Mandy's Wed Blog: Glamping and Questions and Wine, Oh My!

THE WINE YOGI IS IN FOR WINE WEDNESDAY! Because we wanted Big Al to be able to join us for one of these we moved Thirsty Thursday to Wine Wednesday where we are talking Italian wines for the holidays! Read all about what we are tasting by clicking here for The Wine Yogi's Blog.

I MUST SHARE OUR GLAMPING ADVENTURE WITH YOU! If you follow me on Instagram here you saw some photos already of our quick glamping getaway to Black Tree Resort in Lake George. We won this at a charity auction and just got to use it as they are almost done for the season. If you loved camping as a kid but now think it's too much work, THIS IS FOR YOU! I'll tell you about it but I'm going to get Nabil the owner on the show soon for more. Five stars, highly recommend. Find the resort here.

THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS TODAY AT 1 Because after a few days of no news or tech I am chilled out and want to remain that way.

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE IN TRI-COUNTY We are seeing the end of Tri-County Health with Adams County announcing it's intention to leave the organization after Douglas County's exit recently. This leaves Arapahoe and I doubt they will work to keep the current construct going. Read more here.

Read about it here.

TWO COCKATOOS MEET IN A PET STORE And it was quite the converation.

JEN PSAKI DOESN'T SHOP IN STORES WITH EMPTY SHELVES APPARENTLY Because she thought it would be SUPER funny to joke about delayed treadmill shipments when asked about supply chain issues. Now that Secretary Pete is back from paternity leave maybe he can do something to help the backup at the ports on the West Coast.

SOUTHWEST BACKING DOWN ON VACCINE MANDATES AFTER NON-VACCINE RELATED LABOR ISSUES IN THE PAST TWO WEEKS That is my headline for the Babylon Bee except it's true you know. Southwest was going to put unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave if they weren't exempted for medical or religious reasons by December, but now they won't. Mostly because they know they would never recover from work issues during the holidays. As the Biden Admin hasn't officially issued rules for this yet, they may have wiggle room, or they decided to severe the federal contractor relationship to keep flying. Whatever.

COVID CASES PLUMMETING IN FLORIDA, MUCH TO DESANTIS'S CRITICS DISMAY The Governor of Florida has become a very polarizing figure by refusing to shut down and mask up his state. Now cases and hospitalizations have plummeted, deaths are way down, even as Florida has a larger population of elderly people than many, many states. Why? Because the virus is gonna do what the virus is gonna do, people.

911 WHAT'S YOUR EMERGENCY PLEASE HOLD Those are never the words you want to hear in an emergency but that is exactly what is happening to people in Denver. Our 911 system does not meet country wide standards and some people are being put on hold for TWO MINUTES. When every second counts, you're just two minutes away from an operator who can help. Learn to protect yourself, people.

A KIDNEY THAT WAS A GROWN IN A PIG WORKED IN A HUMAN And if that headline wasn't enough to make you go WHOA then read the rest here. This would be an absolute game changer for people needing transplants. I would go visit my genetically modified kidney grower every day to make sure it was happy and healthy as it grew my new kidney.

HOW ABOUT SOME GOOD NEWS FROM JOHN STOSSEL! This is a great story about a podcast for optimists.

KATIE COURIC ADMITS SHE "COVERED" FOR JUSTICE GINSBURG BEFORE SHE PRAISES HERSELF ANYWAY In Katie Couric's new tell all memoir she admitted that she didn't include a criticism that Justice Ginsburg made about athletes who kneeled during the anthem to "protect" the elderly justice. Her own old network took her to task for her obvious bias and Couric REFUSED to see it that way. She also wanted praise for what she DID include, not what she left out. Savannah Guthrie seems to have just learned about left wing media bias.

WHY IS THANKSGIVING WHEN IT IS? This is a good history on why we celebrate the fourth Thursday in November as our day of giving thanks. It wasn't always that way.

EVEN DEMOCRATS DON'T LIKE JOE BIDEN Because there is no other explanation for how he did so bad in a Quinnipiac poll that heavily skewed Democrat. His approval number is 37. I think mine would be higher if more people knew who I was. Read about it here.

IS THIS THE END OF THE TRUCKING BUSINESS AS WE KNOW IT? According to this article, we are short 80,000 truck drivers in the United States right now. I don't see a whole slew of people lined up to do this job, so that means that it will bring forth the driverless truck faster than we thought. Driverless tech is getting there fast, and this is going to move it along even faster in the trucking industry.

FREE SPEECH AT UC BERKLEY IS DEAD IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT POLITICS This is a story about a noted climatologist who was supposed to speak at MIT for an important lecture. When word reached MIT that said professor had written an op-ed asking for merit and achievement to be more important than diversity in admissions, he was uninvited to MIT. A scientist at UC Berkley asked to bring the climatologist to Berkley to deliver the remarks as a show that Berkley cared only about science and not politics, only to find out that Berkley was indeed about politics. The scientist at UC Berkley resigned a leadership post in protest.

EVER WONDER WHAT THE DIFFERENT COLOR BREAD TIES MEAN? Well you're in luck, because here is the code to know if you want the freshest bread out there.


THE KIFFNESS RIFFS ON THE SHALLOWS Seems The Kiffness has a deep side, but he's not wrong.

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