Mandy's Tue Blog: Paul Reiser, Heidi Ganahl and Gain of Function Research

PAUL REISER IS ON TODAY! Paul Reiser is one of those actors that everyone loves because how could you not? He's JUST LIKE US only with a body of work that has won a kazillion awards and provided so much enjoyment to the rest of us. He's coming to Comedy Works THIS WEEKEND and you can buy tickets here.

HEIDI GANAHL IS ON TO TALK ABOUT HOMELESSNESS AGAIN And she is FIRED up because she is hearing about this wherever she goes across the state. She's on at 1:35. To find out more about Heidi or support her campaign, click here.

US SENATE CANDIDATE GINO CAMPANA IS ON TODAY AT 2 Gino is one of the many Republicans running for the nomination to unseat Michael Bennet. This race is SO WINNABLE you guys. Find out more about Gino here!

PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING ON THE BLOG IS SUPER IMPORTANT TODAY So read it. Read it all. Watch the videos. This stuff is important.

PROJECT VERITAS PROVES FAUCI LIED This time by verifying the documents that PROVE Dr. Anthony Fauci lied his lying ass off when he said the the NIH did not fund Gain of Function research in Wuhan. He's a lying weasel who is responsible for the covid pandemic in my opinion. He needs to be fired but we know that won't happen in the Biden Admin. Watch this for more:

WAS JANUARY 6TH AN INSIDE JOB? A lot of you have sent me emails over the last year alleging things like the FBI was responsible for the January 6th riot and I honestly rolled my eyes because there was no real evidence to prove anything of the sort. There still isn't smoking gun evidence, but there are a WHOLE lot of stunning coincidences in this report about unindicted conspirators from January of 2021. This story from Revolver News has a LOT of video documentation plus some information about a bus full of guns and bomb materials that was intercepted THE DAY BEFORE the inauguration. There is a LOT here to take notice of, and in case you're wondering, a sitting member of Congress sent me this, so they know too. Read the initial story about Ray Epps here. This certainly appears to be a full blown action by federal agents. Why? Draw your own conclusions but the FBI seems to have been totally compromised by politics. This is very, very disappointing. I read a bunch of articles that purport to address this "fake news" but all they do is say it's a conspiracy theory without addressing ANY of the well laid out allegations here. If you find anything other than that in opposition I'd sure appreciate you sending it along.

TIME TO FACE REALITY ABOUT WHAT THE VACCINES DO AND DON'T DO And this column, again using hard data about vaccine effectiveness, says we can't boost our way out of omicron and booster requirements are just, well, stupid. To be clear, it is STILL supportive of the current vaccines to prevent serious injury and death, but recognizes that we will ALL be exposed at one point or another so pretending we can stop covid is a fool's errand.

THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SCHOLARS SAYS OUR NEW SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULUM IS WOKE CRAP They didn't say it quite like that, but in this letter to the Colorado State Board of Education is quite clear in it's message and that is that children K-12 need to be taught the things in our nation's history which bring us TOGETHER and leave difficult subjects to be parsed by older students. From the letter:

The NAS and the Civics Alliance generally oppose K-12 instruction that make explicit provision for identity groups. We do so both because K-12 instruction should emphasize what unites us as individual Americans who share a common dedication to liberty and because such instruction is now used overwhelmingly to facilitate radical pedagogies such as Critical Race Theory. We also oppose explicit provision for Holocaust and genocide instruction. While such laws are usually intended by legislators to instruct students about the facts of genocides such as the Holocaust and the Armenian genocide, they facilitate radical pedagogies that are used to delegitimize the United States by accusing it of genocide—and to conflate assimilation with genocide. We believe every state that adopts such laws inevitably will find they have subordinated their social studies instruction to radical pedagogy. We urge all states, including Colorado, to rescind such laws.

Read the rest here. I will be issuing a call to action in the next couple of days, these "standards" must be stopped. They are toxic garbage that will further divide our nation.

