Tue Blog: Our Secretary of State Sends Non-Citizens Voter Enrollment

IT'S TIME FOR JENA GRISWOLD TO LEAVE OFFICE Because she is not only hopelessly partisan and has used taxpayer dollars on a commercial to boost her own profile during an election, but she is also stunningly incompetent. How else do you explain her office sending 30,000 NON-citizens information about how to register to vote, which they are not allowed to do. Her office says the mistake was because they got data from the driver's license agency that didn't sort out those people properly. They also say that if those people try to register to vote their registration will not go through, but she doesn't inspire confidence in me. Time to vote in Pam Anderson, a competent election official.

DENVER RANKS VERY LOW IN CITY SAFETY Denver is among the nation's LEAST safe cities according to a survey on such things. Wallethub does the ranking based on a number of factors and we ranked #164 out of 182. Yikes. Though we rank very high in financial safety, our property crime, violent crime and drug overdoses drag us down into St. Louis and New Orleans territory. Also cities run by Democrats. Just saying.

IT'S ABSURD THAT WE CAN'T WATCH THE AVS DEFEND THEIR TITLE But no more absurd as it was that we couldn't watch them work towards the Stanley Cup last year because of a peeing match between Comcast and Altitude. This battle isn't likely to come to an end anytime soon, asA Altitude is trying to force Comcast into more favorable terms via a lawsuit that isn't scheduled for any real movement until November of 2023! As neither side seems willing to give anything to allow the fans to see their teams locally on Comcast, I think the fans should do more to have their voices heard. Let's start a fan union! Demand free tickets for everyone, cheaper beer at games and the ability to watch games at home from now on. It's only crazy if it doesn't work.

WHO IS WATCHING THE PARENT WATCHERS? Parental evaluators hold a LOT of power when it comes to custody cases. They have the ability to strip a parent of his or her rights, and even prevent a child from seeing a parent at all. They also have the ability to place children in dangerous situations that are sometimes deadly. The Colorado Gazette has been doing stories about our parental evaluation system in Colorado and the problems it has and this is terrifying if you're a parent. In this article, they talk about how it is JUST NOW that a system has been put in place to allow for the investigation of complaints of misconduct by parental evaluators, along with new requirements about domestic violence and child abuse training. This truly horrifying story tells the story of a mom whose child was allowed to live with his abusive father over the objections of his mother. The abusive father eventually killed the boy and himself. This situation is fraught with stress as evaluators are trying to figure out what's best for the child, I get that. However, parents need to be able to get help if an evaluator isn't doing a good job, especially if it could put a child in danger. After what happened to Danielle Jurinsky in Aurora where she was falsely accused of horrible crimes by the partner of a political rival who was also a child protective services officer, we MUST have these safeguards in place for parents too.

A COURT UPHOLDS AN EXPULSION OF A TROUBLED KID And I'm super sorry that this young man chose to deal with his anger by creating a hitlist of "blacks" "homosexuals" and other that he was going to shoot as he "joked" about bringing a gun to school in a guitar case, but I fully support his expulsion from the STEM school that saw a shooting just a year prior. The kid and his family sued to get the expulsion overturned, but the courts have upheld it. I'm just going to say what you're all thinking, and that is his parents are not doing him any favors by trying to overturn his expulsion. He needs to understand that his actions have consequences and he has to live with them. Graduate from an online school and call it a day. I hope his parents have gotten him the significant help he obviously needs.

WE'RE NUMBER 1! IN ANOTHER HORRIBLE CATEGORY If you get packages delivered, I've got news. Your packages are more likely to be stolen in Denver than ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY! We beat San Francisco! Hooray.

WOLVES ARE KILLING LIVESTOCK BUT SURE LET'S BRING MORE OF THEM Because these wolves are NOT part of the big Wolf ReIntroduction Plan voted into action by people that won't ever have to worry about a wolf attacking their pets. Several calves were found either dead or wounded in what looks to be wolf attacks.

