Fri Blog: Melons and Murder Phone!

IT'S CANTALOUPE TIME! Rocky Ford is abloom with Colorado's tasty melons and we've got Michael Hirakata from the Rocky Ford Growers Association at 12:35 to chat about it.

THIS PODCAST IS THE MOST INTERESTING WAY TO RECOVER FROM A TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY I met Joey Ciaglia recently and he couldn't wait to tell me about his brother Tony's podcast that he created after he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury that changed his life permanently. To help him recover, he started writing letters to serial killers in prison. Some of them wrote back and Murder Phone was born. Listen to Murder Phone on the IHeart Media platform or where you consume other podcasts. Find it here.

DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD PRESIDENT MIKE PETERSON AT 2:35 He's on to talk about a kickoff event happening this Sunday to promote the new bond issues voters will be voting on this November to get more money for teachers and new schools. Get more info on the kickoff and rsvp by clicking here!

TINA PETERS IS FACING HER FORMER DEPUTY'S TESTIMONY NOW Because Belinda Knisley has plead out her charges and agreed to testify against her former boss. From the Colorado Sun:

A plea document says Knisley acknowledges she “participated in a scheme with Tina Peters and other identified people to deceive public servants from both the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office and Mesa County.” The document added: “This scheme, which was significantly directed by Tina Peters, ultimately permitted an unauthorized individual to gain access to secure areas inside the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.” 
The document also says Knisley “acknowledged that Tina Peters recorded proceedings during a (court) hearing for Ms. Knisley … and then lied to the judge about doing so, including acknowledging to Ms. Knisley that she lied.”

THIS AS PETERS IS SUING EVERY OTHER CLERK IN THE STATE Along with the Secretary of State, demanding that she be refunded the money she wasted after she took it from gullible people for a recount that clearly showed she got her butt kicked in the Secretary of State's office. She's making a bunch of demands that more than likely have zero merit like the rest of the crap she spews. She is not a patriot, she is a con artist who believes her own crap.

THIS IS WHERE WE ARE, PRIVATE DETECTIVES FOLLOWING POLITICIANS And the thing is, I don't necessarily with calling out politicians who are trying to skirt rules of residency after redistricting. I just wish the GOP did the same that the Dems did, which is hire a private detective to follow them and out them to everyone. Read about the State Senator in Fountain who was redistricted out of his Fountain district into the Springs. He bought a house in the Springs to establish his residency but the PI found out he's not actually living there.

DENVER PD ISN'T VERY HAPPY ABOUT THE ANTI-COP VIDEO SHOWN TO HIGH SCHOOL KIDS And I'm wondering why Denver South High School doesn't just call another assembly to allow the Chief to speak to the kids. That's not too hard after they showed kids a video that says police are trained to treat black, Muslim, and trans people as suspects, not victims. The police chief is understandably upset. The worst part to me is that the Principal hasn't made herself available to explain this to anyone. She needs to step up and take the licks.

INITIATIVE 108 WANTS YOUR TABOR REFUNDS Now that Democrats have learned to love the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (which the Dems used to try to buy votes this year) you'd think this nonsense would stop, but no. The new "Affordable Housing" initiative would take our TABOR refunds and give them to some nebulous affordable housing fund that will be doled out by bureaucrats. Hard pass on this one.

JEFFCO SCHOOLS IS RECOMMENDING THE CLOSURE OF 16 SCHOOLS AT THE END OF THIS YEAR They are all elementary schools and they all have enrollments lower than 220 kids as of this year. Closing a school is never an easy decision, but it's the right one as districts try to figure out how to best use their resources. The board will be having public meetings about it, but they want it clear you aren't going to be able to talk them out of closing your schools. Read the entire list here.

THE MAYOR'S OFFICE OF SOCIAL EQUITY AND INNOVATION IS A MESS That's the result of an audit by the city auditor. From the Denver Gazette story:

Specifically, auditors noted that the office did not have a strategic plan with benchmarks that can be tracked and assessed. The office should also conduct a needs-assessment, they said, to determine what issues need to be addressed. They noted the consistent turnover in leadership, which has caused specific goals to shift, and they said the executive order that founded the office didn't give it enough authority for staff to have an impact within the broader city government. O'Brien's team also faulted communication between the office and other agencies, and it recommended the executive order be reworked.
The office lacked documented program design, according to the report, and staff hold "undefined roles and responsibilities"; instead, staff told the auditors, they rely on the vision and experience of longer-serving peers, as well as their own "emotional intelligence," to guide their day-to-day efforts. The office has had three leaders in the two years since it was formally created.

