Mandy's Tue Blog: Let's Talk Drones and AI with Futurist Thomas Frey

YOU CAN READ YESTERDAY'S BLOG HERE Just click this link, but a lot of what I had did not get saved and I'm not redoing it so frankly it's a disappointment.

FUTURIST THOMAS FREY JOINS US AT 1 And we're talking about two of his recent articles. The first is about drone delivery and why it's not taken hold just yet but will soon. Read it here. We're also talking about creating a code of ethics for Artificial Intelligence, as that seems like kind of a big deal. Read that article here. Find Thomas to have him speak or help your company by clicking here.

WILL DRONES HAVE TO PAY THE NEW DELIVERY FEE? According to the tax increase the Colorado Legislature passed without asking us by calling it a "Delivery Fee" they shouldn't as the 27 cent per trip is only applied on motor vehicles making deliveries. Did you know this was a thing? A lot of people did not and are now scrambling to find out more. Read about it here.

THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION ELECTION IS SUPER IMPORTANT And this is a great article that has quotes from the candidates about what their priorities are. I am not voting for anyone who doesn't list student achievement and reading scores as a priority but I urge you to read all about them so you can make an educated vote in this election. If you are a charter school parent, PLEASE pay attention to this race!

THIS AS TEST SCORES HAVE DROPPED FOR STUDENTS and this is not surprising, as many students did not do well with teacher union enforced remote learning. Some of the numbers are horrible, some are just bad, but none of them are worth writing home about. We must fix this. Must.

SCHOOL FUNDING HAS OUTPACED INFLATION And if you want to argue about how the school boards are spending the money, that's fine, but don't say we don't spend on students. Per pupil spending has increased 19% since the 2013-2014 school year. This is far beyond the rate of inflation.

DENVER CITY COUNCIL MAKES HOUSING MORE EXPENSIVE TO CREATE AFFORDABLE HOUSING I've lived other places where affordable housing requirements have been put in place, and all they do is drive up the cost of housing even more. It works like this, builders either have to build a certain percentage of units as affordable housing, but they don't wan to do that because they want to build expensive, high profit housing. So instead they buy a dispensation so someone else can build affordable housing somewhere else and pass the cost onto the buyer of the property they want to build, which drives up comps in the area and makes housing more expensive. It has this effect EVERYWHERE it's been tried. But never let it be said that Denver's City Council didn't love a bad idea that has failed elsewhere. If you want to create more affordable housing start by looking at how your building codes and zoning drive up the cost or even prevent more housing from being built.

YOUR BALLOT SHOULD BE ON IT'S WAY If you haven't received it already. If you don't get it this week, reach out to your local supervisor of elections to find out why.

THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO ON WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE SUBURBS AND HOW WE RAISE OUR KIDS And honestly I'd love it if our suburban communities took all this to heart and created neighborhoods that encouraged walking and things to do for our kids.

BOOST A CAR IN AURORA AND GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL FOR 60 DAYS That's the plan anyway, as Aurora City Council member Dustin Zvonek is proposing harsh new laws for the city being hit hard by car theft. I'd love to see what kind of impact this would have. At least it's something.

DISNEY ISN'T BACKING DOWN FROM GAYING UP THEIR LIBRARY To be clear, I have no issue with gay representation in entertainment. None whatsoever. But keep it proportional to the actual number of gay people in society maybe? Disney is injecting the gay into everything, including the new sort of prequel to Toy Story featuring Buzz Lightyear's origin story. His co-pilot is a lesbian who meets another woman while stranded and "starts a family". I'm assuming this advanced culture has IVF or something. Parents are not happy, but they can vote with their feet.

SCHOOLS ARE GIVING BLACK AND BROWN KIDS A GRADES PASS IN THE NAME OF EQUITY and nothing says "casual racism" like telling black and brown kids they can't make good grades. Some school districts are actually grading based on skin color, meaning that black and brown kids will not be held to the same standard as their white and Asian peers. Why? Because schools can't close the achievement gap without having some real talk about black and brown parents and their failures to support education and if they did, they would be called racist. So they assume those kids are just too dumb to learn so they game the system.

A NEW CANCER DRUG CURED RECTAL CANCER IN EVERY STUDY PARTICIPANT And though the study size was very small, this has never happened before to the knowledge of other cancer researchers. The drug works differently than other cancer drugs, and this result may not hold true for any other kind of cancer, plus this study needs to be replicated but still. Eighteen people with a very specific form of rectal cancer got complete clearance from cancer after the trial. How cool for them and anyone else with this particular cancer.

THIS COMPLETE NUTBAR JUMPED 26 FEET FOR FUN And seemed to survive with no issue. Until he turns 40 when he feels every bit of this stupidity.

CANADIAN RUSH TO BUY GUNS WHEN THE REALIZE THEIR PM IS A WANNA BE DICTATOR After Justin Trudeau announced his plans for sweeping gun control in Canada, Canadians did what we all do, they bought guns. Lots and lot of guns have been sold since his announcement. Gun makers have named him salesman of the year! Not really, but they should.

CHI COMS ARE PAYING SNITCHES And I fully expect this to happen in a Democrat run city in the near future. The Chinese government is now paying people to rat our their friends and family for "security violations" but I'm not sure what that actually is but it seems to be reporting spies or some such stuff. I wonder if they are giving our free brown shirts with every award?

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE GAS ARROW IN YOUR CAR? I am not going to lie, it was 2008 and I was doing a show in Florida when someone called to announce that they had just learned that there is a little arrow next to the gas symbol to tell you what side of the car the gas tank is on. So when I see actor Stephen Fry admitting he didn't know it either, I can't make fun. Did you know?

WHEN IT COMES TO FREE SPEECH FIRE IS THE NEW ACLU We all know the ACLU abandoned its mission decades ago to become a reliable arm for the Democratic party instead of a defender of unpopular liberty. Though I'm sure they will still represent every pedophile and pornographer, good luck getting them to care about free speech. Now the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has stepped up to fill that gap. They are expanding their role from college campuses to the entire country and they are building a war chest to represent people in free speech cases. Read more here.

THE EFFORT TO RECALL LOS ANGLES' HORRIBLE DA IS MOVING ALONG NICELY This as San Fran DA Chesa Boudin finds out his fate today in his own recall. The recall effort, which blames LA DA George Gascon and his progressive George Soros backed policies for the rising crime, has collected 500,000 signatures towards the 800,000 they need to make sure they are all certified. This is very, very good.

YES, GAS PRICES ARE BIDEN'S FAULT And our pal Steve Moore lays out how here.


THIS KID MADE A VERY BAD CHOICE And I'm guessing he regretted it when he got home.

PROGRESSIVES WANT TO UPEND THE ENTIRE CONSTITUTION BECAUSE THEY DON'T CONTROL THE SUPREME COURT I started reading this article with a genuine curiosity about the "solutions" for the Court that progressives are looking at. The good news is, they are completely untenable, unconstitutional and will never pass muster. But more importantly, the entire column is by power mad people who really don't care about the division of power and are dying to consolidate power completely for their side forever. When has that been a good thing in history? Ever? When people show you who they are, pay attention.

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