Mandy's Wed Blog: Steve Moore and We're in Rapid Decline

STEVE MOORE AT 1 TODAY if you haven't already signed up for his short but wonderful newsletter, do so here. We'll talk about where the economy is headed after last week's horrid jobs report.

GRADUALLY AND THEN SUDDENLY...WE HAVE ENTERED THE PHASE OF RAPID DECLINE You guys know I am not optimistic about where this country is headed if you listen to the show. I've even said variations of "we've entered crazy town" over and over again because of the speed with which our nation seems to be fraying at the seams. Enter Bill Jacobson from Legal Insurrection and this column and I'm now even LESS optimistic than before. I'm going to break my longstanding choice to not read columns on the air, because this one is important. From the column:

All the “progressive” pieces were in place but needed a spark to burn down the house. That spark was the death of George Floyd in late May 2020.
What followed was state-sanctioned lawlessness, rioting, and looting; a vicious cultural purge from academia to corporations to the military to historical monuments; gaslighting and burying of news by a corrupt and dishonest mainstream corporate media and Big Tech; and the solidification of our post-truth world where we are required to state things we know to be untrue or with which we disagree in order to avoid social ostracization, where feelings matter more that facts, and where telling facts some people don’t like can get you fired, denounced, and boycotted.
We don’t have mean tweets anymore, instead we have a sociopathic federal government that wants to watch over almost every financial transaction we make and labels as domestic terrorists parents who raise objections to their kids being force-fed ideological poison at school. All the while destroying our borders, our energy independence, and the credibility of our military.
You cannot depend on the government of your personal safety, certainly not in large cities. When seconds count, the police are 1619 minutes away.

That's not all. Watch this speech by Bill from last October to gain some great arguments to make with those who think Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is a good idea.

THANKS TO TERRY MCAULIFFE FOR PROVING BILL'S POINT PERFECTLY Terry McAuliffe is running to be Governor of Virginia and he's losing ground. He was recently asked about Critical Race Theory and rather than have a discussion about it, he gaslighted all the parents who have been looking into Diversity, Inclusion and Equity training by denying it is being taught in Virginia.

SPEAKING OF GASLIGHTING, A VIRGINIA SCHOOL DISTRICT DID EXACTLY THAT TO THE DAD OF A GIRL WHO WAS RAPED BY A BOY IN A SKIRT And note, I did not say transgender boy. This is EXACTLY what parents were worried about when schools started demanding unisex bathrooms and locker rooms to accommodate transgender students. A Loudon County Virginia dad was made to look like a hysterical transphobe when he was dragged out of a school board meeting in June. He was outraged when the school board superintendent said there had never been a sexual assault involving a transgender child in any of their bathrooms. Scott Smith's daughter had recently been sexually assaulted by a boy who identifies as bisexual and sometimes wears a skirt to school, so he knew this to be false. When he tried to correct the record, he was tossed out of the meeting and verbally attacked by activists who denied that it ever happened. By the way, when the girl went to the office to report the assault, the school decided to not call the police. It was only after dad took his daughter to the hospital and told THEM what happened that police were called. Fast forward, the boy was arrested AGAIN for sexually assaulting a girl at a different school and now he's been charged with raping Smith's daughter too. He's one of those "domestic terrorists" going to school board meetings, I guess.

CAN WE STOP IGNORING THE ROLE THAT FIRES PLAYED IN OUR SUMMER OZONE LEVELS? This has been bugging the CRAP out of me all summer long. The air in Colorado was HORRIBLE this summer. Not as bad as last summer, but horrible nonetheless. Any rational, logical person would be able to see that the wildfires burning ALL SUMMER LONG in California, Utah and right here in Colorado created huge smoke issues here. If you know about ozone creation, you know it happens when sunlight hits carbon particles in the air. So a rational, logical person would immediately make the connection between the fires and our high ozone, right? But nope. All summer long I've heard weather forecasters talking about how we need to do something about all the pollution our CARS create. It's made me nuts. Perfect example in this column today from the Denver Gazette:

