Mandy's Wed Blog: I've Got An Action Packed Half Hour for You!

BASEBALL EATS THE SHOW AT 12:30 TODAY So get ready for an action packed half hour of show.

HEY, HAVE YOU HEARD GRANT'S PODCAST? He talks to all sorts of people, some you will disagree with, others you will learn from, but they are all good in my opinion. Find the latest episode with Angel Martinez who started both a medical spa and a foundation for single working women to help the succeed too. Listen to it here!

NO ONE WON MEGA MILLIONS! Which means the jackpot is now OVER A BILLION DOLLARS! I'm buying a ticket and if you don't plunk down 2 bucks you really should, even as we established the odds are astronomical.

AN IDIOTIC QUEST FOR A RECOUNT FROM THE GOP EXTREMISTS If an election comes down to a difference of .05% when the votes are tabulated and automatic recount is required. That's reasonable. Candidates who believe there are improprieties larger than that can request a recount but they have to pay for it. That's reasonable too. What's not reasonable is candidates who literally got shellacked in the last election demanding a recount. That's what's happening now with the Tina Peters-Ron Hanks wing of the GOP, as the candidates are demanding all kinds of video and recounts and data when they have no way to pay for it. I guess I should say they seem to have no way to pay for it since they missed the last deadline to do so. This is what happens when bad candidates lose but are too shady to take the L and go home. Yes, I said shady.

DENVER DA BETH MCCANN DISCRIMINATES AGAINST WOMEN IN HER OFFICE Says a lawsuit about pay sex discrimination in her office. The George Soros connected DA, who is utterly horrible, is being accused of paying women less and this makes me laugh honestly. DA McCann denies the accusations in the strongest terms. The court can figure it out.

MAYBE THERE IS HOPE FOR OUR REPUBLIC AFTER ALL I've been down on where the country is headed as of late, but this column gives me hope. In it, the author lays out the various cycles in our American history when it comes to politics, and he thinks we are just coming to the end of another cycle. He thinks that the Republican party, if they can get it together, have the chance to shift the conversation in our nation in a significant way to affect real change on big issues. Here's hoping he's right.

THE BEST WAY TO INSURE MORE MASS SHOOTINGS Is to ban concealed carry, and yet, that is what many anti-gun municipalities in Colorado are doing. Even after a bystander saved countless lives with his concealed weapon in Indiana (which he carried into a mall designated by mall ownership as a "gun free zone") Boulder is trying to ban the legal carrying of firearms so people "feel" safer, even as they are far less safe. Jon Caldara writes a barn burner of a column here.

THE SPEECH THAT WANT TO BE DOCTORS SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO I mentioned this yesterday and wanted to share it today. Dr. Kristin Collier was chosen by students and faculty to deliver the keynote address at the "white coat ceremony" for new medical students at the University of Michigan. The problem arose when students found out she is prp-life. Now she wasn't talking about abortion AT ALL in her speech, never intended to talk about abortion in her speech, and the school sent out a letter announcing she would not be addressing the topic at all in her speech. That didn't stop a couple dozen self righteous, close minded wanna be doctors and their families from walking out BEFORE she spoke. They missed a brilliant speech and you can watch it here.

NO, WE DON'T NEED TO LEGALIZE MAGIC MUSHROOMS This editorial lays out the ways making psychedelic mushrooms fully legal is a terrible idea and it's not wrong. Decriminalization is one thing, but the full embrace of shroom shops is a bridge too far for me. The editorial rightly points out that this experiment has been tried before by many, many nations and it fails every time it's tried. This is one of those libertarian struggles that I have, but I can embrace decriminalization while also thinking the full corporatization is a bad idea as well.

CASSIDY HUTCHINSON'S TUNE CHANGED PRETTY DRAMATICALLY She is the woman who testified before the January 6th committee and gave what I thought was pretty damning testimony. Now The Federalist has exposed a trove of her chat messages about all sorts of stuff, all of which seem to be after the events of January 6th. She apparently lied when she said to Congress that she was emotionally damaged by the events that day, or she lied to her friends while making fun of the whole aftermath. As the committee has declined to call the Secret Service members to testify to their version of events, Hutchinson's testimony has to be put in the Take It With a Grain of Salt category after this. I'm sure she won't be tried for contempt of Congress for not being entirely truthful. She looked at the landscape and decided to ditch a sinking ship.

TURNING POINT USA CALLS THE VIEW TO ACCOUNT And it's about time people on the Right starting fighting back against the oh-so-common defamatory statements that emanate from the feminist progressive cesspool known as The View. Now Turning Point USA has issued a cease and desist and demanded that The View issue a correction to defamatory statements made Monday on the show or face a lawsuit. I hope they sue.

A SHORT WALK IS ALL YOU NEED TO BE HEALTHIER And the minimum you need is 21 minutes a day. According to a Harvard study, that's all it takes to reduce your risk of heart disease by 30%. Surely you've got 21 minutes a day?


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