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Jason Clay from Colorado Parks and Wildlife on Bears, Boating and more.

Four Mile Historic Park and History Co New LGBTQ+ Exhibit

Morgan Gengenbach of Four Mile Historic Park---- In effort to support its mission, education programs, and preservation of the beloved Four Mile House, Four Mile Historic Park has announced its annual gala fundraiser - an elegant, Western-chic soiree scheduled for 5:00pm Saturday, June 18th at the 13-acre historic oasis located in the heart of the city at 715 S. Forest Street, Denver, Colorado.
Aaron Marcus Is the Curator of Rainbows & Revolutions Explores History of LGBTQ+ Coloradans. It is a groundbreaking exhibition. It opens June 4th at History Colorado.
Photos, Artifacts, Artwork and stories from over the past 60 years in Colorado chronicle the journey for LGBTQ rights in Colorado.

Celebrating Juneteenth! and Conservation at the Denver Zoo!

Rep. Leslie Herod joins me to talk about Juneteenth being our new State Holiday, plus we talk about the 2022 Gen Assembly .
Erica Elvove is the SVP for Conservation Engagement at The Denver Zoo . We talk about human contact with Bighorn Sheep, Toads and Flamingos!

City Park Farmers Market is here! and Meow Wolf's Sustainability

The city park farmers market is underway.
it is a huge farmers market with over 90 vendors this year!

Owner /organizer Peter Wanberg ,who started this with his wife Margo -- is my guest. It will be taking place every Saturday through October 29th. Live music, food, yoga.....and produce!

Also Meow Wolf in Denver has B-Corporation Status. Companies that are registered as a B corporation must achieve a minimum score on the B Impact Assessment, an evaluation of the company's impact on its workers, customers, community and environment. So---weighing profit with public benefit. General Manager Alex Bennett is my guest t talk about that plus The Vortex Festival of Music and Art this Summer!

The Archtop Guitar Fest in Arvada /Mother's Day with Author/Mom Tiffany Knox

Coming up- , September 9-11, 2022 In Arvada !
its The Archtop Guitar Festival . Visit Olde Town Arvada's Joe Hengstler also talks about
The Blue Guitar exhibit (formerly on display at the Smithsonian).

Also , It's Mother's Day 2022 and Certified Life Coach Tiffany Knox, author of "Tears Of A Broken Heart", has 20 years of experience coaching people through life and loss. She talks about her own experiences of being mother who has lost a child and who is also an adoptive Mom to 3 beautiful kids.

Anxiety Reset/We Got this-Youth Mental Health Summit

May is Mental Health Awareness Month !
Dr. Gregory Jantz is a best selling author and founder of The Center /A Place of Hope. His new book is called Anxiety Reset. He gives us some tips for reducing anxiety in our crazy world.
I also speak with Rick Padilla from DDPHE’s (Denver Department of Public Health and Environment) Suicide Prevention Team. He has organized a Youth Summit for teens for May 2nd. He speaks passionately about kid's mental health because he lost his own son to suicide in 2019.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science/Colorado Recycling Facts

For Earth Day ,I spoke with Randy Moorman . He is
Director of Community Campaigns
Eco-Cycle, Inc. | Boulder, CO USA
He is also V.P. on the Board of Recycle Colorado.

Issue-Colorado only recycles 15 percent of waste. Why? How can this be changed? Moorman talks about House Bill 22-1355: Producer Responsibility Program for Recycling.


Denver Museum of Nature and Science
History of the 100-year-old Museum plus how they have been doing since Covid. They are open for business with some new exhibits. Selene Figeroa is the Bi-Lingual Program Coordinator for DMNS.

Molly Brown house Museum Titanic Exhibit and Food Bank of the Rockies

It has been 110 years since the sinking of the Titanic.
You may not know this but one of the most famous survivors of the titanic is Molly Brown and she lived here in Denver.
Andrea Malcolm is the Director of the molly Brown Museum and talks about the
HEROINE OF THE TITANIC EXHIBIT going on now through September.
The need for donations of food and funds for the hungry in our community is great. Erin Pulling is the CEO of Food Bank of the Rockies . She'll tell us how we can help out.

9Health / Firefly Autism

Gary Drews CEO , formally known as The 9 Health Fair. It is going on right now! Get free screenings and take care of your health! Also, Dr. Amanda Kelly, the CEO & Executive Director of Firefly Autism. The 11th Annual Laugh yourself Blue Fundraiser is this Thursday 4-14-22. Josh Blue will perform!

Colorado Governor's CITIZENSHIP MEDAL WINNERS and Boulder County AIDS Project

Jen Landers is the Executive Director of CiviCo. She runs down the list of 8 Outstanding Colorado Citizens that will be honored by the Governor this year. Among the recipients, Former Mayor Wellington Webb.
Frank O'Cana is the Executive Director of The Boulder county Aids Project and he gives us an update on the latest meds and programs to help those in our community who are HIV positive, plus their Prevention efforts.