Mandy's Thu Blog: One Last School Board Candidate and Michelle Zellner!

DOUGLAS COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATE CHRISTY WILLIAMS AT 1 And she is the last of four candidates on the Kids First slate that you can find out more about here. Please give them your vote!

MICHELLE ZELLNER IS ON TO TALK RESILIENCE Why resilience? Because without it nothing gets accomplished. Find Michelle and get her to help you or your team at work by clicking here. Buy the book Dopamine Nation that Michelle talked about by clicking here.

DID YOU WATCH THAT TIME I WAS ON WITH JON CALDARA? If you heard the show yesterday you heard me say I want to win at everything. I want this to be the most viewed show of Jon Caldara's entire career mostly just to annoy him by beating him on his own show. And it's funny and entertaining.

SPEAKING OF CALDARA, HE WROTE A NIFTY COLUMN ON HOW THE PUC IS OUR MAFIA He didn't mean the ACTUAL mafia, just that they ACT like the ACTUAL mafia by stacking the deck and making decisions based on the say-so of the company they are allegedly regulating. It's super cozy and really good for Xcel and really bad for ratepayers. The proverbial fox is guarding the henhouse on this one and we are all getting eaten.

THE INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE HAS DONE MY VOTER GUIDE For all the statewide ballot issues, click here. For Denver City issues, click here. I don't disagree with any of their recommendations except I will be voting no on Prop 119 because I think this is just about making legal marijuana more expensive, therefore invigorating black market sales, rather than education dollars.

CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? SURE UNLESS YOU'RE REPUBLICAN IN AURORA Straight from the "let's all be civil unless I talk about Republicans" file an Aurora City Council member referred to his Republican colleagues as members of a "sadistic death cult" because they voted against a climate committee with unlimited powers over every single law in Aurora. This is the exchange:

Please take note that this delusional man is NOT on this year's ballot, but is actively supporting other like-minded nimrods who think like he does I can only assume. So why don't I make it easy for you.

DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THESE CANDIDATES IN AURORA: Bryan Lundstrom, John Roquillo, or Adam Fung. They are more of the same hateful, totalitarian dictator wanna-bes like this peace, love and claptrap socialist.

VOTE FOR Danielle Jurinsky, she is amazing and not an idiot like the crew above. Find out more about her here.

HERR POLIS DEFENDS THE VACCINE MANDATES BUT WILL HE KEEP THEM? There are many in the Governor's sphere pushing him to relax the rules to insure that 90% of a workforce is vaccinated and to speed up the religious exemption process. This as the Governor talked about how pleased vaccinated workers, who are now going to be asked to work even longer hours to cover the shifts left by unvaccinated health care worker, really are. By the way the associations which represent hospitals and nursing home support the changes. Because they have the worker shortages that need to be filled. It's creating a fun messaging issue for the Governor in advance of next year's election. Good.

WILLIAM....SHATNER...IS...GOING TO..............SPACE And this feels a little like Galaxy Quest but good for him. He's heading up on October 12th with Jeff Bezos' space tourism company Blue Origin. He says he's looking forward to staring into the vastness of space. He's 90 and this is absolutely the most perfect thing ever.

WHAT IF DONALD TRUMP JR DID THIS? Of course I'm talking about Hunter Biden blatantly trading on his father's name and selling his first artwork starting at 75k and going up to 500k. But he wasn't going to know who bought his paintings, right? Then why was he at the opening of the exhibit hobnobbing with rich folks?


PERHAPS THE GOP IS TIRING OF TRUMP AFTER ALL And this is the BEST NEWS I've seen in a long time. New polling shows that fully a third of Republicans would prefer if Trump just retired from politics. The downside is that 44% of Republicans want him to run again. I'm hoping that other candidates can pick up the mantle of his policies and toughness without the snottiness and pettiness and win those candidates over. We shall see.

SOBER UP OR FACE BEATINGS SAYS THE KINDER, GENTLER TALIBAN After they got done murdering people for disagreeing with them, the Taliban have turned their attention to the scores of drug addicts wandering the cities. The meth and heroin addicts are often mentally ill, and the Taliban have rounded them all up and told them they will get sober or face beatings. Talk about tough love. I'm not even for this with our homeless addicts and I'm kind of a hard ass.

SAGE STEELE IS PULLED OFF AIR FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH Unfortunately for Ms. Steele she didn't get the memo that criticizing her own company's vaccine mandate AND President Obama was a bridge too far. What did she say? From HuffPo:

In a controversial podcast with former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler last week, Steele called the vaccine mandate of ESPN and parent company Disney “sick” and “scary” but said she got inoculated that day to keep her job. She also criticized Obama for apparently marking that he was Black on the census. “I think that’s fascinating considering his Black dad was nowhere to be found, but his white mom and grandma raised him, but hey, you do you. I’m going to do me,” she said.
Steele, who said she wanted to indicate that she was biracial on the census, added: “Listen, I’m pretty sure my white mom was there when I was born. And my white family loves me as much as my Black family.”
She also suggested that female journalists invite harassment by dressing provocatively.

It's funny she brings up Obama checking Black because we all know Obama's grandmother who helped raise him was a racist, he said so himself.

A STORY ABOUT A HOMECOMING QUEEN WITH A HEART OF GOLD Brittany Walters was nominated to be Homecoming Queen at her high school. The day her mother died from cancer before the Homecoming game, she made her daughter promise she would go to the game even if it was without her mama. What happened next will restore your faith in the next generation. Read more here.


THE CLASS CLOWN MAY BE THE SMARTEST ONE OF ALL A study shows that kids who get and are good at humor are usually the ones with the highest intelligence. TAKE THAT, SISTER MARILYN!

FLORIDA MAN SIGNS A DEATH THREAT AND GETS ARRESTED And when I say signs, I mean he used sign language to send a threatening video to another resident of the Florida mobile home park where he lives.


REMEMBER THOSE BADLY OVERDUBBED NINJA MOVIES? They will be no more as new technology will allow studios to use the actors voice but will simply translate them into other languages. This is really scary for me, as I am legitimately worried that someone is going to use this to make a recording that makes it seem like I said something I did not. It's going to happen. For movies this is super cool stuff.

AMERICAN INCREASING ADOPT MARXIST GREED BASED VIEWS And this is the abject failure of our educational system at work, as Millennials are the most likely to espouse these views. Read more here and begin to talk about your kids about things like why private property is good and taking other people's stuff is bad and based in greed and envy.

HOW TO WAKE UP A LAZY BOY This dog has his work cut out for him. And who lets a pig that big in their house?

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