Holy Cow I'm Running Late Today

PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR THE BRIEF BLOG But I'm leaving on vacation next week and trying to get everything done BEFORE I leave and got lost in a podcast edit today. But I've still got a cool show!

CSU HAS LOST IT'S DANG MIND And the news has been full of stories and comments on their new speech policy/suggestions whatnot. Check out the Inclusive Language Guide by clicking here. It's magic.

THERE IS A GUY WALKING ACROSS AMERICA William Shuttleworth, a 71 year old Air Force veteran is walking across the US to help raise awareness for veteran issues. So of course I have to interview him. He's on at 2. Follow William at his website here!

SLOW FOOD NATION IS HERE! And I've got some Steven Satterfield the Chef from Miller Union, Atlanta and Kristen Essig the Chef from Coquette, New Orleans in at 3pm to talk about all the festival details. Find out more here.

HAVE SOME IDENTITY POLITICS WITH YOUR SPACE PROGRAM! As we get ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of man's greatest achievements, leave it to the Left to crap all over it.

MORE PEOPLE MEET ONLINE THAN ANYWHERE ELSE THESE DAYS And this is not a bit surprising as every single person I know constantly complains about online dating BUT THEY ALL DO IT INCESSANTLY. Not to mention Matt the Dead to Me met his now fiancee online. So if you're looking for love online, you may be on the right track.

BERNIE LIKES TO VOTE FOR HIGHER PAY, HE JUST DOESN'T LIKE TO GIVE IT Again, the most unsurprising story of the day. Bernie Sanders staffers are complaining that they don't make the $15 bucks an hour he loves to talk about. And they aren't. Now the campaign is trying to make nice with the campaign workers union. Heh. I love it that he is having to do this.



MEN, JUST LET YOUR HIRSUTE FLAGS FLY! A new survey by a body razor company says more than half of American men are embarrassed by their body hair. Count my husband as being part of the OTHER half of dudes who don't care. And God Bless each and every one of you.

FORTY FIVE DAYS FOR RAPE? That's what happened here in Colorado. When you read the details of the case in this news story you're going to have to wonder what the hell happened with this sentence. I know I did.

BREAKING NEWS: IRAN GRABS A BRITISH TANKER And this is something that is going to create a huge, huge problem. We have no choice but to stick our noses into this now.

Mandy Connell


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