Mandy's Thu Blog: A School Audit is Not Good and Please Tell Me I'm Right!

JEFFCO SCHOOLS RELEASED AN AUDIT AFTER THE ELECTION AND IT'S NOT GOOD And first off, we need to know WHY this was released AFTER the election. I've got Beth Parker with JeffCo Kids First on to discuss the myriad of ways capital projects are being mismanaged and money is being wasted. She's on at 1, read the report for yourself here.

CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER IS BACK For Please Tell Me I'm Right, so get your word and grammar questions ready. His books make OUTSTANDING gifts for the word nerds in your life, buy them at his website by clicking here!

REMEMBER OUR QUESTION ABOUT THE FIRST ATM YESTERDAY in Of the Day? Well a listener let me know that the man responsible for ATM machines lives RIGHT HERE IN DENVER. Can anyone help me track down D. Dale Browning? I'd love to have him on the show.

THE DENVER GAZETTE IS 100% CORRECT ON HEALTH BUSY BODIES A bunch of health directors and the Colorado Medical Society (who flatly refuse to come on my show to talk about the science behind their demands) want a new statewide mask mandate and thank goodness Jared Polis seems to be actually following the science instead. This editorial lays out correctly that Polis is right the health directors need to sit down and shut up.

I BET THEY'D RATHER HAVE THEIR BOY BACK THAN $15 MILLION But the money will have to do as we can't bring back Elijah McClain. The City of Aurora has agreed to a $15 million settlement with McClain's family. It's the largest settlement in Aurora's history and hopefully the last one that they will need to make. This story is just so sad all the way around. And we still have the trial of the officers and the paramedics to go, which should be a nightmare because I don't think they broke the law, they just used a tool they didn't know how to use properly when they did not need to and it resulted in his death. So if they are acquitted....

THIS STORY ABOUT COLLEGE DEMOCRATS RIPPING EACH OTHER TO SHREDS IS MAGIC Because the Democratic National Party has to deal with this mess and I love it. Why? Because they helped CREATE this monster and now it's coming home to roost in the form of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ilk and now so much internal strife at the College Democrats of America that the DNC is thinking of DISASSOCIATING itself from the group which has 500 chapters nationwide. Read this from the Politico:

The clashes over religious bigotry and race within the College Democrats of America (CDA) reflect, to a degree, larger debates happening throughout politics. But the next generation seems poised to escalate them further. Some CDA members argue that the internal frictions constitute a turbulent but morally necessary reckoning with systemic racism. Other Democratic officials see it as a bunch of college-educated, hyper-woke kids trying to play politics in a way that’s off-putting to many voters.
“They are caught up in their own drama and playing ‘Boys State’ government,” said the same Democrat. “They think they’re the hottest s--- on Earth.”

Democratic officials? I wonder who. Here's the best part, they are using tweets that people sent when the were 13 years old to prove anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim sentiment and other crap. No apologies allowed, by the way. You really should read it, it's like a soap opera of recriminations for all sorts of violations of the PC Code that these students live and die by. Now some are in the crosshairs and finding out how unfair that code is. Heh.

OSHA BOWS OUT OF VACCINE MANDATE ENFORCEMENT FOR NOW They posted a message on their website stating just that:

“While OSHA remains confident in its authority to protect workers in emergencies, OSHA has suspended activities related to the implementation and enforcement of the ETS pending future developments in the litigation.”

The Fifth Circuit Appeals Court fully blocked Biden's order that companies with 100 or more employees must be vaccinated by January 4th. By the time this makes it through the courts, the pandemic will be over, which is fine with me. Please go get vaccinated though. Now OSHA has thrown in the towel.

KAMALA HARRIS JUST BLAMED THE BORDER DISASTER ON TRUMP AND I JUST CAN'T EVEN She sat down for a softball interview with Dem operative George Stephanopolous and check out the second sound bite in this Tweet thread:

THE HISTORY GUY TAKES ON THE HISTORY OF PINEAPPLE And though I do NOT like it, pineapples have a very interesting history that has many innovations around it. Watch this and learn.

THEIR PUP WAS LONELY WHEN THE KIDS WENT OFF TO COLLEGE So they got their dog a puppy and to say the dog is happy is an understatement.

A MIDDLE SCHOOL GOES VIRTUAL BECAUSE STUDENTS DON'T KNOW HOW TO ACT AFTER A YEAR AT HOME And I wonder how many schools are dealing with children that don't have proper socialization skills after a year of virtual learning. From the article:

"The shifts in learning methods and isolation caused by COVID-19 closures and quarantines have taken a toll on the well-being of our students and staff," Diaz wrote in a letter to families and staff Tuesday justifying the sudden decision. "We are finding that some students are struggling with the socialization skills necessary for in-person learning, which is causing disruption in school for other students." 

They did not go into detail as to what the issues were, but they are sending kids home for three weeks to figure out how to fix it, which literally seems counter intuitive to me, but it is Portland.

PETE DAVIDSON PROVES ONCE AGAIN HUMOR MATTERS MORE THAN LOOKS As he is now with Kim Kardashian as he makes his way through a list of Hollywood's most stunning women while being a decidedly unstunning man himself. Why? He can make them laugh. Why doesn't it laugh? Because he also struggles with mental illness and I'm guessing that wears women down pretty quickly.

OUR PRESIDENT CAN'T BE THIS CLUELESS ON GAS PRICES, CAN HE? I ask that in jest but not completely in jest. Biden is calling on the FTC to investigate whether or not high gas prices are the result of price gouging. Yep. That's where we are.

A HEALTHY DIET IS BETTER THAN DRUGS FOR AGING And this shouldn't be a surprise but I'm sure it is for some. If only healthy diets were as tasty as the SAD full of fat and calories. Read more here.

THE WASHINGTON POST QUIETLY CORRECTS IT'S GARBAGE REPORTING ON THE STEELE DOSSIER Just check the archives of the Washington Post's reporting on the now completely discredited Steele Dossier and you will see lengthy editor's notes. That's nice, but where is the front page mea culpa that they owe the nation?

PARENTS ARE FIGHTING BACK AGAINST SECRETIVE SCHOOL POLICIES Especially ones with significant consequences that remove the parents from the equation, like changing the name and pronouns of the student without telling the parents. This happened, and now parents are suing.

IF YOU DON'T LIKE KAMALA IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE A RACIST OR SEXIST Not because she's wildly incompetent. Read more of this predictable tripe here.

HERE ARE SOME SAFETY TIPS FOR YOUR RUNNERS OUT THERE Because we're seeing more and more cases of runners being assaulted. This article has some good tips, but the best one is to never run alone, especially if you're a woman in Denver.


VAPORIZING A WEINER because why not.

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