Mandy's Mon Blog: How Bout Those Avs! Plus Joe O'Dea and More

I WATCHED MY FIRST HOCKEY GAME OF THE SEASON LAST NIGHT And MAN was that exciting! Congrats to the Colorado Avalanche for bringing home the Stanley Cup, the parade is Thursday at 10am and here are all the details.

THE AVS SET THE RECORD FOR THE FASTEST DENT IN THE CUP It was dented within five minutes of the presentation. Well done, boys! They shouldn't make the thing so dentable.

JOE O'DEA WILL VISIT AT 2PM As he is wrapping up his primary run for the US Senate, hopefully going on to the General Election this November after tomorrow's primary. Find out more about Joe or support him by clicking here.

I THOUGHT THIS WAS LAST FRIDAY BUT IT'S TODAY AT 1 And that is a visit from two moms in JeffCo who proved that two moms who are mad enough can accomplish big things. From Friday's blog:

LINDSAY DATKO AND BETH PARKER ARE MOMS WHO GET THING DONE And I LOVE stories like the one being written by the two moms behind JeffCo Kids First, an organization that fought the teachers unions and the JeffCo Board of Health to try to get kids back in school unmasked. They are on today to talk about why they are supporting Heidi Ganahl in the Governors race at 1.

DOMESTIC TERRORISTS ATTACK PRO LIFE PREGNANCY CENTER IN LONGMONT Because I'm tired of the Left being called "protesters" when they are actually domestic terrorists, unlike parents at school board members who didn't set anything on fire. It is usually the left who acts like petulant children when they don't get their way, January 6th excluded, and we are seeing the result of that now. In Colorado, women can still abort babies up until the moment of birth, but that didn't stop some angry idiots from trying to burn down a building that houses an organization which actually supports women and babies instead. It's no surprise when you are part of the culture of death this must seem like an appropriate way for someone to react.

HERE'S ANOTHER ARTICLE ABOUT DEMOCRATS MEDDLING IN THE GOP PRIMARY And in it they point out that the overturn of Roe V. Wade makes both Ron Hanks and Greg Lopez even MORE unelectable in Colorado so the Democrats are spending literally MILLIONS to support them so they can be beaten in November. Please don't fall for this. Use Ross Kaminsky's voter guide here if you need help.

HEIDI GANAHL WRITES ABOUT THE DEMOCRAT MEDDLING HERE And she's asking what I'm asking, don't let the Dems get away with this. Read it here.

IT'S IDIOTS AND FIREWORKS SEASON I am on record as being anti-firework, as I know of people who have blown off fingers with fireworks and I generally don't like things that are loud for the sake of being loud. Here is an article about which fireworks are the MOST dangerous of all, but keep in mind a vast majority of the front range, if not all, is under fire restrictions and if you burn down my house with your stupid fireworks we are going to fight.

BOULDER DOESN'T HAVE ENOUGH MINORITIES FOR IT'S RACIAL DIVERSITY PLAN And this is freaking HILARIOUS on so many levels. Boulder rolled out its "racial equity plan" last year with much fanfar, but the 14 PAGE questionnaire that is supposed to demonstrate how compassionate the white people in Boulder are hit a snag when they realized they don't have enough minorities in Boulder to actually answer the questions. It must suck to be the four black people in Boulder when the city keeps calling for your opinion on outdoor dining.

THE GUY WHO MADE UP A BUNCH OF STUFF ABOUT LAUREN BOEBERT ADMITS HE'S AN IDIOT Not in those EXACT words but he admitted he was "sloppy" and has provided zero proof of the salacious accusations he made against her. I hope she sues the crap out of him and wins everything he has. Read the sad fact check from CNN of all places. Oh, on Twitter, he says he STILL stands by his accusations he won't present any evidence of.

BOULDER DINNER THEATER IS LIKELY CLOSING NEXT MAY And this is a huge loss for so many. They do an excellent job with shows and the food is good too. It's just a great way to spend a few hours being entertained. Read about it here.