The Mayor did not take kindly to the report, responding that the auditor did not take things like the pandemic into consideration and ignoring all the OTHER things that have happened in the city. But that's not what an auditor is to do, he or she is just evaluating the facts as they are and many of the things listed here could have been done remotely with no issue. This office is a disaster and needs to be reworked or done away with.

WHAT TO DO THIS WEEKEND? Our friend at Fox 31 have a handy list of stuff going on this weekend right here.

COWBOYS FIND OUT WHAT PERIOD PAIN FEELS LIKE I heard KHOW's Leland Conway last week talking about this machine that men can put on to experience what period pain really feels like. This is freaking hilarious!

THE GREAT UNITER CALLS TRUMP SUPPORTERS SEMI-FASCISTS Someone asked me if unlike Trump, I hate Biden's policies but like the man. That would be a HARD NO. He is a mean and nasty man who has no interest in uniting the country and I also think he's crooked as the day is long. And now we know he doesn't really care about unity, and his latest rallies prove that. Read about his claptrap here if you want to.

UKRAINE WARNS ABOUT NUCLEAR WINTER AS POWER IS CUT TO A NUCLEAR PLANT And Russia says that Ukraine did it, but who really knows. If I were Zelensky wanting to refocus the world on Ukraine, this is a really good way to do it. Power from a coal fired power plant was cut and as it provided nuclear power to a nuclear power plant (that is somewhat ironic I think) and almost caused a total meltdown. Whoever is responsible, threatening Europe with a nuclear winter is attention getting.

THE FED IS GOING TO KEEP RAISING RATES, RECESSION BE DAMNED They say rates will keep ticking up until inflation is under 2%. This almost surely means recession and the Fed doesn't care. Too bad our President is dumping fuel on that inflation fire with the great student loan giveaway.

RON DESANTIS RESPONDS TO BEING CALLED A DICTATOR And this is why he is the frontrunner and I sure hope he's the candidate if he can bring the Trumpets into the fold. Watch this and tell me he can't carry the policy mantle without the stupidity.

WASHINGTON DC TELLS BLACK KIDS THEY CAN'T GO TO SCHOOL Because the district is one of the few demanding children be vaccinated. The issue is there is no other option, virtual of otherwise, for kids who are not vaccinated. Just under 60% of black children are vaccinated, which means that 40% of black school children in DC have been told to pound sand. Of course they are doing this, because they are counting on parents to roll over on this. Oh, and kids have to provide a negative covid test the first day. Thanks, Dr. Fauci, you colossal ahole.

WE COULD BE FACING AN ENERGY SHORTAGE And our idiot Energy Secretary, who can't spend enough time telling poor people to just buy electric cars, is now sending letters to the companies she wants to shut down demanding that they lower exports to shore up American supplies. Read the letter here:

A FORMER BRONCOS BACKUP HAS SOME MONEY ISSUES And perhaps Mr. Preston Parsons needs to sell the home he's about to lose in a foreclosure action. This story sounds like Parsons has never learned to live within his means and now the chickens have come home to roost.

WE NEED A SHOW TRIP! I understand one of these places has opened in the metro and I'm in.

DO YOU WORK FOR ONE OF THE TOP TEN EMPLOYERS IN COLORADO? You can find out by checking out this list of the Top Ten. No surprise that Costco tops the list, as everyone I've ever known who worked at Costco loved the company.

HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY! And in honor of the day, here is Jinx with her stuffed fish!

Ladies Chit Chat Club

Photo: Kaytlyn Perez Photography

And this is Poppy, ARod's pup!

ONE DOG OWNER NAMED IS DOG SIT AND NOW THE INTERNET IS MAD AT HIM My husband's labrador when I met him was named KK. It was short for Kaegogi, which is a the traditional dish of dog in Korea. Ha. Now another wisenheimer has named his dog Sit and everyone but him hates it.

WHY DO WOMEN KEEP HAVING SEX WITH NICK CANNON??? The radio host and tv host is about to have his tenth child with I have no clue how many different women. Ladies, for real? He's banging a bunch of different broads at the same time and you're out there on social bragging about the latest dumbass to get knocked up by him? This is just like those stupid Playboy girls that set me off earlier this week.

INSTAGRAM IS ABOUT TO BE ABLE TO PINPOINT WHERE YOU ARE And I just went to Instagram and turned off location tracking entirely, even when I'm using the app because they don't need to follow me. Some users are concerned that this data could be misused, which duh, of course it will be.

AND THIS IS HOW CIRQUE DE SOLEIL PERFORMERS ARE BORN This is really remarkable. I thought about trying it and then laughed and laughed.


CALFORNIA POISED TO HELP NEVADA CAR SALESMEN By banning the sale of gasoline engines by 2035. So you'll have to go to a neighboring state to buy a car. Nevada thanks them profusely.

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