Mandy's Tue Blog: It's a Vision Board Check In with Michelle Zellner

MICHELLE ZELLNER IS BACK TO CHECK IN ON OUR VISION BOARDS FROM JANUARY Because what's the point of a vision board if we don't keep the vision? Plus Michelle is doing a vision board workshop on July 19th that you can sign up for here.

THE DOUGCO SCHOOL RECALL IS BEING RUN BY THE TEACHERS UNION And they can't deny it as the "official agent" for the recall is none other than Rethea Morris, who is also the National Representative at American Federation of Teachers according to her LinkedIn page. She was also the loudest voice for a walkout over the firing of Corey Wise on the leaked call where they coerced teachers into walking out. This is no "grassroots" effort and don't let anyone tell you it is. DO NOT SIGN any petitions please.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT SIGNING PETITIONS? I'm sure you've had the same experience I've had where someone outside a grocery store asks you to sign a petition for some such thing. I'm here to ask you NOT to sign anything without knowing exactly what the petition does. I asked a signature gatherer for specifics about what he was gathering for and he had no clue but got rather snippy when I declined to sign it. I looked it up and found out that it's a ballot initiative that would force the Legislature to take 1% of all taxable income and give it to education. The initiative says this will NOT RAISE TAXES but if they move another $900 million from the General Fund to Education that leaves a pretty big hole that has to be filled somehow. I'm calling BS on this disingenuous ballot measure even though I'm in favor of raising teacher salaries. Just be honest about it.

HEY LOOK, TEXAS IS RUNNING LOW ON WIND POWER AGAIN But instead of people freezing in an ice storm, they are being asked to turn up their thermostats during a massive heat wave instead. Why? Because the wind isn't blowing.

THE GOVERNMENT IS FINALLY PAYING ATTENTION TO WILDFIRE MITIGATION and this is great news because we need to badly. This is a great article on some of the things happening now to hopefully prevent an out of control raging fire in our state. It's still a possibility but hopefully not as much of one. Let's hope a lightning strike doesn't start a mega fire somewhere where mitigation hasn't been done yet.

POLITICIANS KILLED THIS BABY SAYS THE DENVER GAZETTE EDITORIAL BOARD And I'm not going to say they are wrong. When you read about how baby Cairo, who had people in his life who cared enough to call authorities multiple times to report he was living in a drug den, died of a fentanyl overdose while with his drug dealing and drug addicted parents your blood will boil. The Denver Gazette pulls no punches in blaming our lax laws about fentanyl and those who made them lax here.

TRAMPOLINE PARKS ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN BACKYARD TRAMPOLINES And this one surprises me a bit because you'd think it was the other way. It seems that trampoline parks use a higher tension trampoline which can cause much more serious injury but we don't know for sure because of confidentiality agreements people sign when they get hurt. My question is, who insures these parks? I asked that when I went to my first trampoline park, which is super fun, by the way. Read this and use them with caution.

ABOUT THAT ALLEGED PREGNANT TEN YEAR OLD IN OHIO and I'm sure you heard the so-called story of a ten year old rape victim in Ohio who was forced to leave the state to seek an abortion in Indiana. The problem is NO ONE can verify any such thing occurred. If a ten year old turned up pregnant surely that would have been reported to authorities? The Ohio Attorney General says there is "not a whisper" from any law enforcement agency about such a rape. No one can find the girl, her family, or any information about the rapist of a ten year old. Seems odd, doesn't it? Not if you consider that that doctor who spread the story is a big pro-abortion doc who probably made it up.

REMEMBER WHEN MELANIA COMPARED HISPANICS TO TACOS? Of course you don't because that didn't happen. But Jill Biden, excuse me, DR. Jill Biden did. Watch this.

I'm more irritated she mispronounced bodegas to be honest. But some Hispanics had the nerve to be upset that they were compared to tacos so it's a scandal now.

ELON MUSK SAYS TRUMP SHOULD SAIL OFF INTO THE SUNSET In response to a tweet saying the Trump called Musk a "b*lshit artist". Hey, it takes one to know one. Here is the tweet exchange:

DID LAUREN BOEBERT'S RESTAURANT SHUT DOWN? Twitter is all lit up with a story that a new landlord was getting ready to cancel the lease for Boebert's Shooters Grill and that she's already closed it. Can anyone confirm or deny?