HERE IS CHRISTIAN TOTO'S PRAGER U VIDEO! I'm so happy for my friend Christian Toto. We've always known he's awesome but it's nice to see the rest of the world see it too.

WE ARE NOT ALL SURVIVORS I LOVE this column because it takes on one of my biggest pet peeves in language, and that is bestowing a word onto something that does not rise to the level the word intends. In this case the author is talking about the word "survivor" and how it's being applied to folks who merely managed to work through something mundane. You aren't a "survivor" of college rejection, or housing discrimination. When everyone is a "survivor" the word ceases to mean what it does mean, which mean primarily "a person who survives, especially a person remaining alive after an event in which others have died". Stop it. Just stop it.

THE FDA IGNORED ITS OWN RULES TO LIMIT SALT This is just another example of a government agency ignoring science to suit its agenda. The FDA is required to follow peer review procedures before announcing any sort of new guidelines or policies. They just rolled out new limits on salt in processed foods with almost no supporting science, and none that is peer reviewed. Though reducing salt consumption has shown to be mildly beneficial for African-American and Asians with high blood pressure, there is NO NEED for healthy people to limit salt intake. Simply NONE. read this column for more.

EUROPE IS IN SUPER CONSERVATION MODE As they try to figure out how to not freeze to death this winter without Russian natural gas. If only a friendly nation had the ability to produce a TON of natural gas they could import. Too bad our President would rather let them freeze.

CALIFORNIA DECRIMINALIZED STREET WALKING AND RESIDENTS SURPRISINGLY GET MORE STREET WALKERS And I used that term on purpose because what was actually decriminalized was "loitering for prostitution" which is when scantily clad women hang around on street corners to pick up johns to exchange money for sex. Governor Gavin Newsom just signed a bill that made that legal and neighbors are walking their children next to hookers in their neighborhoods. I almost didn't do this story because I'm pretty sure there are Colorado Democrats who will want to copy it. When he signed the bill, he pointed out that the law "simply revokes provisions of the law that have led to disproportionate harassment of women" and transgender adults, he said, nothing that Black and Latino women are particularly affected." Is that because they are hookers? Now there a bunch of Latino children who will be harassed by having sex workers stroll their streets. Let's just legalize prostitution in brothels and call it a day, can we?

HERE IS KAMALA'S WORD SALAD OF THE DAY I could probably make this a daily event.

YOU THINK YOU'RE A BIG BRONCOS FAN? THIS VIKINGS FAN LAUGHS AT YOU Because he wears his fandom on his body.

CHICK-FIL-A IS SLOW BUT WE LOVE THEM ANYWAY And if the Chick-Fil-A near me is any indication it's no wonder they are slow because they are ALWAYS packed with cars lined up around the building. Now we know they are actually the slowest drive thru, but they give GREAT customer service so we are willing to wait.

THIS IS A BRILLIANT WAY TO KEEP A TODDLER BUSY! I wish I had known about this for those days when Baby Q came out of her room like a hellfire demon ready to eff some stuff up. Click here if it doesn't load.

THEY TOOK A WRONG TURN AT ALBUQUERQUE Chuck was at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta last week and must have missed the balloon landing on the highway. Click here if it doesn't load. For those keeping score at home I still misspelled Albuquerque the first three times I typed it.


I HAD NO CLUE CANDYLAND WAS IN CALIFORNIA And it briefly came to life when a big rig and a box truck got into an accident and spilled candy all over the road.

YOU MAY WANT TO LET YOUR IPHONE KNOW WHEN YOU'RE GOING ON A ROLLER COASTER As several of them have called 911 to report that the phone's owner had been in a very bad crash. Seems Apple's new crash detection feature needs a little tweaking.

THIS ALMOST MAKES ME LIKE THE JETS Almost. Click here if it doesn't load.

AND NOW, ANOTHER REASON DOGS RULE Cats sit on your babies and suck their soul out. Dogs do this.

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