Mandy's Mon Blog: No There Aren't More Climate Disasters Now

THE GREAT RESIGNATION ISN'T GOING AWAY ANY TIME SOON And at 1:05 I'll talk with entrepreneur and Launchpeer incubator owner Jake Hare about why it's happening, where people are going, and what might happen next. Find our more about Jake by clicking here!

NO, CLIMATE CHANGE ISN'T CAUSING MORE NATURAL DISASTERS The news in town was quick to try to tell you that the reason the Marshall Fire was so bad was climate change and that we should expect more of the same because EVERYTHING IS GETTING WORSE, AMIRIGHT? CU Professor Roger Pielke, who actually studies such things, has a nifty graph on his Substack that shows something quite different. I'll link it here as to now steal his traffic, but you should see it. Spoiler alert: there aren't more natural disasters. But don't tell 9News, they won't have anything else to report.

I THOUGHT OUR PRESIDENT WOULD SHINE TALKING TO FIRE VICTIMS Because if there is anything Joe Biden IS good at it's glad-handing and hugging and making sympathetic noises. Instead he lead his comments to fire victims with this and Governor Jared Polis was NOT impressed.

THE TEACHERS UNIONS ARE DEMANDING A RETURN TO REMOTE SCHOOLING Because a lot of teachers are out sick and they are demanding a week of remote schooling because of it. Here's an idea: why don't we just take a week off NOW and add it to the end of the school year! Problem solved! We can all just let kids have another week off and stop pretending that "remote learning" is a thing for most kids. I'd love it if the school board made this motion, but I'm guessing they will rush to do the bidding of the unions that control them, at least in Denver. We shall see. What's super interesting is the headline in this story:

Denver teachers want remote learning despite revised COVID health guidelines

See that "despite revised COVID health guidelines" part? That's a significant shift that says the teachers unions are not going to get a free ride on this from now on.

HAVE THE PROMISES MADE BY MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION BEEN FULFILLED? This column says a very clear "no" to this question and it makes some really, really good points. As a libertarian I support legal weed, but I also want the black market drug trade stamped out, the same way moonshiners were stamped out after Prohibition ended. How much of our recent crime wave can be attributed to legal pot? I'm honestly not sure but at least some of it MUST be related. Read more here.

COMEDIAN BOB SAGET DIED THIS WEEKEND And he was only 65 so this one was a shock. Cause of death is unknown but it doesn't seem to be something nefarious like drugs or murder. We are guaranteed nothing in life, people, make the most of it.

THE COVID NARRATIVE IS OFFICIALLY CHANGING My guess is that the government, which has been working overtime to scare the crap out of us over covid, has created a testing shortage and is now faced with terrified people getting tests if they've been exposed to covid

In case you think that I've taken this out of context, watch the whole thing where she downplays how long you can spread Covid.

THIS COVID PITCH MEETING IS SO PERFECT YOU MUST WATCH IT It's a perfect indictment of what we've all been through.

A BAD EMPLOYEE COSTS WAY MORE THAN A GOOD EMPLOYEE GAINS Hiring an employee is really, really hard. This study showed that it's VERY important to make sure that you don't bring a toxic employee into your workplace, as that employee creates a toxic environment that SPREADS. Read it here and be very careful who you hire.

I'M GOING TO DUMP ON THE POOR PEOPLE IN THIS ARTICLE RIGHT NOW I have been broke in life. Very, very don't-know-how-I'm-going-to-make-rent broke. On more than one occasion. I am not broke now, however, so I read this story on what poor people want rich people to know about their lives and I was SHOCKED at how many excuses and bad decisions are on display in it. Being poor is hard, but it's not a permanent condition if you make good choices and work your way out of it one day at a time. I've known SO MANY people who have done this. SO MANY. But it takes smart choices. I may talk about this today, but I'm sure I'll get angry emails from people who are struggling but who also own a new Iphone. Just saying.

THIS IS THE MOST COLORADO STORY EVER As it's about a man waking up in the middle of the night to discover a mountain lion feasting on a dead elk ON HIS FRONT PORCH. Read it here and watch the video below.


ONE MORE STUNNER FROM THE CDC Where Rochelle Walensky tells Brett Baier that the CDC, after TWO YEARS, can't tell us who died FROM Covid and who died WITH Covid, which are very, very different.

I SURE HOPE TWITTER SUSPENDS JUSTICE SOTOMAYER'S ACCOUNT NOW As the member of the Supreme Court has been found guilty of spreading covid misinformation during a hearing on vax mandates. Now the Washington Post has given her FOUR PINOCCHIOS for her gross overstatement about how many children are in the hospital with Covid. I'd love to know where she got the outrageous number of 100,000 kids in the hospital with covid.

BEAUTY IS PAIN And I say this to my 12 year old daughter when she points to fancy stiletto heels. I'm well past the point where I will suffer to look good, but apparently many women are not. Women are 12 times more likely to wear something uncomfortable to look good than men. And those men are probably gay and willing to be a slave to fashion.

COWS IN TURKEY LIVE IN THE METAVERSE Because a farmer there has attached VR goggles to their heads to make them give more milk. I typed that sentence and realized how crazy it sounds but you can read the real story here.

THE GOVERNMENT IS SENDING RAPID TESTS TOO SLOWLY FOR THEM TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE This is the most Government is incompetent story ever but the least surprising. Dear Leader Biden said he was going to GIFT ALL OF US with at-home testing kits, but they won't be shipped for several weeks and therefore will likely not arrive until after the Omicron variant gets done. Well done, Government!

NINE FOODS TO EAT FOR A LONG HEALTHY LIFE And nothing should be shocking about this list.

IT'S A PANDA SNOW DAY! I wish I had pandas to play with when it snows.

AND NOW, A PUPPY HUGGING A BUNNY For real, that's it.

I ACTUALLY BURST OUT LAUGHING ON THIS ONE ABOUT JUSTICE SOTOMAYER FROM THE BEE Because how could I not? She's been asked to recuse herself because she's an idiot, read more here.

RIP DOBIE GILLIS They are dropping like flies right now, and Dwayne Hickman, best known for his role as Dobie Gillis, has died of Parkinson's complications at the age of 87. Read about his rather large body of work behind the scenes here.

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