That Mold On Your Bread Is Worse Than You Think - You Can't Just Cut It Off

Photo: Getty Images

It can be incredibly frustrating to crave a good peanut butter and jelly or other type of sandwich, only to reach for your bread and find a spot of mold on it. Many hungry people might just tear off the moldy part and go about their sandwich-making, while others might grab a piece of bread from deeper in the loaf, but it turns out both of those options are worse than you might think.

A video released by Insider Science explains that there's a lot that you can't see on the moldy bread. The clip states how mold is a fungus and, much like mushrooms, you can easily see the part that's above ground, or on top of the bread, but underneath the fungus there is a massive network of roots. Those roots have spread all throughout the slice of bread. As for other pieces in the loaf, they're likely affected too. The visible mold on the bread is the reproductive part, sporangia. Each tiny sporangium, of which there are many, releases tens of thousands of spores, which are probably all over the loaf of bread.

So what happens if you eat mold? Well, you could get sick. Molds can contain harmful toxins that might cause nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. The moldier the bread you eat, the more likely it is you get sick. That is especially true for young children, people older than 65, and anyone with a weakened immune system.

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