Mandy's Wed Blog: A School Board Candidate and A Parking Meter Question

BECKY MYERS WANTS TO BE ON THE DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD And she joins me at 1pm to discuss why she'd like your vote. Find out more about Becky and the entire Kids First slate of candidates by clicking here. I sure hope you'd consider supporting them.

THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS AT 2 And I'm stoked to bring a newbie in Antonious on for this.

GRANT'S NEW PODCAST FEATURES INAPPROPRIATE ANGIE! If you've ever wanted to know Angie's story, all you have to do is click here to listen!

SO ABOUT THOSE BUSTED PARKING METERS DOWNTOWN I have a question I need answered. I went downtown this morning and parked next to a parking meter but when I went to feed the meter I realized it was dead. No bag, no sign, just dead. I just went about my business and came back and it was fine, but is that legal? Is it a freebie? I am sure I was there so early that they weren't even doing parking enforcement yet, but I want to know for next time because this is the second time in three weeks this has happened.

HERE IS A GREAT GUIDE ON THE DENVER BALLOT INITIATIVES Joshua Sharf from the Independence Institute did a great guide on the big money ballot issues you will be voting on if you live in Denver. Find it here.

NO JAB, NO KIDNEY I saw this yesterday and held my comments to see if there were more to the story but it seems to be pretty cut and dried. A woman who needs a kidney transplant has been taken off the transplant list because neither she nor her donor will get the covid vaccine. My take might surprise you, but I think the hospital is well within it's rights to do this. It's the same as a transplant team requiring that a person needing a liver transplant because of cirrhosis must be in recovery and sober before they can get the transplant. This is a very expensive and significant surgery and the docs have the right to withhold service from someone who won't do whatever necessary to protect that new organ, and in this case getting a covid shot is it.

HOW MUCH DO YOU MISS YOUR PUP WHEN YOU'RE AWAY? A whopping 47% of pet owners suffer anxiety when they are away from their pooch. This is where making sure your pets have great care is a huge deal. Read more here.

THE BIDEN ADMIN WANTS ALL YOUR FINANCIAL INFO And they are going to require banks to report on any transaction over a lousy $600 to the IRS. They say it's because they want to catch the rich people evading taxes, but why not make it bigger than that? I think they are going to use this to go after gig workers who get paid via Zelle or CashApp but don't report the income. You watch. Rich people, we have already learned, have plenty of legal ways to shield themselves. This is what happens when you have a cashless society.

ONE UNIVERSITY IS FORCING STUDENTS TO PLEDGE FIDELITY TO THE UNIVERSITY LINE ON COVID The University of Chicago, recently the #1 campus in the country for free speech, is not only requiring students to get vaccinated AND wear masks, they also have to sign off an a loyalty pledge about the university's view on covid. Read more here.

I'M SURE CRASHING A ROCKET INTO A MOON WILL BE FINE This does NOT seem like a good idea, but we kind of have to do it. NASA is going to crash a rocket into the moon of an asteroid to see if they can change the direction of an asteroid that may be barreling towards us at some point. I still think this is something we should be cautious about.

NO, WE DON'T NEED TO MESS WITH THE SUPREME COURT Even if 30% of Americans seem to think we should. This whole poll shows the ignorance of the third of Americans who think we don't need the Supreme Court at all. Who would be the final decider on things? Who would check Congress when they got out of control? This is just stupid.

WE CAN SO BEAT THIS I'm calling Innomax today. We can totally do at least 1500.

