Mandy's Mon Blog: Using Fear to Control A Population

ARE WE LIVING THROUGH THE CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY AT ITS ZENITH? If you don't know what the Cloward-Piven strategy is you really need to read this column. If you already know, you need to read it too. I was reflecting on this very issue when I was flying to Ohio last week. It seems we live in a time when we are being told we have one crisis after another and we can't even catch our breath before the next one hits the news. When people feel like things are out of control they are open to a totalitarian who tells them he or she can fix everything. Look at this paragraph from this column from the European Conservative:

Their goal is to manipulate the population into a series of fear-based decisions that disconnect people from their traditions, history, and values—and from each other. Separation from reality, inducing neurotic behavior and developing disordered environments—while simultaneously extinguishing individual independent thought and behavior—work together to create ‘learned helplessness,’ leaving a vacuum for government to step in and ‘save the day.’

If you can't see that is EXACTLY what is happening now I shall help you. This is a very important column everyone needs to share.

THIS AS A MAJORITY THINK GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT The headline in this story is that one in three Americans think we will have to take up arms against our government soon but the real story is that a majority of people think the government is corrupt and stacked against "normal" people. I think they are completely correct in this assumption. One only needs to see yet another politically connected person get away with something that someone else is held accountable for to know this is true. James Clapper, I'm looking at you, and James Comey and every other shady person who lied to Congress and got away with it. The candidate who can make people believe they can fix this could be a good person or could be a totalitarian but we'll have to wait and see.

THIS AS COLORADO'S OWN RULING CLASS BLATANTLY IGNORES A HUGE PART OF THE STATE This is a great editorial but I doubt it will do a single thing to change a single thing. We already know our Governor is too scared to come on my show (that's my story and I'm sticking to it until he demonstrates otherwise) and now we know he truly absolutely doesn't give a crap about anyone outside of the Denver-Boulder corridor by his choice to not engage in a single debate outside his comfort zone. Is this a good strategy? Well the Denver Metro area has 3.23 million people roughly, and Colorado Springs has roughly 685,000 so that makes 3,915,000 people out of about 5,900,000 so yeah, it kind of is. That being said, not everyone in those areas is going to vote Democrat so you have to win ALL those votes without any many rural votes and that is the strategy our Governor Who is Running for President is using. Let's prove him wrong this year!

I JUST WANT TO SAY THANKS, DENVER And thanks to IheartMedia for bringing me out here nine years ago to do this:


Being here has been better than I could have imagined and moving over to KOA from KHOW was the fulfillment of a goal set years before. Just wanted to say thanks. That's all. Here's to at least nine more!

WHAT PEOPLE LEARNED FROM THE MARSHALL FIRE This is a VERY good and often heartbreaking story that checks in with people who lost everything in the Marshall Fire. It has a checklist of things to grab that you need to do BEFORE a fire, and a bunch of other stuff that you should learn from their tragedy. A smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from OTHERS mistakes. Be a wise man.

CHERRY CREEK SCHOOLS ARE BEING RUN ENTIRELY BY THE TEACHERS UNIONS And this column also points out that Cherry Creek third graders are NOT reading or doing math on grade level as the Board of Education, which is entirely composed of teachers unions puppets, is giving the union even more control. This is actually WAY WORSE than what is happening in Douglas County schools and needs some attention, read it here.

YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW SCHOOLS ARE FUNDED IN COLORADO And Douglas County Erin Kane did a GREAT presentation on how schools are funded and how to get more money here. She gets Douglas County specific but the basic formula is the same for every county. It's only five minutes long.

WISHES FOR A SPEEDY RECOVERY FOR PRESIDENT BIDEN As he recovers from covid. This story from the Babylon Bee made me burst out laughing this morning as they report on his illness.

THE DIRTY HIPPIES FROM THE RAINBOW GATHERING LEFT BEHIND A HEAP OF TRASH But trash begets trash so.... I have such a visceral dislike for these idiots who spread garbage and destruction every time they gather together to "celebrate" Mother Earth or some such crap. They truly believe they leave no trace but we know they leave LOTS OF TRACE in the form of $700,000 in cleanup for the nature they use. I really don't like these people. Oh, and the hippies blame the "festival goers" for the mess, which is the SAME MESS EVERY TIME they show up. Stop acting surprised.

YOUR ELECTRIC CAR IS NOT GREEN And because of the complexity of these new cars, they break a lot. Way more than gas powered vehicles. And those batteries are as far from green as you can get. Read it here.

COULD WOKEISM BE COLLAPSING INTO ITSELF? This column says yes. It gives a couple of examples including a link to a video where the almost victim of a black man who was killed by police after he shot into her apartment shows up at the mostly white protest in front of her apartment. You should watch these white people try to tell her to be happy she's alive. It's so utterly insane. Here's hoping this column is right.

WILL HUNTER BIDEN EVERY BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE? It seems to me that Hunter Biden has never been held accountable in his entire life which may explain why he's a whiny entitled jerk with a massive drug problem his dad The Big Guy keeps bailing him out of. This column by Jonathan Turley asks if the time is running out on the wayward son of the President.

I FEEL LIKE THERE IS A BACKSTORY HERE I NEED TO KNOW Like, why are all these fish following a duck? My guess is people feed the duck and thus the fish by default so they view a duck as a snack machine. You come up with something better.


THE MARVEL UNIVERSE WILL BE PUMPING OUT LOTS OF MOVIES But I have no idea how this all fits into what we just spent years watching so I have to ask ARod to explain this to me.

THIS MIGHT BE A FIRST FOR THE STANLEY CUP But Avs player Jack Johnson used his time with the Cup to use it for his kid's baptisms. This is a heckuva story for the family!

THE PROBLEM WITH POWER GENERATION This tweet thread gives some good information but the underlying article is paywalled. Grab the tidbits here.

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