Colorado Has One Of The 'Most Haunted' Roads In America

Road in forest

Photo: Dmitry Ageev / Tetra images / Getty Images

The United States is a relatively young country, but that doesn't mean it has its fair share of urban legends and shocking histories. Most of these recountings focus on ghost towns, abandoned military outposts, creepy manors, and other fascinating locations.

Instead of visiting some haunted places, how about taking a drive down a legendary road? That's what RVTrader hopes to do with a recent list. The website compiled a roundup of the most haunted roads across America. The "cursed" paths featured on this list were organized by the four main regions: Northeast, South, Midwest, and West.

Colorado has a small-town road getting the spotlight: Riverdale Road in Thornton! Writers also revealed the urban legend behind this historic highway:

"Local drivers know to be wary when traveling the more rural stretches of Riverdale Road, along which legend says you can find chicken coops maintained by pagans who sacrifice the birds to summon unholy demons. Some of the coops are even supposedly underground, beneath the road itself. There are also stories of a Camaro driver who challenges others on the road to race, then attempts to run them off the road before abruptly disappearing."

Curious about the terrifying tales of other U.S. roads? Visit for the full list.

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