Mandy's Tue Blog: The History of Thanksgiving and Being Grateful!

WE ARE OUT UNTIL MONDAY But Lou from Littleton will take care of you tomorrow and we've got some special Turkey Day programming and whatnot to keep you busy.

MY FRIEND FROM IRELAND WANTS TO SAY THANK YOU! For all of those who wondered whatever happened to my friend Michelle who I did a GoFundMe for to get her gallbladder out in Ireland, today is your day! She joins me at 12:30 to talk about her experience with socialized medicine and how it almost killed her. She's got some stats that will blow your mind.

LARRY REED IS ON TO TALK THANKSGIVING! Our favorite economic historian Larry Reed is back with some great stuff about Thanksgiving and the real history of the day. He's on at 1.

MY PERSONAL PRIEST IS ON AT 2 Father Mike Tess is a family friend and wonderful human who also happens to be an Episcopal priest. I'll talk to him about gratitude as an article of faith and how you can maybe find your way to God or back to God if you need to. He's on at 2 and you really should listen to Grant's podcast with him here!

NEED SOME GUIDANCE ON HOW TO NAVIGATE TRICKY RELATIONSHIPS AT THANKSGIVING? This column if full of GREAT ideas on how to manage your difficult relationships at the Thanksgiving table. My advice is this: never be the one to raise your voice, even if it's being raised at you. If necessary, walk away, but don't get sucked into any kind of raised voice situation. Then the other person looks crazy, not you. His column is full of nicer suggestions here.

THE ANNUAL 28 RULES FOR THE FAMILY THANKSGIVING The Wall Street Journal does these rules every year and if you've never read them, you really should, even if the thought of flag football after Thanksgiving makes you feel woozy. It's funny and well done.

WHY CAN'T YOU GET THE STUFF YOU WANT NOW? We've talked so much about supply chain issues and this article does a pretty good job explaining why everything is so jacked up and why you shouldn't expect it to get sorted anytime soon.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL EDITORIAL TELLS WOKE NITWITS TO GO POUND SAND If you don't subscribe to the Wall Street Journal you may be unfamiliar with their editorial day tradition of publishing an account of the first Thanksgiving in 1620. It's lovely, really and you should seek it out, but unfortunately it doesn't paint the Pilgrims as horrible, disease spreading invaders who were hell bent on destroying the Native people, so progressives hate it. Some jacktard started a petition (have those actually changed ANYTHING, btw?) to get the WSJ to stop publishing it's "racist" account. The WSJ Editorial Board said a firm no.

SAN FRAN IS TRYING TO STOP RAMPANT LOOTING BY SHUTTING DOWN STREETS That lead to the shopping areas. This the answer to the problem created by the lax laws and enforcement that have emboldened criminals to the point where they race up in cars, loot a store and race away. The Mayor says she has shut down the streets in front of fancy stores to stop this. She's not saying she's going to change the laws, or punish those caught, she's just going to inconvenience everyone else instead. Yay, San Fran.

A SORE LOSER BOOTS A TEAM FROM A REC LEAGUE FOR BEING TOO GOOD This story makes me SOOOO MAD. There is a rec league football league in Texas with a team of 7 and 8 year olds called the Flower Mound Rebels and they are GOOD. Like REALLY good. They outscored their opponents 199-6 this year even though most of the kids had never played football. But the league is keeping them out of the playoffs because they are too good. Now there is more to the story of course, and it has to do with the fact that the Flower Mound team did not follow a draft format and just selected their kids but if that's such a big deal, DON'T LET THEM PLAY IN THE FIRST PLACE. Read more here, it's all so stupid.

WHEN SHOULD YOU DRIVE THIS HOLIDAY WEEKEND? This story lays out the best and worst times to drive this weekend.

THE BEST GIFT COULD BE FAMILY HISTORY AND THESE COMPANIES CAN HELP I love this idea! Instead of some kind of stuff or crap for Christmas, why not memorialize your relationships or family story? Read about the companies that can help with this here.

PERHAPS IT WAS METHOD ACTING THAT GOT SCROOGE FIRED? Method acting is when an actor tries to literally BECOME their character and many actors never break from their character once they fully inhabit it, and perhaps that is why a local actor who was to play Ebenezer Scrooge acted in such an offensive manner? It got him fired from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts upcoming production of The Christmas Carol. Read the details here.



THE STUDENTS AT MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE HAVE A LOT TO BE THANKFUL FOR Because the school gave all the students a $10k bonus from the covid relief funds they got from the government.

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