Mandy's Fri Blog: Parent Suing Tri County Health Over the Mask Mandate

MIKE ROSEN AT 2 TO DISCUSS MOVIES And I'm glad Dave is back because I've seen nothing.

TWO PARENTS ARE SUING TRI COUNTY HEALTH Because they are not fortunate enough to live in Douglas County where the County Commission and new Board of Health think parents should make decisions for their kids when it comes to masks. I'll interview them today about the suit at 1.

LATE ADDITION: COVID SCARE PREDICTIONS WERE WRONG AGAIN Guys, consider this my victory lap. An article in the New York Times no less confirms what I've been saying all along: covid scare tactics were not based in reality and were all about click bait. From the article:

In the case of Covid, the fable we tell ourselves is that our day-to-day behavior dictates the course of the pandemic. When we are good — by staying socially distant and wearing our masks — cases are supposed to fall. When we are bad — by eating in restaurants, hanging out with friends and going to a theater or football game — cases are supposed to rise.
The idea is especially alluring to anybody making an effort to be careful and feeling frustrated that so many other Americans seem blasé. After all, the Covid fable does have an some truth to it. Social distancing and masking do reduce the spread of the virus. They just are not as powerful as people often imagine.
The main determinants of Covid’s spread (other than vaccines, which are extremely effective) remain mysterious. Some activities that seem dangerous, like in-person school or crowded outdoor gatherings, may not always be. As unsatisfying as it is, we do not know why cases have recently plunged. The decline is consistent with the fact that Covid surges often las tfor about two months before receding, but that’s merely a description of the data, not a causal explanation.

Victory lap complete. Read the article here.

TESLA IS LEAVING CALI FOR TEXAS And I have to say, this could be the start of more of this sort of thing. Why Texas? Try easy commutes, no state income tax and a government that really thinks businesses should operate pretty freely, which is the exact opposite of California where every move must be micromanaged. Oracle and HP moved in December.

A FEATHER IN THE CAP OF SCHOOL OF MINES A recent survey on the return on investment of the various degrees available from various colleges showed that Colorado's School of Mines is a very, very good deal. Colorado School of Mines is the No. 4 public university in the nation for salary potential, according to the latest rankings from Payscale. That's because they don't do soft sciences and gender studies BS but engineering and real world skills that are in high demand. Good for the School of Mines!

ABOUT A MILLION REPUBLICANS ARE RUNNING TO UNSEAT MICHAEL BENNET And I'm glad there are so many people who realize what a HORRIBLE job Bennet has done for Colorado, but let's get this sorted soon so we don't go through a bruising primary. I saw Peter Yu last night, he's already in the race, and we talked about how crowded the field is becoming and how nasty the Dems are already being to him. Read more here, but as soon as November is done, I'm going to get these guys on the show to figure out which horse to back.

LET'S TALK ABOUT PROP 119 FOR A HOT MINUTE This is the LEAP initiative which would raise pot taxes to allegedly fund school enrichment programs for kids. I would love to fund tutors for struggling kids, which this allegedly does, but the language of this bill leaves a LOT of unanswered questions about what that actually IS. First off, the is a Sin Tax, which are by design supposed to discourage behavior that nanny staters disagree with, so if it works, the tax haul would DECREASE. So where does the funding come from then? If we are going to do this, we need to make it part of the regular education budget. I can assure you that it will give a big boost to the pot black market, which is where all the kids get their pot btw, and I'm not happy about that AT ALL. I am a hard no on this.

COULD THIS CHRISTMAS END UP BEING ABOUT THE REAL REASON FOR THE SEASON? If there are no toys to fight over, can we just have a season of joy and happiness? Because supply chain issues could seriously affect toy availability in the US this year.

RAISING CANE'S CHICKEN IS SENDING THE SUITS TO DO SOME COOKING And I love this SO MUCH. Raising Cane's is a chicken tender restaurant and it is GOOD. They are having staffing issues at all of their stores so they are clearing out corporate headquarters to send everybody to work in the stores. This is going to benefit them BIGLY in the long run, as I guarantee those execs will return with some great ideas on how to improve things. Actually working the job is the best way to see what needs to be changed.

HAVING A SENSE OF PURPOSE CAN MAKE YOUR MEMORY BETTER But let's be real, having a sense of purpose makes everything in your life better. A study out of FSU showed that having purpose sharpened memories and their clarity, which may explain why I can remember minute details about a news story I read a year ago but can't remember a phone number to save my life.


THEY DON'T CALL IT HERDING KITTENS FOR NOTHING This video will help you realize how important music is to setting the tone.

WANT TO PROTECT THE GIRLS? EXERCISE In yet another example of why you need to get moving a new study shows that regular exercise lowers your risk of breast cancer. Remember the story we had last week about how obesity increases your odds of getting all cancers? Maintaining a health weight and exercising aren't going to keep everyone from getting cancer, but why not give yourself the best odds possible?

UC HEALTH ISN'T ALONE IN IT'S TRANSPLANT RESTRICTIONS BUT THERE IS HOPE FOR ONE COLORADO WOMAN And it's laid out in this story that mentions other transplant units have added a covid vaccine restriction to their transplant lists. Good news though, the woman in the Springs denied her spot on the list because she doesn't want to get the jab will head to Texas where there are no such prohibitions.

A POSSIBLE SPEEDING TICKET TURNS INTO HELP AN OLD MAN NEEDED And it's not what you think, he didn't have a medical emergency, he had a new tv that he could not get to work properly and was flustered and speeding in his frustration. The cop who pulled him over went to his house that night and hooked it up for the man. I love stories like this.

60 MINUTES HAS A STORY ON DEEP FAKE TECH THIS SUNDAY And here is a teaser and I'm telling you this is super frightening because we are so dumb and intolerant in this country right now. Check it here.


PARENTS AS DOMESTIC TERRORISTS IS A FIGMENT OF THE DEMOCRAT IMAGINATION Because they are weak and scared of everything apparently. This Op-Ed LIGHTS UP the Biden admin for it's stance on using the DoJ to terrorize parents who dare to show up at school board meetings to read the pornography being assigned their middle schoolers, or demand and end to the stupid mask mandates.

THIS GUY FELL NINE STORIES ONTO A BMW AND SURVIVED And if I were BMW I'd make this a new safety campaign ad.

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