10/24/23 Blog: Is Chasing Success Causing Burnout, Plus the Prop HH Debate

IS OUR VERSION OF SUCCESS CAUSING BURNOUT? Today's I'll talk with Business Consultant, Peter Matthies author of Plan BE: A Professional's Guide to Authentic Success about whether or not we need to redefine "success" in order to lead happier and healthier lives. Buy his book by clicking here. He's on at 1.

THE CHERRY CREEK SCHOOL BOARD IS A WOKE MESS They believe your kids are really their kids and that they should keep things from you. They need fresh blood and I've got candidate Steve McKenna on the show today at 12:30 to talk about why he wants to be on the school board. Find a questionnaire he filled out here.

THERE WAS A PROP HH DEBATE LAST NIGHT And Ben Murrey of the Independence Institute watched it so we didn't have to. You can read about it here. He's on at 2:35 to discuss that and this piece he wrote for National Review.

PROP HH FAILS THE TITLE BOARD TEST Our clever friend Jon Caldara submitted a ballot measure with the EXACT SAME LANGUAGE as Prop HH and the Title Board rejected the language and said it was NOT a property tax cut at all, but a property tax CHANGE. Read the story here if you missed it last week. Jon wrote a column about it here.

THE DENVER GAZETTE IS DOING A GREAT SERIES ON HOMELESSNESS IN THE METRO Comparing Aurora to Denver to Colorado Springs in a series that you should read here. It's for subscribers but you really should just subscribe already anyway. We'll be going through the different approaches this week.

JARED POLIS WILL FORCE YOU TO BUY ELECTRIC BY 2032 Think of how fast nine years go by and you realize this is insane. In order to meet Polis's green dreams in Colorado 82% of the cars sold here MUST be electric by 2032. Your desire be damed, Polis knows what's best for you and YOU WILL COMPLY. Read more here. This is Central Planning at it's finest and you all know how that goes.

COLORADO IS NOT VERY SAFE RIGHT NOW When I moved here it was VERY safe but a decade of Democrat only rule has ruined that for everyone. In a new ranking by Wallethub we came in at a lousy #43 when it comes to the safest states. Why did we rank so low? Maybe this:

Colorado had the worst ranking among all 50 states for personal and residential safety. WalletHub defined personal and residence safety as the number of assaults, thefts, murders and mass shootings per capita in the state.
Recently, Denver was one of the major cities with the most homicides, beating out cities like New York City and Detroit.

This is to be expected when you make crime easier and take away penalties at the same time District Attorneys just stop prosecuting it. Too bad we don't have a functional Republican party to offer real solutions.

IF YOU'RE HEADED TO THE AIRPORT, EXPECT LONG SECURITY LINES When we arrived at DIA a week ago the security line went all the way around the building, past all the baggage claim areas to the OTHER WALL of the airport. Chuck and I have TSA pre check but our kids don't so we waited with them. It took about 45 minutes to get through the line. Now our federal representatives are asking the TSA for answers and better staffing and it's about time. I'm guessing one of them missed a flight or something and got mad and decided to do something about it.

WE ARE ABOUT TO GIVE 100 MILLION BUCKS TO HAMAS This is the problem with "humanitarian aid" to Hamas, they don't give it to the people. Watch this interview with a man inside the Gaza Strip.

WHY PROGRESSIVES ARE WAKING UP TO THE REALITY OF HAMAS This is a great article by Konstantin Kisis about how delusions die when reality rears its ugly head. This part especially caught my attention:

A friend of mine joked that she woke up on October 7 as a liberal and went to bed that evening as a 65-year-old conservative. But it wasn’t really a joke and she wasn’t the only one. What changed?
The best way to answer that question is with the help of Thomas Sowell, one of the most brilliant public intellectuals alive today. In 1987, Sowell published A Conflict of VisionsIn this now-classic, he offers a simple and powerful explanation of why people disagree about politics. We disagree about politics, Sowell argues, because we disagree about human nature. We see the world through one of two competing visions, each of which tells a radically different story about human nature.
Those with “unconstrained vision” think that humans are malleable and can be perfected. They believe that social ills and evils can be overcome through collective action that encourages humans to behave better. To subscribers of this view, poverty, crime, inequality, and war are not inevitable. Rather, they are puzzles that can be solved. We need only to say the right things, enact the right policies, and spend enough money, and we will suffer these social ills no more. This worldview is the foundation of the progressive mindset.
By contrast, those who see the world through a “constrained vision” lens believe that human nature is a universal constant. No amount of social engineering can change the sober reality of human self-interest, or the fact that human empathy and social resources are necessarily scarce. People who see things this way believe that most political and social problems will never be “solved”; they can only be managed. This approach is the bedrock of the conservative worldview.