KEN BUCK HAS SOME WORDS FOR MERRICK GARLAND And Joey Bunch wrote about it in a column today in the Denver Gazette, which you should TOTALLY subscribe to by the way. AG Merrick Garland essentially called parent mad about totalitarian school boards ignoring them over the last 18 months as unions shut down schools nationwide domestic terrorists. Buck did not take kindly to that. He sent this letter in defense of those parents:

Dear Attorney General Garland,
I write to express my grave concern regarding your recent decision to mobilize federal law enforcement resources to monitor local school board meetings. More engagement from parents who are concerned about what their children are being taught does not give rise to a federal crime. In fact, there appears to be no federal nexus sufficient to justify the directives outlined in your October 4th memorandum and your decision to direct federal law enforcement resources to confront parents who oppose the views of the Biden Administration and its socialist agenda. Your memorandum is a politically motivated abuse of power and displays a lack of reasoned, sound judgment.
School boards are responsible for the education and wellbeing of the next generation of leaders. Across the country, parents are exercising their First Amendment right to petition their government and voice their frustrations with their local elected leaders. There are innumerable examples from the past 18 months of school board members imposing their personal beliefs at the expense of children and families.
For example, school boards have failed to follow the science when it comes to COVID-19, leading to a wide-spread and tragic mental and physical health crisis among our youth. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that, from April to October 2020, hospitals across the U.S. saw a 24% increase in the proportion of mental health emergency visits for children ages 5 to 11, and a 31% increase for children ages 12 to 17.1 The University of California, Irvine found that the proportion of suspected child abuse cases that needed medical intervention rose from 10% to 17% during the pandemic.
And the CDC found a 3% increase in child obesity between August 2020 and August 2021, with the rate of obesity increasing most dramatically in kids ages 6 to 11.3
Additionally, many school board members have shown that they believe they are unaccountable to the electorate regarding their curriculum choices. Parents have a constitutionally protected right to assemble and to petition their government. That includes local school boards. There has been furious debate surrounding critical race theory and other highly controversial curriculum choices by these boards.
Parents deserve a say when it comes to the education of their children yet school boards around the country have been ignoring their input, leading to increased anger and frustration.
In their letter to President Biden dated September 29, the National School Board Association (NSBA) characterized this anger as “equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes,” and requested assistance from the FBI National Security Branch and Counterterrorism Division. To compare frustrated parents to domestic terrorists or perpetrators of hate crimes is beyond absurd and should be dismissed by
any rational adult. The NSBA was also unable to mention any specific credible threat or example that would support its outlandish statement. The isolated incidents of violence were handled by local authorities without the need of federal intervention. If the Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn’t have more pressing concerns than local debates over vaccine mandates and school curriculum, Congress should scrutinize its budget for waste.
You are the Nation’s top law enforcement office. Instead of using the incredible resources at your disposal to take on the violent crime surge that is plaguing our cities or to go after the drug cartels pushing poison into every community across our country, you are choosing to spend the law enforcement resources Congress has given you to go after parents who are nonviolently exercising their Constitutional rights. By drawing a moral equivalence between concerned parents and domestic terrorists, whose ranks include Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski, you are making a mockery of the Department of Justice and the FBI.
Therefore, I respectfully urge you to reverse course and allow state and local law enforcement to do their job. Using federal law enforcement resources to silence debate and intimidate parents who simply want the best for their children is unjust and an abuse of the powers you have been entrusted with.
Ken Buck

This really ticks me off because when unions come to school board meetings screaming and yelling, no such concern was ever raised.


CAN'T GO OUTSIDE? BUY SOME HOUSEPLANTS INSTEAD A survey shows that people who have a lot of houseplants in their homes are happier overall. I think this somewhat fulfills our need to be outside, which I think is a critical part of life. Read about and then go buy a fig plant.


WHAT THE HECK, COLORADO HALLOWEEN CANDY LOVERS? The most popular Halloween candy in Colorado is...CANDY CORN??? WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS??? We will NOT accept this as a legitimate result on my watch. Read more of this travesty by clicking here.

HOW NOT TO ACT (LIKE DAVE LAUER) IN A HAUNTED HOUSE They asked a bunch of Haunted House performers what makes a good or bad haunted house guest. Here is the list of what to do and what not to do, and apparently Dave does everything on the Do Not Do list.


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