SRI LANKA IS COLLAPSING AND HERE'S WHY YOU SHOULD CARE Because the same policies that lead to this collapse are being pursued in MANY other places and they will have the same inevitable result. Green policies designed to take the small nation to "net zero" have had the completely predictable result of leaving people hungry and without gas to power their cars. From the article:

In April last year, the Sri Lankan government banned the import of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Its aim was to encourage organic farming. This was a borderline psychotic policy – 90 per cent of Sri Lanka’s farmers use fertilisers, and they predicted, rightly, that their crop yield would diminish in the absence of these modern substances. The production of rice, tea and rubber was seriously undermined by the ideological rush to organic.
Try to take this in. In 2019 Sri Lanka produced 3.5 billion kilograms of rice. In 2021, following the fertiliser ban, it is thought that rice production fell by 43 per cent. Self-imposed hunger, to appease the gods of environmentalism. Seventy per cent of Sri Lanka’s population of 22million are directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture, so the severe changes to farming predictably had severe consequences across society. They contributed to inflation hitting a 47-month high – 8.3 per cent – towards the end of last year, with food inflation reaching 11.7 per cent. The fertiliser ban was reversed in November, when its horrible impact became clear, but by then it was too late. ‘[Crop] yields may not rebound’, reported Reuters, which turned out to be right.

The Green New Deal would do the same thing. Pay attention to Sri Lanka.


THE TIPPING DEBATE IS BACK WHEN A YOUNG SERVER COMPLAINS And as former tipped employee I feel his pain, right up until he says that he is going to put people on the spot if they come back by telling them their tip wasn't good. As a restaurant owner, I'd fire this kid today. Tipped employees generally make WAY more than hourly employees but with great reward comes risk and that risk is crappy tips.

UBER IS RUN LIKE THE MAFIA OR SOMETHING This is a HUGE expose on the tactics used by Uber to gain acceptance in markets around the world and I have to say it reads like a mafia novel. The bad part is, do I care? Not if I want an Uber to take me from midtown to La Guardia at half the price of a cab. Just saying. You can read it here.

THE JETS' QB'S PERSONAL DRAMA GETS AIRED ON SOCIAL MEDIA And after someone accused Zach Wilson's ex girlfriend of being a "homie hopper" because she was dating a former teammate of his, she clapped back by announcing Wilson had slept with his mom's best friend. I'm guessing things will be tense at mom's next bunco get together. Ahh, young love.

THE HEMSWORTH GENE POOL IS PRETTY SPECTACULAR And here's a fun story about how brother Liam ALMOST got the role of Thor until they decided he was too young and brought back in his older brother, who had a miserable first read at his audition. I'm not sure what Mrs. Hemsworth is feeding these boys but well done!

TRYING TO SELL YOUR HOME? DON'T BE TOO BOLD And I'm talking about color and appliance choices, of course. The big thing to remember is listen to your real estate agent, and if they aren't telling you to tone it down, get a new agent. Read all the scary things that can scare away buyers here.

THIS IS HOME BUYERS ARE CANCELLING CONTRACTS AGAIN I talk about how a pre approval letter for a mortgage can help get you the home you want all the time, but that is becoming a critical thing to ask for if you're selling. Buyers are cancelling contracts at a decent clip again, and sometimes it's because they can no longer qualify for a mortgage at today's rates. Read this for more.

I LOVE SCOTCH, SCOTCHEY SCOTCH SCOTCH But not nearly as much as the person who just paid $19 million for a single cask of scotch from 1975. As a matter of fact, I don't like scotch AT ALL, so he can have it.

THESE SEA LIONS ARE DONE WITH HOOMANS So they chased them down the beach. I love sea lions.

LOOKING FOR A FUZZY FRIEND? There is a big adoption event this weekend in Boulder!

IF YOU HAVE A HONDA WITH A KEY FOB, PAY ATTENTION TO THIS STORY There is a HUGE vulnerability that you need to pay attention to because the entire internet knows how to break into your car. Read more here.

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