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MAY MCCARTHY IS A SERIAL SUCCESS STORY Her resume is very impressive with stints with stints at Fortune 500 companies and a series of successful startups she created to follow. But May isn't interested in just resting on her laurels, she is now sharing everything she knows with anyone who will listen. She's written two best selling books that you should read, so buy them here. She's on today to talk about how finding your purpose is the first step to a successful life. Listen to a prior podcast I recorded with May by clicking here.

ET TU, NEW YORK TIMES? It doesn't surprise me when I hear that google and other outlets censor conservative thought. I know what type of political views are acceptable in Silicon Valley. But when I hear that the New York Times fudged the numbers in the book list to sink a conservative book on Brett Kavanaugh I know the gloves are totally off. Oh who am I kidding, they've been off for a while.

WHAT THE HELL, IRAN? What is the rogue state doing? Now they claim they've captured a bunch of CIA spies and they've been sentenced to death and Trump is saying it's all made up. I think we have two teams here who have adopted the Trump Approach, which is to simply keep saying a bunch of words that mean nothing while occasionally saying something that is actually true and on point but leaving the listener to decide which is accurate. But in this case, this could also lead to the execution of 17 people in Iran so it's definitely upped the ante.



I'M A FIRM NO TO A FEMALE JAMES BOND. THAT'S A FIRM, FIRM NO. But they went and did it anyway. I'm going to see this new female James Bond with an open mind. But I'm probably going to hate it. I'll explain why today but this column tries. My prediction is that wokeness will kill this Bond very quickly.

BELIEVE ALL WOMEN EXCEPT IF THEY ACCUSE SOMEONE YOU LIKE That is straight up the message I took away from this very friendly, very soft profile on disgraced Senator Al Franken. You may remember that Franken resigned after being accused of groping a dozen or so women. Now he says he's sorry he resigned and the reporter who did the feature agrees that he got a raw deal as she calls the main accusers account into question. Is this the end of #metoo? Probably not but it's quite a shift.

WIND AND SOLAR ARE THE LOVABLE LOSERS At least to all the Democratic nominees who proclaim to love them. The hard truth though is that wind and solar are making no real gains on oil and gas when it comes to energy production. From the Wall Street Journal:

The latest Energy Information Administration data show that since early 2014 oil production in the Permian has grown to more than four million barrels a day from about 1.5 million. Gas production in the Permian has nearly tripled in the same period to about 14 billion cubic feet a day from about five billion. In terms of energy, nine billion cubic feet of gas is equivalent to 1.5 million barrels of oil. Add the oil and gas increases and since 2014 the Permian’s output has jumped by roughly four million barrels of oil equivalent a day.
Now look at solar and wind. In 2018,according to BP, all U.S. solar projects produced about 441,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day. The increase in oil and gas production from 2014 to today in the Permian alone is equal to about nine times the output of every solar project in the U.S. In 2018 domestic wind production totaled about 1.3 million barrels of oil equivalent a day. The increase in Permian oil and gas production since 2014 is equal to three times the annual output of every wind turbine in the country.
Those numbers are instructive, but that’s only the Permian. Add production from all the other shale plays—including the Haynesville, Utica and Marcellus—and total U.S. oil and gas production since 2014 has jumped by about 5.7 million barrels of oil equivalent a day. That means that over the past half-decade alone U.S. oil and gas production has increased by roughly 13 times the total output of all domestic solar projects and more than four times the total output of every wind turbine in the country.

but I'm sure 100% renewables is right around the corner.

MY MONDAY GIRL CRUSH IS LAUREN DAIGLE She's a Christian singer who has a voice that is simply divine.


WHY CAN'T FACT CHECKERS SAY THIS ISN'T TRUE? I'm talking about Rep. Ilhan Omar and the rumors that have dogged her for years that she married her brother to commit immigration fraud. This article lays out the various media outlets who have tried to disprove without luck.

THAT "BLOOD" IN THE IMPOSSIBLE BURGER IS SUPER GROSS And now I know that the ingredient which makes the plant based burger "bleed" has not been approved for human consumption. But I'm sure it will be fine.

YES YOUR KID SHOULD MAKE HIS OR HER OWN LUNCH And this article says they should be doing so since third grade. Whoops. This is one of the things on Q's school list this year.

NOW BOOZE IN COSTA RICA IS KILLING PEOPLE And this time it's because of excessive methanol in some bottles of booze.

MISS MICHIGAN GETS BOOTED FOR SAYING TWO QUESTIONABLE THINGS ON SOCIAL MEDIA The Trump supporting Miss Michigan World America has lost her crown after some ill-advised tweets about a "try a hijab" booth at her college (really? that's a thing?) and pointing out that most black people who are murdered are killed by other black people. She's been booted from the pageant now.

FORGOT THIS ONE EARLIER TODAY Now you can get sued for leaving a bad review.

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