trying to figure out new ways to spend our money on their pet projects. See below for that.

THIS IS A GREAT COLUMN ABOUT PROGRESSING BACKWARDS And Kelly Sloan make the argument that Progressives won't be happy until we're living in caves by cande light as they tell us to forego every human advance from the last century in the nonsensical quest to stop climate change. I just looked up a fun fact. Do you know how long it takes carbon dioxide to dissipate from the atmosphere after it's been released? Anywhere from 300 HUNDRED to a THOUSAND years. Any changes we make to our carbon footprint won't matter at all in our lifetimes.

YES, WE ARE IN A RECESSION If you use the metric which has been used by the media since I've been alive until they need to give Joe Biden cover. We have our second straight quarter of economic shrinkage with the economy contracting .9% in the 2nd quarter. The media is working overtime to tell us that this ISN'T a recession because the political board the National Bureau of Economic Research has to announce it's a recession even though their definition of recession is "A significant decline in economic activity that is spread across the economy and that lasts more than a few months.”  Um, isn't that what two quarters of economic shrinkage should mean? Forbes has a "are we or aren't we" article here. We are. We most certainly are.

THIS NEW CLIMATE BILL WILL NOT HELP INFLATION And I know this because people from the government SAY it supposed to help inflation even though they already admitted multiple times they didn't see inflation coming (I did), and they thought it was transitory (it wasn't) but now I'm supposed to believe that a massive new spending bill that is a huge giveaway to Democrat energy companies is going to work. Sure. I guess hanging our hopes for sanity on Joe Manchin turned out to be a bad idea.

WHY ARE SO MANY CARS BEING STOLEN IN COLORADO? Perhaps because this is our Attorney General Phil Weiser?

TWO COLORADO RACES HAVE BEEN SHIFTED TOWARDS REPUBLICANS One of they the new district up north where they moved it to Likely Republican on the strength of candidate Barbara Kirkmeyer. They are also giving Erik Aadland a shot to win Perlmutter's seat, though it still Leans Democrat, it's been downgraded from Likely Democrat, which is bit. Read more here.

WE HAVE THE MOST POT SMOKERS IN COLORADO And this isn't surprising but I always think people lie about these things when asked. Especially in other states where weed is still illegal. Read more here.

WE ALSO HAVE AN AWESOME NEW SLIDE PARK And perhaps the pot smokers would like to go and enjoy themselves here? It does look super cool.

WHAT COLOR IS YOUR CAR? This is an interesting thread on how the world is less colorful than it used to be and they use the example of how many cars are in gray scale now than ever before. As the proud owner of a silver car specifically because it looks cleaner in the winter, I think there are rational reasons for this, from resale value to car companies streamlining their own options.

THE WORST WORK MEETING QUESTION TIMING EVER So Mark Zuckerberg, whose company Meta is the parent of Facebook, was leading a meeting after it was announced that Facebook saw it's first ever earnings decline recently. Employees were allowed to pre record questions for the meeting. After Zuck announced new performance standards and said that anyone not meeting them would be fired, a pre recorded question about vacation time was asked and Zuck was not happy.

NEST AND RING WILL SEND VIDEO TO THE COPS WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION And this is why I don't have cameras IN my private spaces. It's already known that Ring has provided video to police without a warrant or even notifying the homeowner, but now we know Google's Nest service will do the same. I will happily provide that video myself, just ask me. Is that too much to ask?

HOW ABOUT ROUND TRIP TO PUERTO VALLARTA FOR 300 BUCKS? Let me just say there are so few airline deals right now that you need to read this article for a ton of tips on how to save. This one is a round trip to Puerta Vallarta for under 300 bucks, but not out of Denver. Sometimes it makes more sense to book a cheap flight to Houston and another cheap flight to somewhere else. This is one of those times.

SAUDI ARABIA IS PLANNING A FUTURISTIC CITY Although I think these renderings are the equivalent of those concept cars at auto shows that never get made, this is still neat. Saudi Arabia may be showing us the way when it comes to mitigation for a warming planet. They want to build a mile long city flanked by two mirrored skyscrapers, all powered by renewable energy, where you never have to go outside. Check it out here.

THIS AS ENGINEERS ARE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT A WAY TO DIM THE SUN This seems like a very, very bad idea to me. Rather than waste a ton of money injecting pollution into the stratosphere trying to block the suns rays, why not work on mitigation strategies and providing cities where people can safely live? Just a suggestion. Read the thread here.

THERE'S A ROBOT BAR AT EMPOWER FIELD NOW And no, it's not for when the robots take over, it is a robot that makes you a drink after using an app and facial recognition to verify age. I think this could be cool as long as everyone does what they are supposed to do before they get in line. Read where it is in the stadium and how to use it here.

WHEN YOUR DOG BRINGS HOME NEW FRIEND I feel like there is more to this story.

AND NOW A TUNE ABOUT GEN X SUMMER I feel seen right now.

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