Mandy's Thu Blog: Don't Fall for the Dems Ad Trap

BASEBALL EATS THE SHOW AT 1TODAY But don't worry, that first hour will be MAGIC!!

****ROSS KAMINSKY DID AN AMAZING PRIMARY VOTER GUIDE And it's FAR BETTER than the one I was putting together and we share the same candidate choices so I'm punting and directing you to his. I know when to defer. Find his excellent voter guide here.

MORE ON THE DEMOCRATS SPENDING BIG TO SUPPORT CANDIDATES THEY THINK THEY CAN BEAT And we talked about this yesterday briefly but not nearly long enough, but the Colorado Sun has done an article on it here. They even included the last time Democrats meddled in our Republican primary and did so successfully. From the article:

In 2010, for instance, a group called Colorado Freedom Fund spent more than $500,000 airing ads attacking former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis in his GOP gubernatorial primary contest against political newcomer Dan Maes. The ads aired in the days before the primary, after the last campaign finance filing deadline for outside spenders, so it wasn’t until after the contest, which Maes won by 5,150 votes, that Coloradans learned the Democratic Governors Association and unions were behind the Colorado Freedom Fund.
In 2014, Protect Colorado Values aired ads attacking former U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez and praising former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo in the Republican gubernatorial primary. That group spent $567,000 on TV, radio and digital ads, but Beauprez still won the nomination. 
Protect Colorado Values’ money also came from the Democratic Governors Association and other groups traditionally aligned with Democrats. 
Both Beauprez and Maes went on to lose to former Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat.

For the love of God in Heaven don't get fooled again. The Denver Gazette has a story here, but it is paywalled (jeez louise subscribe already) and from that article:

The spokeswoman for the group running ads about Hanks brushed off suggestions there is anything underhanded about the group's motives and told Colorado Politics that the ads are "educating our voters."
"The general election starts in three weeks," Alvina Vasquez, a veteran Democratic operative and spokeswoman for Democratic Colorado, told Colorado Politics. "We want people to know what we think about the candidates now. The other side has gotten so out of step with Colorado, we can’t let this go any further. People need to know."

Just educating voters. MMkay. I'm sure they are spending over a million bucks just to be helpful. When you can't win the war of ideas you have to cheat. Well done, Democrats.

THE DENVER POST DOESN'T LEARN ITS LESSON ON CLIMATE CHANGE ALARMISM And they never will, because too many of them have been raised with the climate panic mindset and so they will always do their best to try to scare the crap out of their readership. This column takes them to task for their latest hyperventilations.

COLORADO WILL SOON PAY YOU TO RIP OUT YOUR LAWN As they try to incentivize people to do away with landscaping that consumes too much of our precious water. I like incentives rather than edicts. I may take they up on this for part of my lawn. We shall see. No details about the program and when it will start but read about it here.

THERE IS ANOTHER USELESS GUN BUYBACK IN AURORA THIS WEEKEND Gun buybacks don't do anything of any significance except make those who have them feel like they are making a difference. I said what I said. From this article on gun buybacks:

“Handguns recovered in buyback programs are not the types most commonly linked to firearm homicides and suicides,” the authors conclude. “Although buyback programs may increase awareness of firearm violence, limited resources for firearm injury prevention may be better spent in other ways.”
Finally, a meta-analysis from August 2008 in Crime & Delinquency found no research showing “significant changes in gun-related crimes due to these programs.”

But you can get money for a gun in Aurora this weekend. Find out more here.

BE AWARE OF THE KANSAS TWO STEP There is a court case about how Kansas State Troopers target cars from Colorado and then use a deceptive tactic so they can search the car looking for weed. It's known as the Kansas Two Step because it involves an officer making a traffic stop, giving a ticket, turning and taking two steps and then turning back around to make further contact. Why would they do that? From the Denver Gazette:

Schlagel, Long, Rivera LLC, a Kansas-based law firm, described the tactic this way: After a traffic stop, a trooper tells the driver, “You’re free to leave.”   The officer then takes two steps to the rear of the car, turns around and comes back to engage the driver in a conversation.   By doing so, the situation now becomes a “voluntary encounter,” in which the officer no longer needs reasonable suspicion or probable cause.  The law firm advises motorists to ask troopers one question: "Am I free to leave?"  