FACEBOOK SHUTS DOWN ABORTION TALK...INTERNALLY Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has ordered workers to keep their opinions to themselves on work channels when it comes to the overturn of Roe V. Wade last week. From the New York Times:

In the May 12 memo, which was obtained by The New York Times, Meta said that “discussing abortion openly at work has a heightened risk of creating a hostile work environment,” so it had taken “the position that we would not allow open discussion.”

Workers are super mad (I accidentally wrote "wokers" and almost left it because seriously) about being slapped with a gag order but Meta can do what it wants.

THIS IS AN ENTIRE ARTICLE ABOUT SOMETHING THAT WON'T HAPPEN BECAUSE ROE WAS OVERTURNED Please read this entire story and then go back and read the scary as hell headline. They want you to believe that certain drugs which are used for abortion are now not going to be able to be used in research for other things. That is simply wrong. Read the article, multiple people in the know say that in the article multiple times, but yet, they have to couch this as Dobbs having far reaching effects that it simply won't have. Because the issue isn't fraught enough.

THE FOUR PHASES OF RETIREMENT And this has nothing to do with money and everything to do with how you plan WHAT you are going to do when you retire. This is a great Ted Talk about this subject. This is for my friend Peter Boyles who is hating retirement and for Dave in the hopes that he will not hate his.

THEY SCREW YOU IN THE DRIVE THRU TOO This is something that we have noticed when using third party delivery services from a LOT of places. A dude on TikTok took the chicken off his "double chicken" burrito bowl and weighed it, only to find out it weighed less than a single serving of chicken is supposed to weigh. I wonder what Chipotle does now?

NANCY PELOSI PUSHES A LITTLE RUG RAT AWAY ON CAMERA And this is everything you need to know about what kind of person this woman is. Why not ask the child to take a step? Because she's San Fran Nan and it is a brown child after all.

OF COURSE COMPANIES ARE KEEN TO PAY FOR ABORTION TRAVEL Because it's much cheaper than maternity leave or benefits for children. Children who take their parents away from work with sickness, sports and school events and the dreaded "spending time with family". I find it odd that people don't think companies offering to make it convenient for you to kill your offspring so you can keep coming to work uninterrupted is weird of bad or dystopian because that's how it seems to me. Read more about it here.

WOULD YOU WANT TO STAY IN A NUCLEAR POWERED FLYING HOTEL? I have to say this is a hard pass for me currently. A dreamer who says the huge craft will be flown non stop for years by AI seems to think people will sign up in droves, with as many as 5,000 at a time staying at the huge flying hotel. Other planes would have to bring you to the hotel, as it never lands. I'm not ready for this yet.

ANOTHER RECORD BREAKING PYTHON CAPTURED IN THE EVERGLADES And by "captured" I mean killed, as these snakes are invasive and devastating to the local animals they consume. This one was eighteen feet long and weighed 215 pounds! If you want to help Florida, head down to the Everglades and do some python hunting, you can win prizes for it!

WHY IS FLYING SUCH A NIGHTMARE RIGHT NOW? This is a really good article that explains how airlines overreacted to the pandemic and underreacted to the return to the skies we all crave. The bad news is none of the issues happening right now are easily fixable or solvable, which is why airline prices have skyrocketed this summer to tamp down demand.

YOUR AMAZON ALEXA WILL BE ABLE TO MIMIC THE VOICES OF YOUR DEAD RELATIVES And my first thought is WHY, but then upon further reflection, this may be comforting to those who have lost someone. The AI Amazon is using will be able to mimic anyone's voice with as little as a one minute recording to use as the base. You could have Alexa read stories to your kids in your dead mother's voice. Weird, but kind of sweet.

IF YOU BOUGHT THIS SOLAR POWERED UMBRELLA FROM COSTCO TAKE IT BACK The large outdoor umbrella with a solar panel to run the lights inside can overheat and catch fire. Take it back to Costco, there is a recall.

GREEN DAY'S BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG SAYS HE'S RENOUNCING HIS US CITIZENSHIP And he announced it in Glastonbury, England, where the abortion laws are MORE RESTRICTIVE than they are in Colorado. But you go, Billie, you go.



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