Mandy's Wed Blog: Brian Kilmeade's Talking His New Book!

FOX NEWS HOST AND HISTORICAL AUTHOR BRIAN KILMEADE JOINS ME AT 1 He's got a new book out called The President and the Freedom Fighter: Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Their Battle to Save America's Soul and you can order a personalized copy by clicking here!

THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS IS BACK So I can't wait to find out the new ways I'm a horrible person.

THE POLICE WERE WARNED ABOUT THE LATEST MASS MURDERER LAST YEAR And I am not sure I can be mad about them not being able to stop this as from what I've read this guy was next level crazy. That being said, it is unnerving that someone could call in a potential terrorist attack and no one can find the guy. I'm more mad at the Feds who have far more resources to do just that. But as they say, the cops have to be right EVERY time, a terrorist only has to be right once.

YES, SCHOOLS SHOULD BE OPEN DURING THIS OMICRON SURGE And I am thrilled by the new commitment to keep kids in class. From Denver Superintendent Alex Marrero via the Denver Gazette:

“What we do in person cannot be replaced, and we have worked incredibly hard to remain in person, and we have been successful,” he said. “The omicron variant presents new challenges. … We do know that sporadic shifts to remote learning will happen, but it will not be a systemwide closure.
“This is not March 2020.”

There are more superintendents quoted in the story (it's paywalled but you should be subscribing to the Gazette anyway) with similar sentiments. Though there will be times when schools will have to make adjustments because teachers get sick and we do not have enough subs right now, this is the most reasonable way forward. It also shows that the teachers unions and their chief Randi Weingarten have been waffling on going back to school during this surge. The unions have managed to shut down Chicago schools again, even as many kids last year didn't even bother showing up for online classes there. Knowing that the Denver School Board is completely controlled by the unions this would seem to be a capitulation. I really don't care how the unions feel about this, I just want ALL KIDS to have the same chance to learn in person my daughter and other charter school children have had THIS ENTIRE TIME. And guess what? It has not been without bumps, but those kids have been in school for the past year and half with very few issues. It can totally be done, but it's hard, which is my guess as to why Randi Weingarten is still whining.

BUT SOME ARE REINSTITUTING MASK MANDATES And I'm not even going to go into the lack of science to support masking, I'm just going to present the tale of three counties, two of which have these "highly effective" (that's sarcasm) mask mandates and one that does not. Can you tell which one doesn't? No, you can't.

Just as a frame of reference, Arapahoe has just more than double the population of Douglas County and Denver has slightly more than Arapahoe. Can you see the stunning difference those face diapers have made? Me neither.

OH HEY, MASKS DON'T WORK SAYS CNN And this is really, really rich. After telling everyone they were murdering grandma if they didn't wear a mask, NOW a doctor on CNN admits that masks do NOTHING to stop the spread of airborne viruses UNLESS you are wearing a KN95 or N95 that has been properly fitted. If they had just listened to my show they would have known this last year.

KING SOOPERS IS LOOKING FOR TEMPORARY WORKERS And seeing as how they can't even find REGULAR employees I'm not sure how successful they are going to be. Watch this story for more.

THE WOLVES HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST, BUT NOT AT THE HOMES OF THOSE WHO VOTED TO INVITE THEM This is a great column by Jon Caldara about the progressive votes to re introduce wolves back into OTHER parts of Colorado and what it really means for the farmers and ranchers whose livestock will inevitably become snacks for these new predators. I stand by my assertion that we should drop them into Civic Center park and let those who voted for it deal with it.

IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO LISTEN TO JOE ROGAN'S INTERVIEW WITH DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH There are some crib notes here. I've got it in my queue to listen to, I just don't have the three hours to devote to it right now. I have no way of knowing how accurate any of this is, but the concerted effort by YouTube and others to prevent it from being heard certainly makes me more apt to check it out.

THIS IS A HEARTBREAKING SONG BY A JEFFCO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT And I mean heartbreaking and really, really good. From the description:

March 2020, two days before the world shut down I got Covid. Forcing me into 2 weeks of quarantine followed by 18 months of isolation from my family and and my friends. I lost my entire Freshman year of High School which was not as bad as my sister who lost her entire senior year. Our community was plagued with fear, uncertainty, division, and anger. In an effort to communicate unity with my community and to protect my grandparents I received both vaccines against covid with the promise of no more quarantines and the return to normalcy. The virus had other plans. On December 25, 2021, I tested positive for covid once again and left my grandparents home as soon as I arrived to spend the rest of my break once again in isolation with contradictory opinions about whether I was dangerous to those around me and if a mask would protect them against me. OΣT (Omicron Standard Time) was written in my pain of isolation and my cry to give back my time and my life.

CAN'T GET WORKERS? PAY THEM MORE. I LOVE this column as a free market person who believes that the markets are excellent guides for how we should order things in society. And right now, the labor market is TIGHT with no signs of letting up. This National Review column from Kevin Williamson understands that markets work both ways, not just in favor of the corporations worried about their bottom lines. It's the workers time now. Pay them more.

BETTY WHITE ON DEATH I love, love, love this interview.

As KFC unveils a new Beyond Meat fried chicken nationwide. They have tested it for a few years now, trying to make fake meat that feels and tastes like whole muscle chicken. They are satisfied but I won't fight you for it.

