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BHS - 8A - KFI's Steve Gregory and 'Foodie Friday' with Neil Saavedra

BHS - 7A - The Widespread Demand for Higher Wages and The Challenge of Cancelling A Subscription

From LAUSD to fast-food workers, everyone is demanding higher wages and better benefits (or just benefits in general). The Los Angeles County has given the 'ok' to reform the probation department. There are new liver transplant rules that are being criticized, as wasted organs reach a record high. And the FTC wants to make it easier for you to cancel those subscriptions that are way too easy to start.

Handel on the News

Wayne Resnick and Jennifer Jones Lee accompany Bill for Handel on the News. LAUSD classes are set to resume today as the 3-day worker and faculty strike concludes; still no deal. A couple in SoCal is being accused of intentionally causing car crashes posted on their YouTube channel. And while you were asleep, the U.S. carried out airstrikes in Syria after a suspected Iranian drone killed an American contractor and wounded 5 U.S. service members.

BHS - 8A - Business Time with Jason Middleton and Musings with Mo Kelly

KFI Anchor, Host and Business Expert Jason Middleton joins the show for Business Time! The Fed hiked interest rates by a quarter of a percent, a look at the banking situation, layoffs in big tech and there's quite a bit of artificial intelligence news out there... Mo Kelly is back for Musings with Mo. He and Bill talk about celebrities getting nailed for promoting Cryto without disclosing their promotions as advertisements. Also, music lovers are complaining about ticket prices, and they're finding a solution to the expense.

BHS - 7A - A Tornado in Montebello?! and Day 3 of the LAUSD Strike

KFI's Blake Troli reports in Live from Montabello, CA. where a tornado (yes, a tornado) damaged structures and homes yesterday. With LAUSD strikers set to return to work tomorrow, another walkout may be on the horizon. The Supreme Court is pondering a case relating to poop and Jack Daniels Whiskey. And now three years since the pandemic struck, did COVID-19 win?

Handel on the News

Wayne Resnick and Jennifer Jones Lee accompany Bill for Handel on the News. The Los Angeles area was hit by a tornado yesterday as the wild weather continues. California's drought has nearly disappeared in just six months. And the LAUSD strike is set to conclude today, with employees returning to work on Friday; as of right now, no terms have been agreed to.

BHS - 8A - Medical News with Dr. Jim Keany and Handel & The House Whisperer

Dr. Jim Keany, Co-Director of Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo joins the show for some Medical News! There's a fungus among us, the DEA has issued a public safety warning against 'tranq', and vaccine makers are preparing a bird flu vaccine for humans as a precautionary measure - should we be concerned? Then, Dean Sharp comes on for Handel & The House Whisperer where he and Bill talk about Spring Cleaning and maintenance around your home.

BHS - 7A - Day 2 of the LAUSD Strike and Takeaways from Xi and Putin's Meeting Yesterday

In what is the second day of the LAUSD strike, Handel examines where each side stands in negotiations and whether or not the union is being unreasonable. Some takeaways from the meeting between Presidents Xi and Putin in Russia yesterday. Recent downpours have people reconsidering hillside and cliff living. And a California bill would fund deportation defense for all immigrants, including those with felonies.

Handel on the News

Wayne Resnick and Jennifer Jones Lee accompany Bill for Handel on the News. Another storm is pounding the Southland with rain and is expected to continue through tomorrow (Wednesday), California's all-time snowpack record is within reach, and 400,000 students face another day of no classes at the LAUSD strike continues.

BHS - 8A - 'Tech Tuesday' with Rich DeMuro, A Storm Update with Blake Troli and the LAUSD Strike with Kris Adler

KFI's Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro joins the show for Tech Tuesday! Certain deepfake videos have been banned on TikTok, and artificial intelligence will disrupt a lot of jobs in the United States and potentially around the world! Blake Troli reports live from the San Bernardino Mountains where the community is bracing for more snow. And Kris Adler is live at the LAUSD picket lines where faculty and workers have gone on strike, forcing school closures across the Southland.