10/25/23 Blog: Some More School Board Candidates, Plus Weather Wednesday!

IN ELIZABETH WE NEED TO STAY THE COURSE ON THE SCHOOL BOARD And I've got Mike Callahan on today to discuss why he wants to be re elected. He's running as part of the Elizabeth Kids First slate that you can read about here. He joins me at 1 for a few minutes.

DOUGCO SCHOOLS NEXT: ANDY JONES And he's running for DougCo School Board. You can read a questionnaire he did here, and find out more about him and the other candidates by clicking here.

WEATHER WEDNESDAY IS UP IN TIME FOR SNOW Will we get our first real snowfall this weekend? Fox 31's Dave Fraser will pop on to discuss plus answer any weather questions you may have at 12:30.

OOH, THE NUGGETS CHAMPIONSHIP RING IS FANCY! They unveiled it last night as they began their defense of their first NBA Championship. Find a photo here but it's pretty dang cool.

COLORADO'S ECONOMY IS HOLDING UP PRETTY WELL Other than the fact that our inflation is over 5% we are doing pretty good right now. We're still seeing job growth, although that has slowed, our GDP is still strong, but many economists are saying the 4th quarter may be rough nationwide, as we move into recession. That being said, they also said that LAST year and it still hasn't happened yet so we'll see.

OUR MAIL CARRIERS ARE UNDER ATTACK This story is horrible. Who attacks and robs a postal worker??? Apparently more people than ever before as nine postal workers have been attacked and robbed THIS YEAR. Now postal workers are demanding better security but I don't know how you do that when you've got people walking mail routes. This is another indication of the cultural rot that has taken hold in our society.

A CHIROPRACTOR IS CHARGED WITH UNLAWFUL SEXUAL CONTACT I LOVE my chiropractor (Dr. Cooke at Regen Revolution) but if you've been to a chiro you know it's a highly personal experience. Now a chiropractor in Fort Collins has been accused by two people of being TOO touchy in inappropriate ways and is facing charges. Police are looking for other potential victims of Dr.Brian Rohrick of Peak Performance Chiropractic in Fort Collins. If you need more, read this.

NEW/OLD RAIL SERVICE TO STEAMBOAT MAY BE IN THE WORKS Now that there are fewer coal cars running on the rail lines between Craig and Denver there is room for passenger trains, but is there demand? The Ski Train to Winter Park has been a smashing success so CDOT is now investigating adding cars onto that train and taking it all the way to Steamboat and Craig. For some reason this is going to take 5 to ten years to figure out, which seems ridiculous but we're talking about government here.

YES, WE MUST HOLD BAD COPS ACCOUNTABLE And Ari Armstrong writes about it here. A cop that has plead guilty to a crime should never be able to work as a cop again, period. And yet this is not happening in Colorado and that must change.

NOW ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE MOVING TO ENCAMPMENTS Our Sanctuary City Denver has been overwhelmed by illegal immigrants allowed to enter and stay by the Biden Administration and now they are potentially facing freezing temperatures and snow with no place to go. A whistleblower with the city says the city can't handle everyone and now migrants are setting up encampments outside just before snow comes. Maybe we should ask them if they want to go home?

THE COLORADO GOP IS TELLING PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES TO PONY UP FOR BALLOT ACCESS And this isn't unprecedented but is sure shows how desperate the Colorado GOP is for money under current leadership. Are any of you giving them money? Now presidential candidates will be forced to pony up $40,000 each to get ballot access in Colorado, though that number could be cut in half if the candidate agrees to come and do a fundraising event in Colorado and meets some other low bar social media stuff. The Colorado GOP is a mess and it's all self inflicted. Party insiders got exactly what they wanted when they elected Dave Williams and I hope they are wallowing in their "principles" on this one. Short-sighted fools, every one of them.

A VICTORY LAP FOR RAND PAUL Remember when the media couldn't wait to tell Rand Paul he was in idiot for accusing the NIH of funding gain of function research? Watch this victory lap with John Stossel to see how his conspiracy theories were all right.

A FEDERAL JUDGE BLOCKS COLORADO'S ENSURED DEATH FOR BABIES BILL I'm talking about Colorado's block on abortion reversal meds that can be used between the two doses of a chemical abortion to MAYBE save the baby if the mother changes her mind. Colorado Democrats want to make sure that babies for SURE die if a mother takes the first dose and not allow the mom to rethink her decision so they banned the choice here, but now a federal judge has struck down that law, saying it violates the religious freedom of organizations who promote it.

WE HAVE ANOTHER SPEAKER NOMINEE. AGAIN. This is all so stupid. After burning through several other nominees who can't get enough votes to win the Speaker's race, the GOP is now sacrificing nominating Mike Johnson of Louisiana to the seat. You can read about the circus here, but isn't it interesting that there isn't ONE female in this conversation? Not ONE?

