Ross's 2022 CO General Election Voter Guide

Thanks to the many listeners who emailed and texted asking for my 2022 CO General Election Voter Guide.

If you have any trouble with that link, try THIS ONE.

I worked hard to have it ready well before ballots went out to voters in our all-mail-in-voting state. Ballots will begin going out on Monday, October 17. Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022 and ballots must be RECEIVED by 7 PM. This means that if you are mailing your ballot you should do so probably no later than Thursday, November 3 to be safe and after that you should use a ballot drop box. It is very much preferable that you use one in your county even if the closest might be in a different nearby county. (Your vote will almost certainly still get counted but it adds to the complexity of the processing because your ballot will have to be transported between counties if you don't drop it off in yours.)

Remember that you can track your CO ballot here: State of Colorado (

Because I have a day job and kids, I have limited myself to statewide and federal elections, and statewide ballot measures. I do not analyze races for the CO legislature or other county/local races or ballot measures. (One easy piece of guidance, though: If you live in Denver, vote NO on every local ballot measure.)

Here's the link and if it works properly you should be able to read or download the PDF:

And here's an alternative link in case that one asks you to login or any such thing:

Please do me a favor and share the link to this web page rather than sharing the link to the document if you would like others to get my guide.

If you find any typos, please let me know!

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