Hey Erebody, I Have a Show Today Even Though There's Baseball!

WELL YOU JERKS ASKED FOR IT And now Dave and Angie and I have to work during ALL the Rockies games. The eggheads who do such things finally overcame the technical issues and now we will be streaming live via IHeartRadio. Just search Mandy Connell on the app or listen from your desktop via koanewsradio.com either way, we'll be there!

CHRIS SPEARS IS IN TODAY AT 2 FOR WEATHER WEDNESDAY But I'm guessing we won't have many calls because most people won't know we're doing a show so we may talk about his adventures in Instant Pot cooking and cool stuff he has at his shops. Find out more about them by clicking here.

ROBERT MUELLER IS "TESTIFYING" TODAY Although by the time you read this is will likely be over. I've watched about 30 minutes of it at this writing and it goes like this. Democrats read anything that could be considered damning and ask Mueller to confirm it. Mueller says that he refers them to the document. Republicans ask questions that attempt to dismantle anything negative and Mueller refers them to the document. This is a total waste of time. Scroll down to see some of his greatest hits from today.

SOMEONE ALREADY DID A HIGHLIGHT REEL OF MUELLER BEING BEFUDDLED and it's just as bad as you've heard. Check it here.

I'M GOING TO THE MALL TO SEE MY DOCTOR Because malls, which are struggling to stay afloat as online shopping takes bigger chunks out of retail shopping, are turning to all new industries to fill empty spaces. So now doctors are opening offices in these malls providing valuable entertainment options for people left waiting for their appointment.

REMEMBER THAT GLOWING FEATURE ON THE WHOLLY VICTIMIZED AL FRANKEN? Well a NYPost columnist felt the same way I did and wrote a SCATHING response calling out the liberal author of the puff piece for all kinds of stuff liberal authors normally tell us is bad like slut shaming and victim blaming and all the blaming except blaming the creep who did it. I flipping LOVE this response and you should read it.

ANOTHER ALLEGED HATE CRIME TURNS OUT TO BE NOT SO Did you see the Democratic Georgia lawmaker who said that during an argument about her bringing an excessive number of items to the Express Check Out lane (oh HELL no she didn't) a man told her to "go back to where you came from"? Well surprise, surprise the police report, which included eyewitness accounts, throws cold water all over her accusations. Those words WERE said, but they were said by the black lawmaker instead. Whoops. If the people of Georgia vote for a person who takes more than 15 items to the express line they deserve what they get. The best part of the story is that the man in question is a Democrat. Heh. o

WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG TO ASK THIS QUESTION? Republican Representative Ratcliffe asked a question that should have been asked a long time ago.


DO COPS WANTONLY SHOOT MORE MINORITIES? THE SHORT ANSWER IS NO. And although this study has asked for more data to be able to complete the picture more accurately, an assessment by the National Academy of Science found there is no real trend or pattern of police killing minorities when you control for things like the ethnic breakdown of the counties and the ethnic breakdown of who is committing violent crimes. Read this article because I'm not paying to see the entire study. I do agree that we need more complete information about the police officers involved in these kinds of shootings before we draw any more conclusions.

A BUNCH OF DENVER BUSYBODIES COMPLETELY SCREWED OVER A BUSINESS OWNER The owner of Tom's Diner wants to sell his building for $4.1 million dollars to a developer who wants to build condos on the site. The building is cool and kitschy and apparently an great example of some sort of architecture or something so some Denver busybodies decided to have it declared a landmark, which essentially means the owner can't do anything with it. The owner, Tom Messina, is 100% completely against this. This is a total travesty. I'm inclined to run an initiative to force busybodies to PAY the owners they screw over with stuff like this.

GOOGLE IS COMPLETELY BIASED AND NOW THERE'S PROOF Just watch this. Then watch the whole interview here.




IS WANTING TO MAKE MONEY A REASON FOR ASYLUM? The short answer is no. Now media outlets are starting to get hip to the real reason migrants are flowing over the southern border and it has nothing to do with persecution. It's about the benjamins.

THESE PARENTS NEED A SLAP IN THE MOUTH For letting their nine year old daughter get this close to a bison. Thankfully they get to live with the knowledge that they not only put their daughter in harm's way but also RAN AWAY WHEN THE BISON CHARGED. Well done, morons.


I'M WITH CHRIS WALLACE ON THIS ONE His analysis of today's hearings is pretty much everything you need to know.

Mandy Connell


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