Mandy's Tue Blog: It's Primary Day! Praise the Lord!

HEIDI GANAHL POPS BY FOR A LAST MINUTE PUSH And hopefully she will come out of today's primary the victor in the Governor's race. If you need help, please consult Ross Kaminsky's voter guide here, he thinks the same things I do.


EVEN POLITICO KNOWS DEMS ARE PANICKING BY SPENDING ON REPUBLICANS And they write about it here, it's worth a minute. Don't fall for it, please.

THE DENVER GAZETTE WRITES ABOUT WHAT IS AT STAKE IN THE PRIMARIES There are a lot of stories that will be decided today, not the least of which is whether Democrats are able to buy the Republican candidates they think they can beat in the general. Read about all the layers here.

AVS FANS WANT BLINK-182 TO HELP THEM CELEBRATE And I love stories like this and I hope it works out and Blink can make an appearance. May I call them Blink? Not sure, but I just did. The song "All the Small Things" by Blink-182 is an anthem for the Avs and now fans want the band to be a part of Thursday's celebration so they've taken to social media to convince the band to make an appearance.

THE SUPREME COURT AFFIRMS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM This term of the US Supreme Court has been FIRE for liberty lovers everywhere and must have those arguing that you can force someone to bake a cake shivers. Now the court has affirmed the right of a football coach to take to the field after a game for a prayer. This is a big deal and should give those suing to affirm gay rights over religious rights pause. One is clearly outlined in the Constitution, one is not.

DENVER ALMOST MADE THE TOP TEN OF WORST RUN CITIES But we just escaped the top ten and are instead the #18 Worst Run City in the country. The list included 150 cities from best run to worst run and we are sitting at #132. Yay us.

BIDEN'S OPEN BORDER POLICIES JUST KILLED 42 PEOPLE IN ONE DAY But I'm sure no one will blame the man for the dead migrants stacked on top of each other in the back of a sweltering truck. Because he's just Joe being Joe.

YOU SHOULD HAVE A JUICY LUCY This is the continuing series I interviewed Seth Boster about where he features various restaurants around the state. This one brings Minneapolis to Denver with the iconic cheese filled burger.

BIDEN'S ENERGY PLAN FELL APART AT THE G7 It seems that our President was going to go to Saudi Arabia's shady as you know what leader to beg him to drill for more oil. At the G7, French President Emmanuel Macron threw cold water on that when he told Biden that the Saudis are pumping at max capacity as is the UAE. Watch the videos embedded in this story and tell me if it doesn't seem like Macron is asking Biden to drill more. If Biden doesn't give the certainty to the oil and gas industry they need now, he truly doesn't care about everyday Americans. He just doesn't care.

HE EVEN SENT PEOPLE TO VENEZUELA How badly is the Biden admin failing? He sent people to meet with Venezuelans in an effort to get more oil from them. Sad. So incompetent.


THIS SEEMS LIKE BAD DRUGS And I know what you are going to say, all drugs are "bad drugs" but in the world of raves and some nightclubs they mean drugs that are tainted with something they shouldn't be. The deaths of 22 teens in a nightclub in South Africa are being investigated as there were no outward signs of violence. They could have had bad booze or bad drugs but they were all minors and should be alive.

HOW MUCH OF OUR TAX MONEY IS WASTED? Please be prepared to be very, very angry after you read this column about waste and abuse in government. Infuriating. Simply infuriating.

WNBA STAR BRITTNEY GRINER FACES A RUSSIAN COURT SOON This story is so bad and I'm sad to say I didn't take it seriously enough when it started. Griner was accused of having cannabis oil in her luggage and has now been accused of drug smuggling which has a ten year prison sentence. There seems to be little to no effort by the State Department to do anything and now she will face a court I have very little faith in next week. Read more here.

CHOOSE FREEDOM OR SOMETHING FAR WORSE This is a short reminder of how lucky we are to live in the United States of America where we are still mostly free. Freedom and Prosperity go hand in hand, and the author makes the point that two nations with authoritarian leadership have floundered mightily in the last two years and we should do well to pay attention.

TO CALL THIS A "STADIUM" STRETCHES THE IMAGINATION But watching it collapse into the bullfighting ring is horrible. The shoddy structure collapsed in Colombia, four people were killed and hundreds were injured. Watch it here.

MOM GETS INTERNET LIT AFTER TAKING KIDS TO A MOVIE And of course it's about the choice of movie she made to take her two young children to. She chose Jurassic World Dominion, which is rated PG-13 here. Her kids are eight and nine. A woman in line behind her was not kind. I personally hate it when I see young kids in a violent or R rated movie and it happens way more than it should.

TALK ABOUT A FACE ONLY A MOTHER COULD LOVE The World's Ugliest Dog lives up to his prize. Read about his victory here. I present to you, Mr. Happy Face.


Photo: Getty Images

AND NOW WE'RE TRASHING THE MOON TOO I hate litter. If you've never heard my rant on litter, it is epic. I should record it for posterity. That being said, we are now littering the MOON. One of our rockets crashed into the surface of the moon hard enough to create two new craters. Technically when I say "we" I mean humans from Earth, but we don't know whose rocket this is, as it's been flying around the atmosphere for years. We are creating a space junkyard up there and I'm not okay with it.

HERE IS THE SUPER GROSS STORY OF THE AIRPLANE PEEPEE AIRDROP And I am not happy ARod made me know this story and I'm even MORE salty that Larry, the peepee airdropper in question, thought he was "just having a little fun" by doing so. Gross. Just gross. No one wants to see your peepee, Larry. No one.

GAVIN NEWSOME COPIES THE POLIS PAYOFF And now Californians are getting what he is calling an "Inflation Relief Check" of roughly a bit less than the monthly cost of inflation. Oh, but only if you don't make decent money, you get nothing if you make decent money. He knows he already has the rich, progressive vote so he doesn't have to pay them.

ANOTHER SENSELESS KILLING IN ATLANTA And this one is making news because the reason for the death and critical injury to two Subway workers is so outrageous that it's worthy of national attention. We've all been frustrated when they mess up our order, but a man opened fire on two sandwich makers because they put too much mayo on his sandwich. This is not a gun problem, this is a morality problem that goes well beyond the gun.

I'M SAD FOR THIS DEAD RACCOON A couple in New York took a raccoon into a pet store to buy it some food and got ratted out by an employee. This story does not give me nearly enough details but I know raccoons can either be cute and adorable or vicious and scary as hell and I need to know where this raccoon was on that spectrum. Long story short, the authorities killed the raccoon to test it for rabies it did not have. So sad. The couple who had the raccoon are facing charges.

IF YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A DOG PARTY, HAVE A BIG DOG PARTY One man in India did just that, as he had a party with 5,000 guests for his dog. I don't even know 5,000 people. And my dog would be totally overwhelmed but whatever.


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