STATE DEMOCRATS HOPE YOU DON'T NOTICE THEY STOLE THE REPUBLICAN AGENDA This INFURIATES me. Absolutely makes me crazy. The Democrats in Colorado, who have spent the last two years raising our taxes without our permission and doing WHATEVER the hell they have wanted, have now realized that that their agenda is very expensive and unpopular and they are worried, so they just stole the Republican plans released in August. I'm not exaggerating. They just took it. By the way, there is a great laugh line in this article. Read this:

Speaker of the House Alec Garnett, D-Denver, said the legislature has responsibly led Colorado through the pandemic, and this year, policymakers will redouble efforts to help people save money, improve public health and public safety.

Can anyone, anywhere, tell me ONE THING the Legislature did during the pandemic other than give absolute power to our Governor? ONE THING??? You can't because they didn't. They did NOTHING.

COLORADO'S MORNING NEWS TALKED TO BOTH SIDES OF THE KING SOOPERS LABOR DISPUTE And the interviews were very informative, find them here.

THE GREAT RESIGNATION ISN'T ALL THAT GREAT And we're talking in terms of history that is. This is a good column on the data behind the scary stories and it's not scary at all. Young people are job hopping and some industries aren't seeing people quit AT ALL. Read it here.


PLEASE DONATE BLOOD IF YOU CAN The Red Cross has declared the first national blood shortage ever. The pandemic has normal regular donors (who tend to be older folks and teenagers at high schools) either not able or not available to give so we are very, very short on blood. Please donate today if you can! Here is the link to Vitalant (formerly Bonfils) if you want to find out where to go to donate.

POPE FRANCIS CALLS OUT CANCEL CULTURE And he's right, of course, that the movement to only allow one line of approved thinking on any issue is damaging and horrible and must be stopped. Read more about what he said here.

A MAN GETS A PIG HEART IN GROUNDBREAKING SURGERY The man is David Bennett, and he was going to die from heart failure because he was not eligible for a human heart transplant because of his medical condition. Doctors transplanted a Genetically Modified pig heart into the man four days ago with his permission and so far, so good. The pig was genetically modified to take out the three genes that make the human body reject pig organs and six human genes were added to make it less likely to be rejected. As 110,000 people are currently on the waiting list for organ transplants, this is incredible surgery. I'd also like to thank David Bennett for wanting to live and being willing to do this procedure because I believe he will save lives in the future regardless of his outcome. Oh, and PETA is hella mad about this. PLEASE BECOME AN ORGAN DONOR IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY.

IT SEEMS THAT A STROKE WAS THE CAUSE OF BETTY WHITE'S DEATH But not right before she died. She suffered a stroke the weekend before and then died peacefully in her sleep.

SUPPLY CHAIN ECONOMISTS SAY GROCERY STORES SHOULD BE BACK TO NORMAL BY THE END OF THIS YEAR I'll believe it when I see it, but you can read about the happy predictions here.

THE ATLANTIC TALKS ABOUT THE VADDERS And I mentioned this column yesterday because it references the growing number of "Vaxxed and Done" folks who have finally realized that we are not going to be able to hide our way out of this pandemic, have gotten a vaccination to prevent serious illness and are moving on with their lives (ohh, me, me!). It's odd how this is being put forth as a new idea, because this is what people on the right have been saying since the vaccine came out.

POP SINGER LIZZO IS CELEBRATING HER WEIGHT GAIN But everyone on the internet is not happy. Lizzo is already a large woman who likely falls into the medical "morbidly obese" category, and yet she took the internet to talk about how she had gained weight and looked "TF GOODT" which I believe means very good. Regardless of how Lizzo feels about her size, she is not at a healthy weight and as she ages, her body will begin to let her know it. The CDC just announced that a full 80% of those hospitalized with covid are overweight or obese. I wish her the best, but if you are one of the people complimenting her as she heads towards a life of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and joint replacements you need to realize you are not helping. "Fat Positivity" needs to be put in the same category as "smoking positivity" because they have very similar outcomes.

BETTY WHITE AS SUE ANN NIVENS This is the role I will always love her for.

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