Mandy's Fri Blog: An Airline Lawsuit Fundraiser and Mike at the Movies!

UNITED AIRLINES IS BEING SUED FOR THEIR VACCINE MANDATE As well as the way they are treating flight attendants who ask for and get an exemption from the mandate. I'm talking to Karina Murphy about the Airline Employees 4 Health Freedom about a fundraiser this weekend for the movement. We'll talk about some of the actions United Airlines towards the staff and how they are not acting in good faith. Find out more about the movement and donate by clicking here.

DAVE AND MIKE ROSEN TALK MOVIES AT 2PM I am cutting out early to take care of something but the guys will talk about some flicks they watched.

THIS IS SILLY AND I HAD A BLAST PRANKING MY BROTHER'S PODCAST My brother has a new podcast called The Power Move and it's really funny and informative and he asked me to prank his friend Colt who thinks he can ride a horse in the Olympics because the horse does all the work. My prank is in the very beginning and I'm pretty proud of it. Listen to it here. There is some cursing but not much.

SO MANY PEOPLE DIED OF OVERDOSES IN COLORADO LAST YEAR In the last year of lockdowns some people turned to drugs or amped up their drug use and many, many died. As in 1,655 people died. That is a 34% increase year over year and only goes from April 2020 to April 2021. Read more here.

JEFFCO, YOUR HEALTH BOARD MAY SLAP YOU BACK IN MASKS They are considering it at their Monday meeting and if I lived in JeffCo, I'd sign up for comment NOW if possible. Read more here. We already talked yesterday about JeffCo asking the Governor to institute a mask mandate statewide, which I am STAUNCHLY against.

A GOVERNMENT PLAN TO GET PEOPLE INTO HOUSES IS FAILING TO DELIVER ON IT'S PROMISES And the promise was to families who were told if they paid rent for 15 years they would be given the deed to the homes they had been paying on faithfully and on time. Except it's been 21 years and they still don't have the deeds to those homes and no one can tell them what they are doing. Read more here.

DENVER SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS VOTED TO PAY THEMSELVES And Tay Anderson has to be unhappy that they agreed to up to just $750 a month, which the likely unemployed board member needs more than the rest I'm guessing. Read more here.

OUR ROADS ARE NOT GOOD BUT OUR GOVERNOR IS BUILDING ELECTRIC CHARGING STATION INSTEAD OF FIXING THEM has ranked the country's roads and ours come in at a whopping #37 overall. You can read how it's broken down, but we all live here and know what's up.

HEY PARENTS, YOU'RE NOT QUALIFIED TO WEIGH IN ON YOUR KIDS CURRICULUM This according to a pretentious woman who wrote an opinion piece for NBC News. Read it here, but she does use big words designed for people FAR smarter than us dumb parents so grab a dictionary. This is my favorite part:

While the political climate and national involvement in school districts give the phenomenon a broader platform and have more serious ramifications, this behavior is nothing new. Parents have always tried to interfere with curricula, as I observed when teaching middle school in the mid-2000s. Even then there was no shortage of parental input about the content of my instruction, from books to test questions. Part of the problem is that parents think they have the right to control teaching and learning because their children are the ones being educated. But it actually (gasp!) doesn’t work that way. It’s sort of like entering a surgical unit thinking you can interfere with an operation simply because the patient is your child.
Teaching, too, is a science. Unless they’re licensed and certified, parents aren’t qualified to make decisions about curricula. In fact, parental interference can actually hinder student advancement. An educator’s primary goal is to teach students to think. Parents who attempt to influence curricula with their personal opinions, ideologies and biases hinder that goal.

So even though we all went to school, many of us during a time with higher levels of overall student achievement than we have now, but we aren't qualified to weigh in and just get in the way. Got it. Just as a point of reference, why don't we see how these incredibly smart and highly educated and trained teachers have improved educational outcomes on the National Assessment of Educational Progress test since 1971:

Seems to me like someone has an overinflated sense of self.

BILL MAHER ON CHRIS CUOMO IS WORTH WATCHING Although you have to listen to the claptrap from Cuomo to hear Maher make the good points.

YES, THERE ARE ECONOMISTS WHO KNOW BIDEN'S SPENDING SPREE WILL INCREASE INFLATION And if inflation continues to go at the pace it is going, the Dems have a HUGE problem on their hands. Read this for more, and I can hardly wait to hear how inflation is Trump's fault next year.


EREBODY CAN GET A BOOSTER NOW If you want a covid booster you can get one anywhere now, though we've had them in Colorado already. The FDA has approved them for everyone now.

THIS THREE YEAR OLD KNOWS ABOUT MONSTERS And she is ready to take control of monsters.

THANKSGIVING DINNER IS 14% MORE EXPENSIVE THIS YEAR. THANKS BRANDON. Remember how excited the Biden admin was to tell us that July 4th was 17 cents cheaper this year than last? I'm guessing they won't be crowing about the Thanksgiving feast prices that are jacked up this year.

THE MUSICAL ABOUT PRINCESS DIANA IS NOT DOING WELL And this seems like it could be a version of the hit musical The Producers but in real life. The musical is so bad that a guy yelled "F*ck YOU!" at the actor playing Prince Charles during a performance. If you want to see it, you may want to go today, as it may close immediately.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS Which is widely believed to be the greatest speech ever given on American soil and it's only two minutes long. If only our current crop of politicians were this succinct. Read more here.

HOW SQUATTERS RIGHTS IN DENVER ARE RUINING THE CITY This editorial from the Denver Gazette asks if the squatters making Denver into a hellhole are going to be supported by the Courts. The City is fighting the court ruling that gave them outsized rights to do whatever they want in the public square. Read it here.

THIS DOESN'T INSPIRE CONFIDENCE IN THE VACCINE AT ALL The FDA has decided it needs 55 YEARS to respond to open records requests through the Freedom of Information Act. What the hell? This is insanity. And they wonder why people don't trust the vaccine.


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