Mandy's Fri Blog: Teachers Unions Spending Big to Protect Their Power

MIKE ROSEN IS ON AT 2 TODAY To discuss The Last Duel with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. I watched The Protege instead on HBO Max.

THE TEACHERS UNIONS ARE LYING AND SPENDING BIG TO PROTECT THEIR TURF And by their turf, I mean ALL the school boards in the metro area. Bizarrely they have been too lazy to come up with fresh attacks against the candidates they are the most afraid of and have used the EXACT SAME LANGUAGE on a bunch of mailers targeting school board candidates. In Denver they accused one candidate of doing something that THE CANDIDATE THEY SUPPORTED ACTUALLY DID. Read that trash here. By the way, there is NO DOUBT that the unions are behind this crap, as they newest campaign finance disclosures make that very clear. Read all about it here. They are so devoid of actual ideas this is all they have, but they want to run the schools.

MAYBE BARNEY FIFE IS AVAILABLE TO BE MORRISON'S POLICE CHIEF Because no self respecting cop who got into policing to serve and protect would work at a department where the sole goal seems to be writing traffic tickets to fund city services, including police. The newest chief stepped down after three months over the practice and now it remains to be seen whether or not there will even be a police force in Morrison without significant changes. We all know politicians get addicted to other people's money, but Morrison seems to encourage police to act unreasonably just to get money. This is an embarrassment for Morrison, we'll see how they respond.

MORE SANCTIONED CAMPING COMING TO MAKE LIBERALS FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES This story in Westword about a new sanctioned camping site in the Lincoln Park neighborhood is FULL of virtue signaling that is impossible not to notice. First, there is a congratulatory "look-how-great-we are" stuff like this comment:

"The City and County of Denver has a compelling governmental interest in ensuring adequate housing for Native people due to the history of broken treaties and land dispossession, as well as disproportionate levels of Native American poverty, homelessness, and homeless mortality in Denver. We’re glad that our unhoused relatives’ advocacy has resulted in this expansion, and we hope our community sees the same support for long-term solutions in the future," says Mateo Parsons, chair of the Four Winds American Indian Council board.

That had to be in there because this new space is going to be a "Native-inclusive" space. Apparently there are a ton of Native Americans living on the streets in Denver and moving them onto a tent reservation is seen as helping. But that's not all. This from Regis, where a sanctioned camp currently exists and has been renewed for three whole months:

"Let's go through the winter months and into the spring because that will make it so much easier to relocate. We didn't want people to be moving out in the middle of the holiday season. We were really thoughtful on that."

So thoughtful! So if/when they decide to not re up the lease are they less thoughtful? And do the homeless really have a "holiday season"? If you're living on the streets do you have a Christmas Tree or light the menorah candles? Just asking. Everyone slapping a bandaid on this gaping wound of a problem should be ashamed when they attention seek like this. We need real solutions that get people off the streets, period. This is stupid.

HEY LOOK, RAND PAUL WAS RIGHT AND DR. FAUCI IS A LIAR I have thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Rand Paul taking Dr. Anthony Fauci to the woodshed during Congressional hearings. Recently he had an exchange where he pressed Fauci on the NIH funding gain of function research with the Wuhan lab where covid likely leaked from and Fauci called Paul a liar and uninformed. Now the NIH, where Fauci works, has CONFIRMED THAT PAUL WAS CORRECT.

BERNIE SANDERS AND HIS ALLIES ARE TRYING TO STACK THE AURORA CITY COUNCIL WITH MORE IDIOTS And they are dropping a ton of cash into the races through dark money organizations funded by people who love the Green New Deal and socialist ideas. If this is what you want in Aurora, read who they want you to vote for in this article, but don't blame me when Aurora becomes a total craphole again.

SCHOOLS ARE OPTING OUT OF THE OVERLY SEXUAL HEALTH KIDS SURVEY And I'm glad. I hope the survey goes back to its previous form which didn't ask sixth graders about their sexual activities and preferences. Read about the controversy here.

HEY 719 AND 970 AREA CODES, TIME TO START USING THEM And I mean the area code with EVERY call you make, rather than just using the seven digit number you've been using. I legit did not know there were places where you don't have to use the area code anymore, but here we are.

PUEBLO COULD LEAD THE WAY WITH NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY And I applaud the Pueblo County Commissioners for seeking viable alternatives for power generation rather than just letting Xcel shut down their huge power plant without a fight. This editorial in the Denver Gazette lays out the case for small nuclear modules that create lots of energy without the scary downsides of traditional nuclear power (which really aren't that scary when you know the facts). I hope Pueblo is successful in this mission.


ALEC BALDWIN ACCIDENTALLY KILLED A CINEMATOGRAPHER ON HIS FILM And though I LOATHE Alec Baldwin I actually feel sorry for him if this was the accident it appears to be. A prop gun misfired or something and Baldwin shot and killed Halyna Hutchins and left director Joel Souza wounded. Souza has been released from the hospital already and no charges have been filed. Accidentally taking a human life is very traumatic for most people, I hope his high level of aholery protects him somewhat from having feelings.

THE FAMILY YOU WISHED YOU HAD IF YOU LOVE HALLOWEEN A family in Indianapolis believes that Halloween is a family affair and the mom has been making elaborate family Halloween costumes for years now. She says this may be her last hurrah as her kids are growing up and "losing the spirit" but it's worth checking out prior years here.

WHY HASN'T JOE BIDEN GONE TO THE SOUTHERN BORDER? Someone asked him last night and this is the stupid answer he gave.

So to recap, he's been too busy to pay attention to 1.8 million people pouring over the border.

SO ABOUT THAT VIRGINIA SCHOOL BOARD WHO DENIED ANYONE HAD BEEN ATTACKED AT A HIGH SCHOOL You remember the story of the dad who was made to look like some anti-trans maniac at a school board meeting in Virginia don't you? Scott Smith says he lost his cool when the Superintendent said that no one had been sexually assaulted by a trans kid in their district. Now we know he wasn't just wrong, he was lying. An email shows that the Superintendent informed the other school board members of the attack a DAY AFTER IT HAPPENED. I hope this family wins a ginormous settlement from this school district.

NOW YOU CAN BUILD KEVIN MCCALLISTER'S HOUSE WITH LEGOS! And fans of the movie Home Alone are sure to be delighted with this ridiculously complex kit.

SAN FRAN IS LOSING A MAJOR TARGET STORE BECAUSE OF SHOPLIFTING And this is what happens when Democrats pass laws to make being a criminal easier. The same sorts of laws that the Aurora City Council and Denver City Council want to pass. If you want your Target and drugstores to shut down in your neighborhood just vote for Democrats because they are super worried about criminals. Read more here.

TWO RABBIS ARE ACCUSED OF SECRETLY LOVING JESUS This is one of those stories that I see and say "I'm sorry, what???" to. Two men who are Orthodox Jewish rabbis are being accused of secretly being Christian missionaries who are sneak attacking Jews into converting. I strongly disagree with this strategy but admire their conviction nonetheless. The real issue is that the pair are accused of overseeing ceremonies that they are not qualified to oversee, which could invalidate the ceremonies for those who went through them. That's just wrong.


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