THE BIDEN ADMIN WANTS TO PUT VIOLENT RAPISTS IN PRISON WITH WOMEN As long as those men declare that they are women. In an effort to mollify the tiny percentage of actual transgender prisoners the Biden admin is willing to subject female inmates to violent rapists and predators who lie and say they are women. This is already happening in Europe and Washington state where women have already been attacked in prisons, and this article yesterday (behind the paywall) says that "transgender" inmates "change back" to their proper gender upon release from the women's prison. There has to be a way to separate truly transgender women from the male prison population without shoving them into a women's prison. That program is too ripe for abuse. Sorry if those trans prisoners feel bad about it, but protecting women and their bodies is more important than their feelings.

LITTLE DAMIAN LOVES HIS MAMA Super creepy baby loves his mom, who luckily has a sense of humor.

TWENTY FIVE AND COUNTING That's how many Democrats have announced they will be retiring from Congress this year. This doesn't mean Republicans will win those seats, as many of these districts are reliably Democrat, but there will be a whole bunch of new blood in Congress. It remains to be seen if the new faces will be AOC types or Kyrsten Sinema types.

PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING LORI GREENLY IN HER FIGHT FOR DOWNTOWN I interviewed Lori Greenly about the Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association and their fight to clean up downtown previously. As I signed up for her newsletter, I got this today and you should read it.

Good morning.This is the email I personally just sent to 36 of our public officials.I hope you can continue to help us!!
I hope you had a nice holiday. I wasn’t sure I was going to send this graphic email because I have a feeling you probably know most of this, and honestly it’s hard for me to type because it contains such awful information.However, I am going to have to step aside for a bit as I have a breast cancer surgery schedule for January 17thand figured this could be a last loud attempt from me to get help for my incredible Denver community until I’m back on my feet.I don’t intend on being “down” for an extended period of time though, so it won’t be quiet for too long.😊
One of my brokers brought her 12 year old daughter downtown on the bus.They were walking up the steps and had to witness this:One guy was shooting up while another guy was giving him oral sex.
I met a news reporter on Wewatta, by Whole Foods, on a Saturday night at 6:00 to do a story.When I walked up he told me the guy about ½ block down, standing on the sidewalk, right in front of Whole Foods, began openly and publicly masturbating.
A man stripped naked in Union Station on 12/20/2021 while security and locals tried to get him to leave.
Someone is putting dog food in the planters around Union Station.Rumor has it, it is to bring rats to make the homeless leave.We have no idea if this is true, but what I know is true is that the rats have come!We have seen the dog food and the rats, personally.Seeing rats run in front of you outside of the Coloradan and Tupelo Honey is awful.
I walked over one day and right there, in the open, was a drug deal going down.That’s scary to me.I just witnessed a drug deal!
Drugs are being done in the open on a consistent basis.There isn’t a person you talk to who hasn’t heard this.
Several people who live behind Union Station have shared other stories of public sexual acts.
There is one encampment over there that has become more of a “criminal activity encampment” where you will find many bikes that are being “chopped”
A local news reporter I work with said he lived in the worst parts of LA and it wasn’t this bad.
The stories keep going…I think you understand what I’m hearing each day at this point.
Businesses are closing!! The first day I met with the “Safe, Clean & Compassionate” committee this past summer, one of the members told us that Tupelo Honey’s headquarters was just on a call asking if they should shut that store down, concerned for their employees and customers.We are losing businesses.
We are losing residents!! Every single week I receive an email like these two:
“This was to be my final home, age 81, and I am seriously questioning that. My son, XXXXXchose this condo for me – excited to invest in this home and neighborhood -and as a near-Denver native, he has extensive experience with the entire building industry here and nationally. He believed it would be a safe and inviting place for me. Not so much now. Needless to say, he, a co-owner, is also appalled. I had to make a choice – Denver or Palo Alto, CA.  And I am destressed my decision is playing out like this.”
“We are selling our lovely condo☹️We’re sick of the low life we encounter on a daily basis.The police have their hands tied with the local government and lack of candidates willing to become officers.It’s all very sad…..there’s solutions but we’re tired of waiting”
I am a single woman who lives on 15th and Wynkoop.My business depends on our city figuring this out.My 29 year old daughter is single and lives behind Union Station.I worry every single day that she has to walk her dog alone.She had a major problem with a guy at the dog park last year.We involved the police, but he made it known that he knew where she lived…first floor of the building next to the park.Thankfully she’s on the 4thfloor now!!We had no choice.This isn’t Denver!!
PLEASE HELP!We HAVE to find a way to compensate and incent our police officers and the Sherriff’s department so they can build their teams to police our streets, holding these criminals accountable and man the jails, so that we can make room for the criminals.We have become a city that is becoming immune to so much of this, our acceptance levels have risen too high because we have continued to look past what we were seeing because honestly, it was stuff we hadn’t seen before, and now it’s worse than ever.THIS HAS TO STOP!!
My next concern is what is going to happen when “contractors” from all of the US start arriving to help rebuild our Superior/Louisville/Boulder county communities.Just like when so many arrived for the marijuana opportunities, they are going to realize how expensive it is to live and may get stuck here, homeless.WE NEED TO PLAN FOR THIS!
I truly appreciate the support I’ve received from many of you!I moved here 30 years ago and love our city as much today as I did then.My entire family followed me here.My daughter came back from CA after college and the other one is at CU.We want to stay in our incredible city and will do what it takes.Please let me know what we can do!
Warmest Regards,
Lori Greenly

Join her organization here.


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