Dog's 'Confusing' Name Has Owner Slammed As Being Unethical

Photo: Getty Images

There are so many names for dogs to choose from that it shouldn't be too challenging a task to pick one. Some dog owners like to go the traditional route, opting for Spot, Fido or Rover, while others select more human-sounding names like Sophie or Roger, but there will always be people who try to go for something more unique, and while it might work on occasion, many times it becomes clear that they made a really bad decision.

That's the case for one 21-year-old who, according to the Mirror, took to Reddit to explain how he got an adorable Labrador retriever puppy. When it came to naming the pooch, he thought it would be funny to call the dog "Sit." He said that his mom hates the name, telling him, "It's stupid because she will never understand the command for sit because it's her name." His response was, "I'll just use a different word for sit - so when I want her to sit, I'll say 'butter' or something." His mom pointed out that then others would be confused when they hear him say "butter."

The argument with his mom has gone on, but the dog owner isn't budging, stating, "I still think it's a funny name and now [the dog] is responding to it so I don't want to change it." He did confess though, "I get how it's confusing to start with but she will still be able to learn a sit command with a different word while still being called Sit."

Commenters on a similar post were split on a strange name like this, with some saying it is his dog and not his mom's so he can name it as he pleases, and others thinking the name isn't fair to the dog.

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