Mandy's Wed Blog: Happy Podiversary to Grant

DR GARY IS ON TO TALK REGENERATIVE THERAPY So if you have questions about your specific condition today is the day. Find out more or schedule your appointment by clicking here.

GRANT'S PODCAST TURNS ONE TODAY! So I asked him to come in at 2:35 to talk about Taking it For Granted, which you should listen to here.

SHOULD A GROCERY CLERK MAKE MORE THAN A PARAMEDIC? The entire premise of that question is rather silly, but with King Soopers employees about to go on strike, it's important to recognize what the workers are asking for. Or should I say the union is asking for. I've gotten emails from more than one Kings employee who told me they aren't even being allowed to vote on the proposal from management. Our friends at Fox 31 did an analysis of where checkout cashiers would fall compared to other skilled positions in the state and I came away from this realizing we really underpay our paramedics in this state. And that Kroger is offering a very reasonable deal. But the strike is on as of today.

THE BRONCOS WILL BE HANGING UP THE FOR SALE SIGN And I'll be shocked if this takes very long. Read about it here.

THE MOST COLORADO STORY OF THE WEEK A moose fell through a window well into a basement in Breckenridge and you have to see the photo in this story. The moose just looks genuinely confused.

WHAT IS WITH KYLE CLARK'S OBSESSION WITH REPUBLICAN WOMEN? We all know Clark is a partisan hack. It's on full display in this article where tweets of his that show a complete lack of consistency when it comes to Republican women or the party in general. He's a jerk in bad tweed. He must be mad he can't date them.

THE COVID NARRATIVE SHIFT IN THE MEDIA CONTINUES Now the Associated Press has issued guidance to its people to NOT release case counts in their news reporting. Why? Ostensibly because omicron has made that number pretty useless, but I think they are finally realizing it's time to dial back the fear porn or it could hurt Biden in the mid terms. Maybe their reasoning isn't that blatant but I'm guessing it's in there somewhere.

THERE WAS A MURDER YESTERDAY IN THE SENATE It was rhetorical, and it was committed by Senator Rand Paul

INFLATION IS SUPER HIGH AND RATES ARE GOING UP SOON Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said yesterday that the Fed will taking interest rates up perhaps as many as four times this year to get inflation under control. He also said the Fed would begin to sell off the bond assets they've been buying like crazy to juice the economy. This as inflation continues to roar.

WISHCYCLING IS MAKING RECYCLING LESS EFFECTIVE What is wishcycling? It's the belief that if you put it in your recycling bin, it will be recycled. I have friends that will put EVERY scrap of paper, plastic and metal into their recycling bins and this makes them feel GOOD. Like they are SUPERSTAR for the environment! The exact opposite is true, as entire loads of recycling can be contaminated by materials that aren't recyclable, sending the whole lot to the landfill. Read more here, but remember, "if in doubt, throw it out" should be the new mantra.

CANNABIS COMPOUNDS IN HEMP STOPPED COVID IN THE LAB And this is a lab only experiment so it remains to be seen what happens in real people who may take these cannabis compounds to prevent illness. Perhaps this is why Colorado has fared so well during covid?

OLIVE OIL MAY PROTECT HEART HEALTH And it's super easy to add the tablespoon a day you need into your diet. Those who ate that extra tablespoon have lower levels of cardiac issues, though correlation does not equal causation. It's an interesting study, you should check it out.



SENATOR TOM COTTON WANTS TO KEEP MEN OUT OF WOMEN'S PRISONS And I'm very happy that someone is even talking about this. Read more here.

A YALE CLASS ON HAPPINESS GROWS DURING COVID A free class offered by a Yale professor that focuses on happinesses has seen enrollment rise 3000% during the pandemic as students try to maintain a healthy frame of mind. I hope it helped!

NO, THE RAY EPPS THING HAS NOT BEEN DEBUNKED YET I got emails from people yesterday about not getting sucked into the Epps story. I read so much about this yesterday after the show it's ridiculous and have simply come away with questions. A big part of the problem is that pretty much every agency I'm supposed to trust on things like this has proven itself to be untrustworthy in the last six years. I've been lied to repeatedly, gaslighted repeatedly, and told there was nothing to see too many times. Do I think this was a vast conspiracy? I don't know. Do I think it's ridiculous to think that a man caught on tape repeatedly telling people to go INTO the Capitol was cleared simply because he did not HIMSELF breach the Capitol? No I do not. Especially from politicians who impeached Trump for inciting a riot. There is more to this story and I think it may be gaining steam so we will see what happens. does point out that Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who offered a defense of Epps via Twitter, simply managed to undermine the seriousness of the investigation by giving Epps a pass. January 6th is either the worst thing ever and everyone involved MUST BE PUNISHED or it isn't. If the first is true, Epps should have never been given a pass.


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