I am very pro law enforcement right up until they do shady stuff like this. Just remember, when the cop says you can go, go. A lawsuit is making its way through the courts now about this. Shame on you, Kansas.

WHICH EXPENSIVE ICE CREAM MAKER IS BEST? I love that the Wall Street Journal did this, but I wish they had made some in an old fashioned hand crank ice cream maker to compare the end result. Find out which of this really expensive ice cream makers was the best here.

TONIGHT'S KANGAROO COURT IS ENTIRELY ILLEGAL I don't care how you feel about January 6th, you need to understand why these Congressional hearings on it are utterly illegal in every sense of the word. This column explains how Separation of Powers works and why Congress has no right to act as judge and jury outside of an impeachment hearing. Read more here.

WHY AREN'T WE HEARING ABOUT HUNTER BIDEN'S UPLOADS TO PORN SITES? Here is a big story from a show in India about Hunter Biden's sex videos and it's pretty comprehensive compared to what we get here.

BRITS ARE NOT FOND OF MORBIDLY OBESE They say the term is "unwholesome" and one study participant called the phrase "chilling". Well of course it's chilling, it's designed to indicate your weight is going to lead to an early death. Real question here, if you are really, really overweight do the words the doctor uses matter that much? You know you are fat, you probably know you are headed for bad health, do we really need doctors to dumb it down to spare your feelings? Do you want them to softball cancer too? Just curious.

WHICH CAR PAINT COLOR HOLDS ITS VALUE? I will never have a car this color because no. But if you love yellow, you may want to make that your next car color.

THE WASHINGTON POST IS A DUMPSTER FIRE RIGHT NOW And honestly, this is what happens when you hire a bunch of woke Ivy Leaguers. This article has full coverage of the myriad of ways the paper has been in the news this week, and they are all petty, small and the result of lax oversight by editors. No mention of the fact they won a Pulitzer for entirely fake reporting on the fake Russian collusion scandal. The inmates are running the asylum right now.

SEX HELPS MEN LIVE LONGER BUT IT'S GOOD FOR WOMEN TOO This new study is going to be very useful for people trying to get more sex from their partners, as it clearly shows the health benefits of sex for men and women. It's not just fun, it's good for you!

HERE ARE THE CITIES YOU WANT TO AVOID IF YOU'RE AN EXPAT ON A BUDGET Because these are the most expensive cities for an Expat to live in. Just for fun, here is a list of the most affordable places for an expat to live!

WHY ARE PEOPLE WHO GOT VACCINE BOOSTERS GETTING COVID MORE THAN THOSE WHO DIDN'T BOOST? To be clear, it's not known if they are getting covid at higher rates, only that they are TESTING positive for covid at higher rates. If someone is boosted, they are more likely to seek out medical care if they feel sick, which would lead the them to test positive more than people like me, who tested at home and don't rush the doctor. Read about it here, but please don't create some big conspiracy theory about this.

DEMS STILL BLOCKING SECURITY FOR SUPREME COURT JUSTICES And Mitch McConnell is calling them out for not passing the new security for Justices bill the Senate sent over some time ago. It has new urgency now that a crazed leftie was caught outside the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh after heeding Dem demands to get in the faces of Supreme Court Justices they disagree with. Groups online have been posting the addresses and photos of the justice's homes, so this is no surprise. I'm sure they are high fiving each other that some nutbar took the bait and tried to kill Kavanaugh. That's what they want, right? Isn't it?

BUY A CAR OR AN AVS TICKET, SAME PRICE Tickets to the Stanley Cup finals have reached $10,000 on the secondary market. I'm going to give a pro tip here, and that is go down to the arena, wait until the puck drops and then see what's left on the aftermarket. Once the game starts those tickets are worth nothing. A friend of mine went to the Super Bowl like this for $150 bucks but he could only get one ticket by itself. It's worth a try!





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