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Frisch responds to affair/blackmail allegation

While offering multiple caveats about having no way to know if the story is true, I shared (on the air) this article about a man accusing Democratic congressional candidate Adam Frisch (challenging Lauren Boebert) in CD-3 of having an affair and of changing his vote on the city council on a particular issue after the accuser blackmailed him:

Exclusive: Business Owner Admits to Blackmailing Aspen Democrat Congressional Candidate Adam Frisch with Surveillance Footage and Alleged Storage Unit Affair (

I asked the Frisch campaign for a statement and here's what they sent me, in its entirety:

This story is a lie, pure and simple. This did not occur. And Lauren Boebert knows it. How dare she lie and use this DC-style smear tactic to hurt my family and me. 

In regards to my vote, what they say is completely untrue. I voted in line with my personal beliefs, joining a majority of my colleagues on city council and in alignment with public comment

Boebert’s disgusting tactics say more about Boebert’s lack of character than mine. It is this kind of trash that keeps good people from running for public office. Gutter tactics and lies won’t work this time. Boebert is losing and rather than talking about the issues, she is resorting to slinging mud. Rather than stooping to her level, I will continue to focus on the substantive issues that are most important to the voters of CO-3. 


Just One Thing

The Colorado Secretary of State will begin mailing ballots out today. If you're interested in my analysis and advice on the 11 ballot measures that will be seen by every voter in the state, and also the handful of candidate elections that fit that description (like senator, governor, and secretary of state), please check out my voter guide at:

I'd like to encourage you not to vote as soon as you get your ballot. Not because of some silly conspiracy theory about ballot security but because it can be difficult or impossible to change your vote after you send it in but there might be some information that comes out late in the campaign season that could change your view on an issue or a race. I recommend that you vote in the first few days of November.

Today's Guest

Erik Aadland is the Republican candidate for Colorado's 7th Congressional District. Erik has been on the show with me several times. I want to make sure listeners know that his Democrat opponent has not responded in any way to multiple invitations to be on the show. (By email, by text, and by text to her husband.) Erik is a West Point grad and Army veteran. He's also spent time doing oil and gas development, including in Israel. Erik lives in the beautiful Jefferson County foothills.

This is not going to be an easy race; Cook Political has it as "likely Democrat". But the district is only something like D+4 and State Senator Brittany Pettersen, the Democratic Candidate, is, in my opinion, not a particularly strong candidate because of how far to the left she is. Erik is an underdog but I do believe he can win and I strongly support him. (Unfortunately I don't live in CD-7.)

Erik Aadland | Running for election to the U.S. House to represent Colorado's 7th Congressional District - Erik Aadland for Congress (

Other Stuff

I hope this woman crushes her former employer in court. It cannot possibly be critical to the mission of Bright Horizons to make every preschool teacher read books supportive of LGBT stuff to the little kids. For the record, I'm NOT a social issues conservative and have no objection to anything LGBT (that involves voluntary behavior by adults.) But I am very tired of forcing this stuff into education, especially education of young kids who don't need to have woke propaganda force-fed to them. And more importantly, since parents can decide for themselves what they want their kids to hear, we cannot permit people to be forced to violate their own deeply held religious principles. This falls into a similar category as Masterpiece Cakeshop and 303 Creative. Again, I hope (and expect) that the plaintiff will win. The question will end up being whether she wants her job back.

Christian childcare teacher who refused to read LGBT books to kids sues after being fired: 'Blatantly illegal' | Fox News


What world do they live in?

On CNN Kirsten Powers said that crime isn’t an actual problem; it’s just a messaging problem for Democrats. That seems not to be true.

Democrat Police Policies Driving Crime Rate Rise | National Review

Denver crime: how it shows up on the November ballot - Denverite, the Denver site!

And another guy on CNN (I think) said that questioning John Fetterman’s health was nothing but cruelty because GOP has nothing to run on. (Fetterman is the spoiled rich kid who pretends to be a blue-collar man-of-the-people who recently had a stroke and is still suffering from its effects, including recently requiring reading interview questions on a screen because he still can't properly process what he hears.) It's not cruel to ask how these problems (which I hope will resolve over time) would impact his ability to be a senator. And of course, the GOP has a LOT to run on, especially cost of living and crime.


Amazing: Patient plays saxophone while undergoing brain surgery in Italy -


On the one hand, I share Joe's view. On the other hand, you don't always need to say everything you think (as long as you don't say the opposite of what you think, which is worse.)

GOP Senate candidate says he would ‘actively’ campaign against Trump in 2024 | The Hill



Folks don't really understand the significance of the Bruen decision at the Supreme Court

Requirement of Serial Numbers on Guns Violates Second Amendment (

Now that's some really clever fraud

Well, it sure is a lot less pressure

Man quits high-paying finance job to work at McDonald’s (

Love the stuff about Morocco: 

How California’s Bullet Train Went Off the Rails - The New York Times (

This is in a league with the fraudulent "study" that said that vaccines cause autism

If you have Netflix and are paying $15 or $20 per month, would you switch to a $7/month plan that made you watch 4-5 minutes of ads per hour?


Today's Videos

Barack Obama says he made a mistake by not supporting the pro-freedom "Green Movement" in Iran in 2009.

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