Mandy's Tue Blog: The Future With Thomas Frey and Helping the Honor Bell

OUR FUTURIST THOMAS FREY AT 1PM And I have no idea what we will talk about and only that it is interesting so I'm stoked. Find Thomas and his company by clicking here if you want to know where the future in your industry is going.

THE HONOR BELL FOUNDATION SERVES A SOMBER AND IMPORTANT MISSION And I've got Chris Boyer on at 2 to talk about what the Honor Bell is, why it's important and how you can support the mission this weekend at their event. Find out more info or sign up by clicking here!

TRUMP IDIOT LIN WOODS THINKS 9/11 WAS JUST CGI TO COVER UP MISSING MONEY And for the love of all that is holy if you still think this guy is anything but a complete idiot after watching this I can't help you. Please stop giving Lin Woods and Sydney Powell any part of your life, they are hucksters and fools. If you continue to follow him, you are a fool too. There, I said it.

THIS COLUMN IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE PANDORA PAPERS And I mentioned this yesterday briefly because I truly don't care if super rich people hide their money in off shore companies, I truly don't. To be outraged about this requires you to believe that the "economy" is a fixed pie and the super rich are somehow taking my pie from me and hiding it. They are not and it is not. This column makes the point that the reporters who are digging into all these LEGALLY ALLOWED things are trying to make following the law seem nefarious. What they should be asking is how normal people could benefit at all from the same strategies. But they don't do that. Read the column here.

THE FRENCH CATHOLIC CHURCH WAS HOME TO 3,000 PEDOPHILES IN THE PAST 70 YEARS And they estimate now that 330,000 people, most of them boys, may have been victimized. This is the same story of the Catholic Church all over the world, and though 3000 is just less than 3% of all priests, their access to children was not only free and open, it was encouraged. The current Pope deserves credit for making sexual abuse by church members a priority and holding not only priests but bishops accountable and creating a way for anyone anywhere to reach out to the Vatican directly with concerns. It's something, but the way the Church has handled this throughout the modern era is the most utterly shameful sin ever.

DENVER CITY COUNCIL VOTED TO BUY A BUILDING TO HOUSE THE HOMELESS And this is an apartment building that needs updating. The City Council approved $10 million for the renovations of The Forum that will be reserved for low income housing of people who are coming off the streets or used to be homeless. We have several other low income housing spaces the city has approved, and based on online reviews, they are crime ridden and bug infested. Still, I guess it's better than living on the streets.

HORROR MOVIES COULD BE GOOD FOR YOUR MENTAL HEALTH But I'm still taking a hard pass. This article explains why they may be an excellent stress reliever for some. They an even help with anxiety by resetting the brains fight or flight response. I'll take their word for it.

WE HAD A DIFFERENT NAME FOR ROACHING BACK IN THE DAY Roaching is the new dating term for people who maintain multiple relationships at one time. We all know these people, but now it includes the following behaviors:

They often disappear for days and sometimes weeks and will pop back up as if nothing happened.
They’ll cancel and don’t keep plans with you.
They’re hardly ever available whenever you are.
They post photos of nights out with others, especially other women.
They don’t want a serious relationship and insist on keeping things casual.
They keep you at arm’s length.
They never bring you around their inner circle.

Ladies, if he doesn't introduce you to his friends you aren't that important. Men, same goes for you.

IF YOU ARE DATING DON'T DOUBLE DIP AND OTHER DINING FAUX PAS What would cause you to end a dinner date early? If you said double dipping, you are not alone. As a matter of fact there are several things that could lead someone to pull the plug early, check them out here. Oh, and we really, really love dips.

DEBUNKING THE 1619 PROJECT IS ALL ABOUT PUSHING BACK ON PROPAGANDA And this is an excellent column about a new book that does just that. I haven't read the book yet, but will. Read the article here to get a flavor of what this book does.

WHAT SONG GETS YOU PUMPED UP TO WORKOUT? I am one of those odd people who does not like to listen to music when I work out. I realize by looking around the gym that I am the oddball however, as everyone else walks around with their headphones jammed in their ears. This article discusses how to pump yourself up to knock out a session and they found that The Eye of the Tiger may be the perfect workout song. What is yours?

I AM THE QUICKLY WAKEY AND DON'T JUDGE ME How do you wake up? This guy probably has you covered.

NEED SOME INSPIRATION TODAY? THIS WOMAN SHOULD DO IT. I saw her story some time ago and it is so worth sharing. Ginny Burton was a drug addict for many years and now she's a college graduate whose shared mug shot and graduation photo have inspired so many. Read more here.

WANT TO REDUCE YOUR CHANCES OF CANCER? LOSE WEIGHT A new study shows that the higher your BMI is, the more likely you are to get cancer. Why is this? We don't exactly know but I speculate it's because when you are obese your entire body is inflamed and inflammation is the devil for us. When you are severely overweight nothing is working the way it is supposed to. I sure hope we go after obesity the way we went after smoking. I doubt we will though because the food lobby is so strong. Otherwise we would have heard about weight loss during this entire pandemic.

WE CHECK OUR SMARTPHONES WAY, WAY TOO MUCH Like 96 times a day! I was trying to decide if I checked my smartphone that much after reading this article and have to admit it seems plausible to me. I've been trying to NOT do this, but it's like having a little security blanket against boredom. I did something recently as a test in a waiting room just to see if anyone else would take me up on a conversation and the answer was no.

WHERE HAVE THE WORKERS GONE IN COLORADO? This story asks the same questions I've been asking but they've gotten the same answer, which is "we don't know". Read it here.

AND NOW THE SOCIALIS COOKING SHOW YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Of course from our friends at the Babylon Bee.

WE ARE ON OUR WAY OUT OF COVID RIGHT NOW And here is the graph of Colorado just so you can see I was right. Plan your holiday get togethers accordingly.

Here is a great thread about the end of this wave of covid...

AND JUST FOR DAVE, CAPYBARAS VS A HUGE PUMPKIN This is oddly satisfying to watch.

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