Oh Good Grief This Trump Stuff Is Out of Control

SO THIS TRUMP IMPEACHMENT THING ISN'T GOING AWAY And it's just beginning to heat up, but I'm still not sure this brings him down. The most interesting thing I noticed over the weekend is that some Republicans are thinking about breaking ranks and supporting the impeachment inquiry. I'm not surprised completely but at least surprised at how quickly some are turning. OH WAIT, I went to find the link to the story about Rep. Mark Amodei and found THIS story where he's walking back what he appeared to say about supporting impeachment. So nevermind, no Republican is on record. Why didn't I just go back and erase what I wrote? Because it's a great example of why we should all proceed with caution in this matter, because the sands are shifting DRAMATICALLY moment by moment.

PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE? That is being swirled about DC by people who would love to see a graceful way to accomplish two things. First, they want to be rid of the Trump Presidency. Second, they want the impeachment process stopped. Could this be it? Politico lays it out.

DID THE DNI CHANGE THE STANDARD FOR A WHISTLE BLOWER RIGHT BEFORE THIS WHISTLE BLEW? One internet wizard has laid out a case via a Tweet thread that they did. Weird. There are also a lot of people using this to make a point that this "blow" was planned for some time. Expect to hear more about this from the Trump team. But the other side of the story pokes a whole lot of holes into the entire narrative, and The Daily Beast was happy to do the poking here to discredit the entire line of conversation. I tend to believe that second hand information has always been accepted, but it must be corroborated by first hand information by the IG before it's considered actionable. But you can decide which version of events you want to believe.

IF YOU REPLACED HUNTER BIDEN WITH DONALD TRUMP, JR, I CAN ASSURE YOU DEMOCRATS WOULD BE APOPLECTIC If we are going to do this, can we at least be consistent? The dismissing of accusations of corruption surrounding Hunter Biden being placed on an oil and gas board in Ukraine RIGHT AFTER he went there with his dad and the State Department for diplomacy reasons. He made up to $160,000 a MONTH. If this were Donald J. Trump Jr, the Left would be rightfully so losing their minds. THIS IS OUR CHANCE to truly drain the swamp by calling out EVERYONE for their dirty dealings. But of course, once again, politics gets in the way. And oddly, Bill Maher and I agree on this.


SOMETIMES IT'S BEST TO JUST NOT TALK ANYMORE In an effort to explain away the decision to give money to board members money after the Recall Polis movement collapsed, the head of the organization made things worse by admitting they gave money to board members because they "really needed it". You don't get to do that even if they really do. There are rules. You can't just take money from people. I'm sorry I ever gave a platform to these people. I truly am. If you donated money, please file an official complaint.

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE JUDY STARRING RENE ZELLWEGER And CBS Sunday Morning did a great feature on Zellweger you might enjoy.




MONDAYS WITH MILTION ISN'T A VIDEO TODAY But a fantastic article with 12 Milton Friedman Truth Bombs everyone should read. Read them here!

ANGIE SAYS REAL COFFEE DOESN'T NEED THIS and I am in agreement with her 100%! But if pouring some sort of peppermint nonsense into your cuppa joe makes you happy, here are the holiday flavors you seek.

WE JUST DID A PODCAST ON PUMPKIN SPICE AND HOW WE DON'T GET IT You should download and listen to it here or wherever you consume podcasts!

OH, AND HERE'S A PODCAST WE DID ON THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY At least the top 10 and Marianne Williamson because we love her. Listen to it here!

THE FLU VACCINE MAY NOT BE THE BEST THIS YEAR and you only need read this article about how random the selection process for which strains really is. It's an educated wild guess at best. And this year they may have chosen wrong with two of the four strains that make up the flu vaccine. But I'm sure you should get one anyway or something.

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