WHEN INTELLECTUALS ARE MORALLY WRONG This is a great column on why universities are rife with Hamas apologists that takes to task the people secure in their luxury beliefs that allow them to sympathize with people who burn babies alive. From the column:

The hip intellectual move today is to see everything, everywhere, as an example of the oppressor-oppressed dichotomy. The oppressor is perceived as privileged; the oppressed, marginalized. The oppressor has more power; the oppressed, less. The oppressor has agency but no feelings; the oppressed has feelings but no agency. The oppressor is automatically wrong; the oppressed, automatically right.
Since Hamas attacked Israel, the hip intellectuals have demonstrated the ultimate expression of this binary: The group that conducted a brutal attack on innocent civilians is good, and the group responding to try and ensure no such attack ever takes place again is bad.
The intuitive appeal of such black-and-white thinking is seductive. Is there anything better than feeling like part of an international movement of the underdog? What is more soothing than a wall-to-wall, all-encompassing moral vision? Such a vision divides the world into right and wrong, good and bad — and you’re always in the camp of the good guys.
Plus, for these intellectuals, the cost of this luxury belief is free. When you’re living in Brooklyn or Berkeley, you’re protected from the conflict itself. So you get the warm, fuzzy feeling of moral superiority while someone far away pays the costs. Best of all — it immediately simplifies our otherwise complex reality. You have power? Bad. You’re less powerful? Good.

Read the rest here.

SOUTH PARK GOES WOKE At least in this trailer they have. I'm guessing this is their dig at Disney and other woke movie makers who keep recasting stuff with minority actors instead of coming up with great new work for those actors.

WHY I'VE STOPPED READING SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN This column outlines how Scientific American, which I used to use as a source a LOT, has been totally captured by woke ideology and actively denies science while it lectures to us on various things. This article is about transgender issues, but during Covid they ignored science often to promote the government narrative so I tapped out. It's sad, really as this publication used to be the gold standard for me when it came to science reporting.

CLEMSON REMOVES PERIOD PRODUCTS FROM MEN'S BATHROOMS In the stupidest virtue signal of all, universities all over the place added period products to MEN's bathrooms. Now Clemson has reversed the idiocy after a year of wrangling by College Republicans there.

HAMAS IS FIRING ROCKETS INTO TEL AVIV NOW Thousands of them, overwhelming the Iron Dome and hurting five Israelis. This is the area where my nephew lives. I did get a message from him today, and it simply said,

The situation is like nothing I've ever seen or even heard of. This will only be solved through war.

I wonder where the impoverished and oppressed members of Hamas are getting all these rockets?

A COMMON FUNGUS COULD BE LINKED TO ALZHEIMERS DISEASE This is very interesting and I hope someone picks up this research as we start to move away from just trying to stop amyloid plaque to stop Alzheimer's (a thing that clearly isn't working). Now there seems to be a connection between the common fungus Candida albicans and the disease.

THE FIVE HEALTHIEST FAST FOOD OPTIONS Even when you're trying to eat healthy sometimes you need a quick meal. This list of the five healthiest fast food options contains some stuff I didn't even know about, like Subway's no bread bowls. Read them all here.

ARE WE OVERPROTECTING OUR KIDS INTO A MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS? That seems to be the conclusion of this article which points out that kids have little to no independence now and more mental health issues than ever before. Read it here and loosen the reins.

REALLY SOLID LIFE ADVICE YOUNG PEOPLE NEED These are all really, really good.

HAMAS LOVING CORNELL PROFESSOR ON LEAVE NOW After describing the butchery perpetrated by Hamas as "exhilarating" and "exciting" Professor Russell Rickford has been placed on leave. He offered a BS apology after the fact but he already told us what he really thinks. He thinks beheading babies and burning people alive is "exciting".

NEW YORK IS BLEEDING RESIDENTS And a bunch of them headed for the lower tax state of Florida, furthering ruining entire parts of my home state, I'm sure. They already ruined South Florida and I'm sure they are ruining other parts now. Over half a million people left New York last year, and I wonder how many of them are high tax payers?

WHY CAN'T GOOGLE'S AI SAY HAMAS IS A TERROR ORGANIZATION? The old adage Garbage in, Garbage Out is showing exactly how not-ready-for-prime-time AI is for Google. When asked direct questions about Hamas, Google's AI product Bard couldn't answer questions about Hamas being a terror outfit even though it could about ISIS. Why is that? Google has some explaining to do.



DON'T EAT THAT MOLDY BREAD Even if you cut off the mold. Read more here.

THE NUGGETS RAISE THE BANNER! Watch below or click here.

A PRODUCT I NEED TODAY This is ingenious and I want one. Watch below or click here.

DR. STRANGE DOES A WATER PARK Watch below or click here.

GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR KITCHEN SHEARS Though mine don't have all the extra features. Watch below or click here.

HE FINALLY PUT A RING ON IT And she made sure he knew that was a bit too long. This is hilarious. Watch below or click here.

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