It's a great column and you should read it here.

JON CALDARA TALKS TO MY PAL STEFFAN TUBBS As Steffan gets ready to leave radio for a new career.

DONORS TO ELITE UNIVERSITIES HAVE HAD ENOUGH And it's about damn time. The weak or non-existent responses to the attacks in Israel have proven to be the final straw for many wealthy donors who say they will give no more to their alma maters. Super wealthy donors make up 1% of donors but make a whopping 57% of donations so this is a very, very big deal. Too bad they didn't pay attention to the ideological capture that's been taking place for decades but I guess this is better than nothing.

WE HAVE A CHOCOLATE ISSUE And this can be serious as cocoa prices have spiked to their highest level in 44 years because of surging demand. This means everything made with chocolate could see a price increase so start hoarding your Oreos now.

THE WEIRD STORY OF A PILOT BREAKDOWN This story is just super strange and I wonder if we're going to hear the real story at all. An off duty Alaskan Airlines pilot who was hitching a ride on a flight deck jump seat is facing dozens of attempted murder charges after trying to shut down the engines of a plane in flight. The flight crew subdued him and reversed the issue, made an emergency landing in Oregon and took the guy into custody. Super weird story as neighbors say the guy was just a nice guy from they could tell.

A MIDDLE SCHOOLER INVENTS SOAP TO FIGHT MELANOMA and it costs about 50 cents a bar, which may explain why drug companies haven't done the same. He won a few thousand bucks but I hope someone bankrolls him to get this off the ground. Read about it here.

REPUBLICANS STILL DON'T HAVE A SPEAKER NOMINEE And are meeting today to try and whittle down the EIGHT candidates who have put their hat into the ring. Read more here. I've stopped caring. UPDATE: Rep. Tom Emmer is the new nominee.

ANOTHER TRUMP COHORT PLEADS GUILTY And now Jenna Ellis will testify truthfully about what happened as she and others, including Sydney Powell who has also flipped, did for Donald Trump after the 2020 Election. What this means for Trump will be interesting to see.


SOME PERSPECTIVE FOR THE WEEK Watch below or click here.

WHAT IT'S LIKE BEING WILL AROUND JADA This is probably 100% accurate. Watch below or click here.

GETTING CANDY WITHOUT KIDS ON HALLOWEEN This is kind of genius. Watch below or click here. He probably would have saved money if he'd just bought the candy though.

PEOPLE SHOW UP FOR WOMEN'S BASKETBALL GAME But they did it in a stadium so was it novelty? Just asking.

THE EASIEST WAY TO BREAKDOWN CARDBOARD BOXES How did I not think of this? Watch below or click here.

THORNTON HAS A HAUNTED ROAD? Apparently they do, and you can read about it here.


WHEN YOU GOTTA GO...TRICK OR TREATING.... This is a clever Halloween costume for sure. Watch below or click here.

WESTERN KENTUCKY JUST WENT NEXT LEVEL WITH THEIR HELMETS And in case you're wondering, the mascot is Big Red and he's the star here. They are officially the Hilltoppers, just fyi.

A PERFECT EXPLANATION OF WHY PRONOUNS BREED CONTEMPT This is a well done reaction to a person on TikTok who allowed someone else to dictate their life choices because of the fragility of their own ego. Watch below or click here.

META IS NOW MAKING FAKE PEOPLE And this is creepy and gross and I wonder how these celebrities are going to like it when their AI does something they don't agree with. Watch below or click here.

FINE FOR RICH, NOT SO MUCH FOR POOR This is an interesting take on birth tourism. Watch below or click here.

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