Mandy's Fri Blog: Deborah Flora Wants the GOP Senate Nod

DEBORAH FLORA WANTS TO BEAT MICHAEL BENNET And she's got to get through the full primary field to do it. She's an entrepreneur, parent activist, producer, talk show host, mom and you can find out more by clicking here. I am a fan of hers from the times I've seen her speak and when I've met her. I'm interested to hear her plans for the US Senate.

MIKE ROSEN IS ON AT 2 As he is every Friday to talk movies and films and stuff. I have no clue what we're talking about today.

DEMOCRATS PRETEND THEY CARE ABOUT LAW ENFORCEMENT IN DENVER This is just the latest "let's just steal the Republican's stuff" move as Democrats realize that people are leaving law enforcement here in droves as crime is skyrocketing. You know why I say they are pretending to care about cops? Because of this:

State Rep. Leslie Herod, who has sponsored police reform legislation in previous years, said she expected some attrition when officers were held to higher standards on the job. She said she doesn’t think the current numbers tell a complete story.
“They have enough applicants to fill the positions, they’re just not meeting the requirements,” Herod said. “I think some are leaving because they’ve been terminated and didn’t like the new accountability laws and standards and some may not like the climate right now around policing.”
But she points out that sectors across the economy are feeling worker shortages.
“We’re seeing this in teachers, in nursing homes, in hospitals, in janitorial services,” Herod said. “When we look specifically at police officers how much of that is in line with the national trend?”

Leslie Herod is the genius behind the criminal justice reform bill that has created so much strife in departments throughout the state. It has single handedly stopped proactive policing. It is a big reason crime has skyrocketed. And yet this idiot (genius was sarcasm) doesn't even CONSIDER her role in the crime wave and lack of cops we have now. Her opening line about the police having enough applicants to fill positions is just one clue as to her IQ. She obviously has not spoken to one police officer about this. Now I'm supposed to believe that the Dems are SUPER SUPPORTIVE of cops and worried about getting more cops on the streets. Another perfect example of Democrats trying to solve a problem THEY CREATED. This makes me SUPER ANGRY.

THE DENVER GAZETTE IS ALSO BLAMING THE DEMS Because they are fully responsible for the crime wave that is occurring right now. They wrote an editorial about it here.

OH PLEASE LET THIS STORY ABOUT THE CLINTONS SNIFFING AROUND BE TRUE There is speculation that Bill and Hillary may be testing the waters for a comeback and LORD let this be true. There are very few people as unlikable as Hillary Clinton and her as the nominee would be a literal gift to the GOP. Read more here.

THE BIDEN AGENDA IS DEAD And I could not be happier. Even the President has seemed to throw in the towel in his ginornous slush fund spending bill and unnecessary voting rights crap.

EVEN CNN HAS REALIZED THE CDC IS A JOKE And I can hardly wait for the outpouring of apologies to all of you who sent me angry emails for ever questioning "the experts". JK, that won't happen. This column talks about CNN finally noticing the CDC is a complete joke, though we all noticed it a long, long time ago. The emperor has no clothes, CNN just kept pretending they did and now they're mad.

FEELING LIKE SECOND BEST IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP? This is an interesting story about mates who feel like they are the second choice for their mate. Maybe there is an ex or a late partner who feels like first choice, but you don't have to live that way. There is some good advice here.

NO, YOU DON'T NEED AN ARMPIT DETOX This actually made me laugh today. What's really funny is that people who use natural deodorant that doesn't stop sweating because they are afraid of Alzheimer's or breast cancer don't realize that there is no science to support that, but are willing to subject themselves to an armpit detox, which has no science supporting it. But whatever. As long as I don't have to smell them during the transition.

A COMMON VIRUS MAY BE THE CAUSE OF MS I have a few friends with Multiple Sclerosis so I am always keen to see stories like this. A new study seems to confirm causation between the Epstein-Barr virus and MS. What does this mean for treatment? I have no clue because this virus is one of the most common viruses in the world. Obviously it doesn't give EVERYONE who gets it MS though, but at least this is a start.

CAN ENERGY BEER BE FAR BEHIND? Monster energy drinks just bought the parent company of Oskar Blues. Canarchy has been snapped up for a cool $330 million as Monster looks to expand into the alcoholic beverage market. I'm not kidding when I say energy beer. Now we can have super drunk but super alert people all over. I can hardly wait.

HEY, HOW ARE THINGS GOING AT UNION STATION? Our friends at KDVR Fox 31 have been following up.

EX SLAVES TALK ABOUT SLAVERY This is absolutely fascinating.

WANT TO MOVE HERE? TAKE OUT YOUR APPENDIX, PLEASE This "village" in Antarctica has one major requirement for those wanting to relocate here: get your appendix out. Why? Because the nearest hospital is over 600 miles away. They also recommend against getting pregnant there for the same reason. Luckily this is primarily a research base so there won't be a slew of medically unnecessary appendix operations.


NEGOTIATIONS BEGIN ANEW BETWEEN KING SOOPERS AND THE UNIONS And something occurred to me yesterday as Dave waxed poetic about the rough and tumble union leaders of his childhood in New York. Growing up in Florida, which is NOT unionized and really never has been, I NEVER dealt with any sort of strike growing up. Not once. I did a Google search and did come up with a teacher's strike from 1968, but that's IT. How did people survive and dare I say thrive then, without unions? Just a thought experiment as both sides of the grocery strike meet today to try to come to some agreement.



CNN HAS LOST A WHOPPING NINETY PERCENT OF ITS AUDIENCE! Holy CRAP this is STUNNINGLY BAD. Perhaps it was the exposure of Chris Cuomo and his help for his lecherous brother, or perhaps it was the "exposure" and subsequent rehiring of Toobin, or perhaps it's because the entire network is a hopeless progressive echo chamber. Whatever it is, they have to be crapping their pants in Atlanta right now. If they were smart, they would clean house with all their talent and get back to what made them so popular when the first started: news. But they won't.

HEY LOOK, JOE BIDEN LIED AGAIN And this time about being arrested or something for some civil rightsy like thing in Delaware that never happened. I wonder if he was held in a cell with Ol' Corn Pop. Remember when people didn't like Presidents who lied all the time?

WHY PEOPLE IN THE SOUTH ARE FAT IN ONE RECIPE If you've never heard of chocolate biscuits and gravy, you're welcome. My best friend's mama made this when I was a kid. And yes, it is as good as you think it might be.

I HAVEN'T COMMENTED ON HARRY REID'S DEATH FOR THIS REASON I was raised that if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all, so I've kept my mouth shut. Charles Blow however was given no such instructions and he's written the column I'd write if I hadn't. Read it here.

I'D KNOW MY POOCH RIGHT AWAY BUT THIS DAME DIDN'T A woman went to pick up her small white dog from the groomers and was given a small white dog...but not HER small white dog. The situation was rectified quickly, but not before she took someone else's dog for a ride.

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