Mandy's Tue Blog: Homelessness Spikes In Denver,Plus More Hunter Biden Crap

WHY IS HOMELESSNESS WAY UP IN DENVER? The answer is likely multi pronged with the pandemic being some part of it, but I have to wonder if our lax attitude towards lawlessness has made us more attractive to someone living the vagabond lifestyle too. This article says there are 30% more people living on our streets since 2020, and we know that what we're doing isn't working so maybe it's time to consider that we are making it worse. Read more here.

JOIN ME THURSDAY FOR A FUN EVENT TO SUPPORT THE COLORADO WOMEN'S ALLIANCE It's going to be a great night at Holidaily Brewing this Thursday! I'll be there for a few hours in the late afternoon so come on down! Find details here.

THE HUNTER BIDEN SITUATION JUST GOT MORE INTERESTING And if you heard yesterday's show, you heard me talk about how people have lost faith in our institutions and that generally comes just before an empire's downfall. The FBI has suffered mightily since it went all in on being an arm of the Democratic party during the Trump administration. Now we have a whistleblower who told Senator Chuck Grassley that the FBI has been working double time to protect the President's son from repercussions from his many, many transgressions. Grassley is demanding hearings on the matter to see how far into the FBI the corruption goes. If they do investigate, I fully expect the FBI leadership to lie to Congress as James Comey and Andrew McCabe did, and I fully expect them to get away with it. This is why empires fall. We are on our last legs. From Grassley's letter to the FBI:

First, it’s been alleged that the FBI developed information in 2020 about Hunter Biden’s
criminal financial and related activity. It is further alleged that in August 2020, FBI Supervisory
Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten opened an assessment which was used by a FBI Headquarters
(“FBI HQ”) team to improperly discredit negative Hunter Biden information as disinformation
and caused investigative activity to cease. Based on allegations, verified and verifiable
derogatory information on Hunter Biden was falsely labeled as disinformation.

This is why Republicans must win back the House and the Senate. Not sure they will, but we need this to happen so the entire leadership of the FBI can be forced out.

SHOULD WE MAKE IT EASIER FOR MOBILE HOME PARKS IN DENVER? Mobile homes are the cheapest sort of housing someone can buy, and frankly, I hate them. Unlike a brick and mortar house, they begin to depreciate immediately upon purchase, making them a horrible value for building wealth in the long term. All that being said, they are an important option for people who need very affordable housing and Denver has made it damn near impossible to have a mobile home park in its boundaries. The City Council is trying to change this, but I'd urge you to pay attention to this.

THE LUCKIEST PLACES IN COLORADO TO BUY A LOTTERY TICKET There is a list of the six places which have seen the most winners via the lottery system in this article. Good luck, but I already bought the winning ticket so....

RTD SAYS NO TO BRONCOSRIDE AGAIN THIS YEAR So if you were planning on taking the bus from the Park N' Ride locations to the stadium, you best figure something out. RTD says they don't have the staff for the service this year. Here is an article with the details.

DEMOCRAT MAYOR UNHAPPY WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS BEING DUMPED IN HIS CITY So he really should advocate for border security, right? That's not what New York Mayor Eric Adams is doing though, he's just complaining now that Republican Governors are sharing the problems created by Biden's complete lack of border security. Instead he sent a letter to DHS asking the Biden admin to stop sending illegal immigrants to his city. He doesn't tell them to shore up border security, just make sure they don't bother him in HIS city. This is such a pitch perfect story to show how uncompassionate Dems can be when they are forced to live with the consequences of the actions of their party.

BRING BACK THE OLD FASHIONED ALARM CLOCK This article makes the case that our phones create stress first thing in the morning and they may be on to something. Read more here.

EVER WONDER HOW MUCH STRIPPERS MAKE? One stripper took the internet to show the world how much she makes working an average of one night per week. Spoiler alert, it's a lot.

THIS GIG DOESN'T PAY AS MUCH BUT YOU GET TO GO TO THE BEACH I love seeing stories like this where they are offering 15 grand for someone to travel around to beach towns. is looking for a retro beach motelier to travel to their top retro beach destinations this summer and they are going to pay. Why? They are looking for someone with an Instagram presence to promote their retro hotels. This is a great idea.

IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE. NEVERMIND. It was a meteor shower in Houston but some folks got some cool video on their doorbell cameras.

APPLE SAYS YOU'RE PHONE CASE IS A WASTE And you can do what you want, but as one who can break a phone within ten minutes of getting it, I'm going to keep my phone case. Plus it's easier to hold without slipping. Apple says all of this is unnecessary.

YOUR DAILY NAP MAY BE A PRECURSOR TO A STROKE As a non-napper I am oddly comforted by this news that napping daily could mean problems later in life. A new study shows that those who take a daily nap are more likely to have high blood pressure and stroke, although correlation does not equal causation. People who are in lousy physical health are more prone to nap as well.

WOMEN, WORKOUT IN THE MORNING, MEN YOU GO IN THE EVENING These sorts of things are so cool to me, as we begin to learn more about how our bodies work at optimal performance. A new rather large study shows that when you work out has an effect on your results and they are relatively significant. Read them here.

THE CHOCO TACO IS NO MORE I used to LOVE these things when I ate such things on a regular basis. Klondike's Choco Taco is now being discontinued because you young and skinny people didn't buy enough to make up for the loss of me eating them.

RUN FOR THE BORDER....FOR GAS? Not the Taco Bell kind of gas, the gasoline kind of gas. People in border towns are making the trip over the border to score gas in the low 3 dollar range. Totally worth is if you're close.

HOW TO SAVE BIG AND RETIRE EARLY These are great tips from a couple who retired at 33 and 35 after saving like mad since they entered the workforce. Read their advice here.

CHUCKY STROLLS AROUND AN ALABAMA NEIGHBORHOOD I love kids and their desire to do things like dress up like Chucky and walk around the neighborhood. One kid in Alabama did just that.

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES CHANGE THE LIVING I am fascinated by near death experiences because I believe they give a glimpse into the world beyond ours. I also find them very comforting and kind of proof that what I believe isn't insane I guess. This is a cool story about how having a near death experience changes the lives of those who have them. Not that I want one, but how cool would it be to experience this?

HIGH POTENCY POT LEADS TO MORE CHANCE OF ADDICTION AND PSYCHOSIS And this make sense when you think about it, as the higher the THC the bigger effect this will have on your brain overall. This includes most of the stuff you buy in Colorado pot stores. Think of it as the difference between beer and liquor. Read more here.

YOU MAY WANT TO CANCEL THAT TRIP TO BOSNIA If you are concerned about covid and it's latest iteration (which most of us clearly are not). The CDC added six destinations to their DANGER DON'T GO HERE list. Okay, it's not called that but still.

WATCH CONGRESS THOMAS MASSIE TALK RENEWABLE ENERGY LIKE A BOSS If you've ever wondered why I love this guy so much, this should help.

A NASTY CHESS ROBOT BROKE A BOY'S FINGER And THIS IS HOW IT STARTS, PEOPLE! A chess playing robot decided it didn't like the boy opponent's move and grabbed and broke his finger. The boy finished the tournament with a cast on his hand and he shall be known as The First Victim In the Robot War. Spoiler alert: They win.

PIGSKIN BEFORE PUCKS ALWAYS IN THE SOUTH This is why I don't like hockey.

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