California Highway Covered In Candy After Truck Crashes

mixed halloween candy background

Photo: Getty Images

A California highway was covered in candy after a big rig truck and a box truck collided on Monday. According to UPI, the incident occurred at 8:00 in the morning off of State Route 99. Photos were taken that show various candies spilled all over the road as cars drove around the mess. Viewers can see the sun rising as the candy sits in piles on the Southbound lanes. Despite the candy spilled all over the road, no injures occurred as a result of the crash.

California Highway Patrol Madeira's Office took to Instagram to let residents know of the incident, update them on lanes that were blocked, and share photos of the event.

"Madera CHP is currently investigating a two vehicle crash, involving a big rig and a box truck on southbound SR-99, just south of Ave 11. No injuries are reported at this time, but the number two lane, is blocked. Use alternate routes, and avoid this area if possible, as crews work to get the roadway cleaned up. #caltrans."

No information has been released regarding who caused the crash, or what the other truck was carrying. Traffic resumed as normal after the candy was cleared off of the road.

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