The Denver Metro Area had more than 60 ozone alert days this summer. The EPA recommends that active children (which means almost all children) be kept indoors on ozone alert days because the air is simply not safe for them to breathe leaving parents with tough decisions to keep their children safe and healthy. Unfortunately, we had so many ozone alert days that if we parents followed the recommendations from health experts then we kept our children inside for more than half of the summer.
Ground-level ozone pollution forms through a chemical reaction of pollution from cars and power plants in the presence of heat and sunlight. Ozone alerts are issued when it reaches levels that are dangerous to our health. Ozone pollution can inflame and damage our airways and aggravate lung disease. It can also permanently damage the still-developing lungs in young children.

I emphasized the part where she completely ignores the fires this year. Don't even get me started on our geography that creates ozone because we are right up against the mountains. Or that at higher elevation the rays are more intense, causing more ozone. As this column is arguing for the massive Democrat boondoggle, I don't expect honest information because this is fully "never let a crisis go to waste 101" right here. I just wanted to point out how disingenuous the entire conversation is at this point. Oh, and you don't need to read it, the gist is "we must pass this bloated Dem giveaway FOR THE CHHHHILLLLLDDDDRRREEEENNNNN" which completely ignores the massive debt those children would be saddled with if it does.

WALGREENS SHUTTING DOWN FIVE MORE SAN FRAN STORES BECAUSE CALIFORNIA LOVES THIEVES Please tell me again how we need to do away with bail and reduce the penalties for crimes here in Colorado while explaining how organized crime gangs like those who walk into stores and steal bags full of stuff won't happen here. Walgreens, which has already exited multiple areas of San Fran, is now shutting five more stores because of the rampant thefts and lack of will to fix it. Bail reform is a HUGE reason this is happening, as career criminals are simply walking out of jail and going right back to steal some more. This is the law of unintended consequences on display.

ABOUT YOUR DAILY BABY ASPIRIN TO PREVENT HEART ATTACKS You need to stop that after talking to your doctor. After recommending this for literal DECADES (I'd love to see how much Bayer lobbied to get that designation in the first place) the US Preventive Services has changed its guidance as aspirin can also cause stomach ulcers and bleeding on the brain when used long term. Listen the experts they say. Until the experts change their minds.

FULLY VACCINATED PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALREADY HAD COVID DO NOT NEED A BOOSTER Hmmm, interesting. It's almost like having covid gives you a strong form of immunity or something. Read more here.

WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BACKUPS AT THE PORT OF LOS ANGELES? This story written by a guy working on the docks gives some insight but I don't see any solutions here. Plan accordingly.

I MAY BE PRETTY MUCH DONE WITH FACEBOOK I have a personal page and a Mandy Connell business page and I hate them both. Facebook has gotten unwieldy and annoying so I am moving pretty much everything except the blog to Instagram at @themandyconnell, where I plan on publishing much more content like this:

I will always remain on Twitter for political snark and you can find me there @mandyconnell


VAN GOGH'S THE STARRY NIGHT EXPLAINED If you are planning to go to the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit you should watch this first, along with the video they send you via email with your tickets. It's very trippy and if you are a stroke geek like I am you can really see the detail in his works. This is a great video that explains the painting.


NANCY PELOSI SCOLDS HER MEDIA FOR NOT CARRYING HER WATER WELL ENOUGH And I only wonder how the press isn't tired of being treated like the Democrat lackies they are.

NO ONE EXCEPT DEMOCRATS TOO STUBBORN TO ADMIT THEY WERE WRONG THINKS JOE BIDEN IS DOING A GOOD JOB And worse yet, they think his administration is totally incompetent. You know who was doing better at this point in his Presidency? President Trump, who didn't have the slavish media to cover for him and was already under attack over the fake Russiagate scandal. The Democrats have to be crapping in their pants right now about the upcoming midterms. Check out the latest from Quinnipiac here.

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