Mandy's Tue Blog: Here Comes Mayor Michael Hancock!

THE MAYOR JOINS ME AT 1 And we've got a lot of stuff on the docket that doesn't include homelessness although some of the topics do tangentially include homelessness.

PROGRESSIVES CALL HEIDI GANAHL'S PICK OF A BLACK MAN RACIST It's true, just read this headline where it clearly says:

Progressives Condemn Heidi Ganahl’s Racist, Senseless LG Pick

Um, he's black but okay. The Progressive Democrats in Colorado were hanging their hopes (and significant dollars) on true 2020 election conspiracy theorists winning their primary races so they could hang that around the necks of all Republicans. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, so they have to find a Trumpy Bogeyman SOMEWHERE and why not tag the black man? He can't possibly be BLACK AND CONSERVATIVE because black people are too dumb to ask if the Democrats have improved their lot in life while taking their votes for granted for the last 50 years. His crime was posting something on Facebook expressing his concerns that the election was not entirely fair. GASP. THE VAPORS! This is the only way they can attack him because if they attack him like they attack every other conservative it will make them look like the racists they accuse everyone else of being. Nice try, but this one won't stick.

THIS AS DEMOCRATS IN TEXAS USE RACIST LANGUAGE TO ATTACK A LATINA REPUBLICAN Isn't if fascinating to watch the mask drop when progressives are faced with candidates who don't fit into their neatly constructed racial boxes? In Texas a Latina Republican won the nomination in a district that has largely gone Democrat for 40 years. Her Democrat opponent paid a blogger to attack her online, and he decided to name her "Miss Frijoles 2022" in a negative nod to her Mexican heritage because it's fine to be racist if you're a progressive, amiright? She not only took it with a grain of salt she hurled it back at her opponent and called him out for his racism. Good for her.

BOULDER VALLEY SCHOOLS WOULD RATHER CALL ALL EMPLOYEES RACIST Then provide the information about which teachers are disproportionately punishing black and brown kids. The issue is that black and brown students in Boulder Valley Schools are far more likely to be suspended or removed from the classroom or even have police called on them. This is a similar situation that many districts face, but in Boulder parents say that white children are treated differently for the SAME transgressions. That is an issue. BVS has declined to do a deep dive into which teachers may be using a heavier hand with black and brown students, preferring to make the entire staff out to be racists instead. This is my favorite comment:

Parent groups have also been asking for data on teachers’ disciplinary referrals. And they want the district to include in staff evaluations any racial disproportionality in their punishment of students. They also want a public process for filing and tracking discrimination complaints. 
“They keep kids accountable for their actions. And I think that it’s only fair that adults are held to a similar standard,” Fernandez Frank said. Anderson opposes such measures. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think that creates a culture of fear. You need to have people open to get better,” Anderson said. “My goal here isn’t to place blame on folks. It’s to fix the systemic issues.” 

So if there is any racism in the schools, everyone must admit they are racist to fix the problem. Okay.

HOW ARE WE GOING TO FILL ALL THE EMPTY LAW ENFORCEMENT JOBS? And boy howdy are there a bunch of them all over the state. I can't imagine why they aren't getting tons of applications, just kidding, why would they? Police have been demonized for three years now even though we all see now what that gets us in terms of crime. This article breaks down just how many open positions there are and what agencies are doing to fill them.

DENVER TAKES MORE MONEY FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING Rather than address the many ways we talked about yesterday that simply make housing more expensive instead. Read it here.

GAY AND BISEXUAL MEN ARE GETTING MONKEY POX AN PUBLIC HEALTH MESSAGING NEEDS TO SAY THAT This columinist has worked on LGBTQ health issues for two decades as a journalist so I'm inclined to listen when he says that public health messaging around monkey pox is wrong and dangerous. As of now, cases of monkey pox are almost EXCLUSIVELY being seen in men who have sex with men. A whopping 97% of cases are in gay and bisexual men, but public health is trying to make sure anti-gay stigma doesn't come roaring out so they soft cell that bit of information and that is not good for gay and bisexual men who might be downplaying their own risk because public health keeps saying ANYONE can get monkeypox, which is true. But they should add, but NEARLY ALL of current cases are in gay men. It's about giving people information about a disease they are far more likely to contract than other sub groups.

YES, IT REALLY IS THAT BAD IN THE CLASSROOM And a lefist teacher felt the need to speak out about the craziness he/she sees in his/her own school. Read it and then pay attention to your schools.

NANCY PELOSI LIES ABOUT HER HUSBAND'S INSIDE INVESTMENT Nancy Pelosi is super rich. Like mega rich. And her husband still actively trades on the stock market and he did so recently to pick up a million bucks in stock in a computer chip company. No big whoop UNLESS you know that Congress was just about to vote on subsidies for guess who? If you guessed that very computer chip company you win! As did he. Now Pelosi says the insider trading couldn't have been insider trading because she knows NOTHING about her husband's investments. Do you believe that? Nope, I don't either.

BRYAN CRANSTON CAME TO PLAY ROUGH In the celebrity softball game. He got tossed for acting up and it was fantastic.

BUT CRANSTON AND OTHER CELEBRITIES HAVEN'T MADE GOOD ON PROMISES TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY And that's why when a celebrity whose political team is out of power says something stupid like they are leaving or renouncing their citizenship I don't get my hopes up because they never do. Fox News noticed that too and did a story on it.

YES, ELISJSHA DICKENS IS A GOOD SAMARITAN And our good friend Larry Reed wrote a column about why and how that description fits him perfectly even as gun control folks say it doesn't. Larry is right, of course.

A DORMANT BLACK HOLE WAS DISCOVERED OUTSIDE OUR UNIVERSE And I am still not sure why we get excited about this because we have no idea really what black holes do. They could just be like a tiny hole in a balloon or they could be swirling masses of super gravity or something but now we've found one far, far away.

IF THEY WERE MISSING THE SOMETHING BLUE The ocean took care of it for a couple whose wedding reception was invaded by waves.

RECORD HEAT IS WORLDWIDE AND NOT JUST HERE And Time magazine has some tips on how to stay cool during this latest heatwave. My suggestion: don't go outside. If you do go outside, pay attention to how much water you're drinking, how much you're sweating and if the sweating stops, seek medical attention.

TEDDY BRIDGEWATER CALLS OUT NFL PLAYERS FOR ACTING GANGSTA And I LOVE this and I'm glad he said it. He wants his fellow NFL players to drop the gangsta act and start acting like role models instead. Good for him.

PEOPLE SHARE THEIR SINGLE BIGGEST COOKING TIPS And some of these are really good ideas and some of them are meh. Depends on what you're cooking and how well you cook, but these are a great place to start if you need some tips. I have to agree with "season, season, season" the most. Don't be afraid to season.

GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH Dr. Anthony Fauci says he will retire by the end of Biden's term. Bye, Felicia.

DRONE LASER DEFENSE IS COMING TO SCOTLAND And this is one step closer to Star Wars so I'll take it. Small Attack Drones have proven to be very useful in the Ukraine-Russia war so defense contractors are working on a laser defense system to destroy them. So freaking cool.

GET SWOLE WITH BEAR SERUM Sure it sounds like a crazy snake oil product but Japanese scientists are injecting what they call "bear serum" into human muscles to make them stay strong without movement. This is really cool when you think about how it could be applied to people in a coma or recovering long term from illness. And lazy people too, I guess.

RUSSELL BRAND IS ON FIRE ABOUT DEMOCRATS And I have to say he's not wrong on any of this. He's been completely red pilled without becoming a conservative, as I think he hates both parties.


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